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  • 為什麼你不繼續編纂你的詞典呢?功虧一簣, 你不覺得可惜嗎?
    Why do you discontinue compiling your dictionary? Don’t you think it a pity to give it up when it is nearly completed?

  • 盃到嘴邊還會灑。指會功虧一簣
    There is many a slip between the cup and the lip.

  • 杯到囗邊也會失手;功虧一簣
    There’s many a slip’s twixt the cup and the lip.

  • 盃到嘴邊還會灑,功虧一簣
    There is many a slip between the cup and lip !

  • 杯到嘴邊還會灑。功虧一簣
    There are many a slip between the cup and the lip.

  • 杯到嘴邊還會灑,功虧一簣
    There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip.

  • 他離實現他的夢想已然十分接近,卻功虧一簣
    He had come close — but had not succeeded — in fulfilling his dream.

  • 這次埋伏暗殺使得政府迄今為止的努力似乎功虧一簣
    The ambush made the government’s efforts thus far seem inadequate.

  • 大多數磋商者認為沒有中美兩國的全權參與,任何協議必將功虧一簣
    Without the full participation of the United States and China, most negotiators believe that any agreement is doomed to fail.

  • 在巨大商機的刺激下,極有可能使泡沫重新吹起來,最終導致宏觀調控功虧一簣
    Stimulated by the tremendous business opportunities in a grave risk of re-bubble blown up, and eventually lead to macro-control effort.

  • 能夠行耶和華眼中看為正的事,固然是好,但心不專誠就有點可惜、功虧一簣瞭。
    He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, but his heart was not completely true to the Lord.

  • 在萬事具備的情況下,拳頭便是惟一的東風瞭,如果拳頭握得不緊難免會功虧一簣
    In all cases, the fist is the only dongfeng, and if the fist strong down inevitably fell short of success.

  • 這些隊都打得差不多,但都功虧一簣。因為我們保持瞭耐心,沒有失去對防線的專註。
    All those teams have played in a similar way and ended up with no reward because we’ve remained patient and not lost our concentration at the back.

  • 眼看離成功隻有一步之遙,最後還是功虧一簣,本周的打擊讓華盛頓人倍感苦澀和失望。
    After they had at last come so close, this week’s defeat was a bitter disappointment to Washingtonians.

  • 本次反彈如不能輕松突破並成功占領,很可能會引發大量投資者逃跑,從而使得反彈功虧一簣
    The rebound can not be as easy to break through and the success of the occupation, is likely to lead to a large number of investors to escape, so that the rebound fell short of success.

  • 摩爾搖搖頭,說:「不可能是夢,我努力瞭幾十年,費盡心血,如今功虧一簣,這絕對不是夢!」
    Moor shook his head and said, “It couldn’t be a dream. I’ve been working hard for decades but all my effort and hard work has come to nothing. It was definitely not a dream! “”

  • 許多中國人認為2000年那次申奧功虧一簣是由於心懷不軌的西方人企圖讓它們自己的國傢榜上有名。
    Many Chinese saw the narrow failure of their bid to host the games in 2000 as the result of malicious western attempts to keep their country in check.

  • 不過,有不少開發商在全力施展樓盤銷售競爭招數時,卻忽視瞭銷售的一些細節,功虧一簣,嚴重影響瞭銷售。
    However, many property developers in full display device sales competition, but some details overlooked marketing, risk, a serious impact on sales.

  • 戈爾8年前在佛羅裡達州以微弱的差距輸給得克薩斯州州長喬治W佈什,從而使得他問鼎白宮的努力功虧一簣
    Gore’s narrow loss in Florida eight years go to then Texas Governor George Bush cost him the presidential election.

  • 含含糊糊、模棱兩可可以成為對某些目標的追求的失敗之吻,再不然就是死亡之吻,而且還是眾多人功虧一簣的根源。
    Vagueness or ambivalence can be the kiss of defeat, if not death, in some pursuits and are often why some folks get lost in their efforts.

  • 糖放入後,調成大火,此時湯不是很多瞭,需要時不時的將湯汁澆在肉塊上面,所以這時候千萬不要離開,以免功虧一簣
    High heat when sugar is in, now u should keep an eye closely to the meat coz there’s not much liquor in the popper.

  • 雖然我對球員在最後一節奮勇直追,但無奈比方差距太大,終於功虧一簣。隨著裁判吹響終場哨,雙方比分定格在74:58。
    Despite all our efforts, we still lose the game as the score gap was too big, with the ending whistle blew by referee the score was fixed at 74:58.

  • 當新機會擺在你的面前的時候,敢於放棄已經獲得瞭一切,這不是功虧一簣,這不是半途而廢,這是為瞭謀求更大的發展空間;
    When a new chance facing with you, daring to give up what you have gained, it is not a failure, not a pause on the way, but to pursue much bigger developing space.

  • 讓我一度對自己產生瞭懷疑和沒有信心,差點在六級備考最後階段功虧一簣的想要放棄,終於還是堅持按原定的復習計劃執行下去。
    I once had a suspect on their own and do not have confidence, almost six in the final stage of the notes short of giving up, or finally adhere to the original plan to review the implementation of it.

  • 隻要福克先生有一次趕不上船,那怕隻差幾小時,就得再等下一班的船。這幾小時的差誤就能使他的旅行計劃功虧一簣、完全垮臺。
    should Phileas Fogg once miss, even by an hour, a steamer, he would have to wait for the next, and that would irrevocably render his attempt vain.

  • 馬刺目前24勝12負。他們最近總是在比賽的最後一節功虧一簣,周日以98:105主場不敵魔術,讓對手在第4節拿到31分。
    The Spurs (24-12) faltered in the final quarter of their most recent game, giving up 31 points en route to a 105-98 home loss to Orlando on Sunday.

  • 人民是由社會不同的個人組成。我們必須承認總是有一小撮人在黑暗中與魔共舞,夜夜豐收,他們也勢必盡一切努力保住現狀,否則功虧一簣
    People are consist of different type of individuals, we must admit that a small groups of people must have benefited from unjust and injustice, so they will try everything to maintain status quo.

  • 而令西班牙隊心痛的是,他們在1988年的比賽上因點球大戰而功虧一簣,而此次比賽中塞維利亞隊卻因點球大戰名聲鵲起,成為最佳球隊。
    But again heart break for Espanyol, they had made the final in 1988 lost that one by penalties as well and Sevilla really are building reputation for being a fantastic team at the moment.

  • 由於在發展的過程中,是不可能一帆風順的,肯定會有許多的變數,如果不能夠有所堅持的話,在達到目標前就可能因為改變目標而功虧一簣瞭。
    Since the procedure of development may be rugged and variable, if we cannot insist on it, we may fall short of success for lack of a final effort and constant change of goals.

  • 為進一步減少貿易壁壘,我們付出瞭七年的努力,現在卻功虧一簣,十分遺憾,這不止因為這些談判的目標是提高最貧窮國傢在富裕國傢市場中的準入水平。
    The collapse of the seven-year effort to further reduce trade barriers is regrettable, not least because it aimed to increase the access of the poorest countries to rich-country markets.

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