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  • 千夫所指, 無病而死。
    When everybody speaks against a person, it will make him tired of life [frightened to death].; A thousand pointing fingers accuse, and a man dies even without a sickness.; It is dangerous to incur public wrath.

  • 股市持續調整,大小非成為千夫所指
    The stock market adjusts continually, the size must becomes the multitude of people to refer.

  • 誰都看得到,如今房地產正在被千夫所指
    Everyone can see now the property is being condemned by all.

  • 雷曼以前的領導們不是唯一受千夫所指的群體。
    Lehman’s former leaders are not the only ones squirming in the glare.

  • 公款出國旅遊,因徐文艾事件再次成瞭千夫所指
    Public funds for travel abroad, Xu Ai incident has once again become a public outcry.

  • 重要的問題也許是在千夫所指的情況下維持團結。
    The underlying problem may be maintaining unity amid what could prove to be acute unpopularity.

  • 然而,像謝亞龍這樣遭千夫所指的情景,還是絕無僅有。
    However, looks like Xie Yalong to suffer the scene which like the multitude of people refer to, is unique.

  • 哥本哈根會議的不確定性來自於美國環境政策的千夫所指
    One reason for uncertainty about Copenhagen is that America’s own climate policy hangs by a thread.

  • 現在中國是千夫所指——最近被冠以世界最大二氧化碳排放國。
    IT’S open season on China, newly installed as the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide.

  • 有時你可能是紅極一時的寵兒,有時又可能成為千夫所指的公敵。
    Sometimes you’ll be flavor of the month; other times you might be public enemy number one.

  • 一開始這個icon會被千夫所指,但他們會慢慢習慣然後平靜下來。
    At first the icon will be chastised by everyone, but then everybody will get used to it and settle down.

  • 美國今日被千夫所指的所謂“金融創新”有其必要性或者真實需求推動。
    USA Today has been universal condemnation of the so-called “financial innovation” necessary or real demand-driven.

  • 當人們若幹年後談起湖北武漢足球得失時,你恐怕會成為千夫所指的罪人啦!
    When people talk about a number of years after the success of football in Wuhan, you probably will be universal condemnation of the sinner it!

  • 對於目前某些領域經濟投資過熱的現象,房地產業成為千夫所指的“肇事者”。
    for the current overheated investment in certain areas of economic phenomena, the real estate industry as a universal condemnation of “perpetrators”.

  • 這些數據讓人感到驚訝,王棟這麼快就走出瞭千夫所指的境地,顯示瞭他超強的心理素質。
    The data surprised people, Wang Dong so soon out of a universal condemnation of the situation, showing his superior mental quality.

  • 同樣的真實發生在這次危機之中,大反派就是那些被千夫所指的企業巨子,比如汽車制造商們。
    The same is true in the current crisis for glowering corporate giants such as carmakers.

  • 然而,千夫所指的癥結是制藥行業通過壓制便宜的仿制藥來保持它們自己產品的不必要的高價格。
    However, a noisy chorus argues that the drug industry is making the prices of its products needlessly high by suppressing cheap generics.

  • 近日來,人們千夫所指的不再是教育改革問題,聽寫水平下降,或是1968年五月學潮的餘波。
    These days, fingers are pointed not only at progressive teaching, the decline of the dictée or the legacy of May 1968.

  • 沃爾瑪作為全球最大的私營業主,因其在醫療、性別和勞工方面的政策,一時成瞭千夫所指的對象。
    Wal-Mart, the biggest private employer, became a favourite public whipping boy because of its health-care, gender and labour policies.

  • 況且,喜兒那時候還有她自己的心上人呢,如果她真的嫁給黃瞭,那她才會被千夫所指,被人唾罵。
    Moreover, xier had her lover, if she was really marry Huangshiren , she would have been cursed by all .

  • 有些人將失去成為總裁或高管的機會,還會在這個對失敗者沒有同情心的國傢承受千夫所指的痛苦。
    Some people lost theright to be a director or senior manager, and suffered from pariah status in a country where there is little pity for failure.

  • 眼下,明目張膽的“霸王條款”已為千夫所指,而“溫柔一刀”的“合同陷阱”卻往往不為人們所註目。
    At the moment, flagrant “despot” clauses have been condemned by all. “soft cut” and “contract traps” are often not for people attention.

  • 這時候,貝尼特斯知道球員並不能適合賽季初的比賽,但是他讓阿隆索離去已經在最近輸球後被千夫所指
    At the time, Benitez knew the player would not be fit enough to feature early in the season but has seen his decision to let Alonso go come under criticism following their recent failings.

  • 萬眾矚目、千夫所指的房價,能否在聚光燈下被拆解,讓人們清清楚楚地看明白,其中成本有多少,利潤有多高?
    Peoples attention, condemned by all the residents can be shipped in Spotlight, let people clearly see that, the number of cost, how high profits?

  • 但是在全球性金融危機的背景下,現在執政的共和黨成為千夫所指,選民表示他們相信奧巴馬處理經濟問題的能力。
    But as the campaign continues amid a global financial crisis, voters are blaming the incumbent party and saying that they have more trust in Mr Obama to handle economic matters.

  • 該計劃命名為千夫所指查爾斯哈特,他們從匿名身為著名波士頓百萬富翁,在六個月內利用這種計劃於1920年。
    The eponymous scheme was orchestrated by Charles Ponzi , who went from anonymity to being a well-known Boston millionaire in six months using such a scheme in 1920 .

  • 英超聯賽激戰正酣,一些其他球隊的當傢球星們就跳出來蔑視利物浦的表現,最近藍軍球員邁克爾巴拉克就成為瞭千夫所指
    Several key players in the unfolding Premier League title drama have played down Liverpool’s chances, gobby Blues star Michael Ballack being the most notable.

  • 這就是一周來被外界“千夫所指”的“富人優先論”,一時間非議之聲四起,不過一貫憤激的我倒是心平氣和看任志強這番話的。
    This is the week to be outside the “universal condemnation” of the “rich priority theory, ” a Voice of time within four, but always expressing their anger I see it calm Renzhijiang remarks.

  • 傑克•沃納與牙買加的霍雷斯•佈雷爾和圭亞那的科林•克拉斯在VIP包間悠閑自得地喝著飲料,外面這位大佬的名字卻為球迷們千夫所指
    As Jack Warner enjoyed pre-match drinks in the VIP lounge with Horace Burrell from Jamaica and Colin Klass from Guyana, fans chanted curses against him.

  • 這些公司中沒有一傢是特別活躍或者負債累累,千夫所指的世界通信公司稱進行申請是為瞭使其在一次破產申請中能夠管理自己的業務而采取的程序性作法。
    WorldCom. None of the companies concerned is particularly active or debt-laden and the beleaguered company describes the filing as a formality to enable it to administer its whole business in one go.

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