名目繁多  míng mù fán duō






  • 尋醫問藥名目繁多缺乏透明。
    Xunyiwenyao shops and the lack of transparency.

  • 海洋因為大量名目繁多的魚類而充滿生機。
    The sea is alive with plenty of different kinds of fish.

  • 在巴黎,名目繁多的酒會,冷餐會上廣交朋友的好機會。
    In Paris, name many cocktail party, at the cold food meeting has wideacquaintance friend’s good opportunity.

  • 貸款購置二手房,最令人擔心的是繁瑣的手續和名目繁多的費用。
    Housing loans to purchase second-hand, the most worrisome is the cumbersome procedures and shops.

  • 但是,從簽下售房合同開始,各類名目繁多的收費通知就不斷湧來。
    However, the contract signed houses began to notice all kinds of shops and fees coming in.

  • 隨著對英語教學研究的日益深入,名目繁多的英語教科書不斷問世。
    As tht demand for English increases, more and more English textbooks under various headings are being produced, for example, Structural English, Functional English, Communicative English and so on.

  • 各種稅費名目繁多,份額過重,使這類商品房的可流通性幾乎被閹割瞭。
    Various taxes and fees shops, excessive share for the negotiability of such commercial housing almost being emasculated.

  • 公司也對其名目繁多的部門進行合並,並改組管理結構,以期加速決策效率。
    It has also consolidated its various units and reshuffled its management in order to speed up decision-making.

  • 可以說目前對商品房價格影響最大且最不規范的是各類名目繁多的收費、攤派。
    It can be said that the current prices of commercial housing for the greatest impact and most types of shops are not regulated charges, and apportionments.

  • 在巴黎,名目繁多的酒會,冷餐會是廣交朋友的好機會。在這種場合陌生人相識。
    In Paris, cocktail parties and Buffet receptions of different kinds offer great opportunities for making friends. On such occasions, strangers may get to know each other.

  • 山林中的天然中藥材,名目繁多,至今查明的已有一百餘種,食用山蘑比比皆是。
    Over one hundred Chinese traditional medicines have been proven in the valley and edible wild fungus can been found everywhere.

  • 而我們需要刨根到底的是,在市場上名目繁多的醫藥廣告中,究竟有多少是PS的呢?
    And we need to Paogen in the end, under various names in the market of medical advertisements, how many of the PS is it?

  • 但事實上,也許口號和名目繁多的活動,有時比不上一個小小的細節給老人帶來的溫暖。
    But in fact, perhaps the slogan and the numerous activities, and sometimes a little less detail to the elderly with To the warmth.

  • 目前,社會上體育行業內的職業資格證書名目繁多,證出多門,缺少統一的認證與管理;
    At present there are many professional qualification certificates in sport profession in society. However, these certificates are various and conferred from many departments.

  • 化妝品企業如雨後春筍般越來越多,名目繁多的化妝品品牌層出不窮,市場競爭愈演愈烈。
    Cosmetics enterprises mushroomed, more and more numerous cosmetic brands and styles, increasing market competition.

  • 由於具有多方面的利益,所以一些地區、機構與商人近年來爭相舉辦瞭名目繁多的選美活動。
    Due to the diversity of interests, some regions, institutions and businessmen in recent years competing in the contest organized numerous activities.

  • 一些政府部門亂開創收渠道,設立瞭名目繁多的收費項目,其中相當部分既不合理又不合法。
    Some government departments to create chaos on channels established shops and fees, a substantial part of the unreasonable nor legal.

  • 但當人們問起,反以人士發出名目繁多的責問而形成論戰,這是不是件好事呢?他們又避而不談。
    But they are too willing to close down the debate with explosive charges of anti-Israel bias when people ask whether this is a good thing.

  • 想起當今名目繁多有些無聊的各種“選美”,想起時尚雜志十之八九的美女封面,不禁有些可笑。
    Think of some of today’s numerous kinds of silly “beauty contest”, the most likely think of fashion magazine cover girl, and some can not help but ridiculous.

  • 可是,當人們面對中關村那些名目繁多的寫字樓群的時候,他們很可能對這些企業的抱怨產生懷疑。
    However, when people face the Zhongguancun those shops and office complex, they are likely to doubt that these enterprises.

  • 據統計,針對汽車的各種稅費多達200多種,名目繁多,約占車價的1/3,嚴重制約瞭汽車消費。
    According to statistics, the various taxes and fees for vehicles up to 200 multiple shops, about the price 1/3 severely restricted vehicle consumption.

  • 為促進房地產的健康發展,政府已多次下決心要砍掉那些依附在房地產開發建設中的名目繁多的收費。
    To promote the healthy development of real estate, the government has repeatedly made to cut those dependent on the real estate development and construction, the shops and charges.

  • 今年夏天去北京植物園的市民,不僅看到瞭名目繁多的植物和花卉,還看到瞭“三潭碧水映西山”的新景觀。
    Beijing Botanical Garden this summer to the general public, not only to see the shops and plants and flowers, also see” San Tan Pik film] “in the new landscape.

  • 大衛·卡梅隆已經察覺到名目繁多的健康與安全條例使學校不敢放孩子們出去實地考察、課外活動甚至是僅僅在公園撿落葉。
    David Cameron has noticed that health and safety regulations stop schools taking children out on field trips, outdoor activities or just collecting autumn leaves at the park.

  • 每年總有數十種新的減肥食品流行一時,什麼“冰奇減肥藥”、“九日見奇跡減肥品”、“輕松24小時減肥”,名目繁多
    Each year dozens of new diets are popularized. They have such names as the Miracle Diet, the Nine-Day Wonder Diet, and the Easy 24-Hour Diet.

  • 開盤即打折、在指定時間內買房打折、對開發商組織的房友會會員打折,甚至是買房送車,名目繁多的“打折風”在杭州興起。
    Everything is discounted, discounted at a specified time buyers, developers of the Housing Organization Member discounted, or even sold to car shops “discounted wind” in Hangzhou rise.

  • 對商品房價格影響最大且最不規范的是各類名目繁多的收費、攤派,據統計有六七十種之多,每平方米房價要攤入200元至300元。
    Commercial housing price of the least regulated and most shops are various fees, expenses, according to statistics have sixty titles, prices per square metre to Tanru 200 to 300 yuan.

  • 通過這些手法在競標賣地中已經大賺一把不算,還要再向房產商收取大量名目繁多的“附加費”、“城市建設基金”和“公建配套費”。
    Through these practices in bidding land is not already a big profit, but also to a large number of shops and got a “surcharge” and “urban construction funds” and “public-matching costs.

  • 蒙古族進入階級社會後,受到宗法思想的影響,形成瞭收繼婚、搶婚制、世代婚、等級婚、入贅婚、買賣婚、抱斧婚等名目繁多的宗法性婚姻形態。
    After Mongolian entered into class society, effected by patriarchal, They took shape of some marriage form such as continual marriage, despoil marriage, inherit marriage, grade marriage, etc.

  • 美國的價格系統是復雜的網狀系統,包括經濟生活中一切產品買賣的價格,也包括名目繁多的各種服務,諸如勞動力、專職人員、交通運輸、公共事業等服務的價格。
    composed of the prices of all the products bought and sold in the economy as well as those of a myriad of services, including labor, professional, transportation, and public-utility services.

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