周而復始  zhōu ér fù shǐ








  • 總覺得生活開始進入瞭周而復始的煩瑣。
    Always felt that life was beginning to enter the cycle of cumbersome.

  • 戀愛周而復始的過程。我竟沒有把任何留丅。
    Love cycle of the process. I was not leaving any Xia.

  • 然後潤滑油滴落回潤滑油箱。潤滑油周而復始如此循環。
    The oil then trickles down into the sump, where it is collected again and the cycle repeats.

  • 我隻是周而復始地跑。當神認為果子快熟,他就摘下來吃。
    I just run in circles round myself. When God considers the fruit to be ripe, He will pluck it and eat it.

  • 我打算在年尾放自己一個長假,暫別這三年周而復始的忙碌生活。
    This year end, I intend to go on a long holiday and bid temporary farewell to my routine yet hectic life.

  • 他們的鼓聲有一定的間隔,會打一陣停一會兒再打,如此周而復始
    They would beat a drum roll, remain silent, then beat again with a flourish, and so on.

  • 但是人生在世,匆匆數十寒暑,宇宙世界卻是周而復始、生生不息的。
    But human life is short while life and growth in the universe continue endlessly.

  • 結尾,女孩的手將和諧打破,被撈出的人變回金魚,周而復始的輪回。
    At the end, the girl’s hand to break the harmony, remove the person back goldfish, the cycle of reincarnation.

  • 希望民主與專制周而復始的經驗,能讓我們中國人聰明一些,實際一些。
    The experience of hoping for a recycling of democracy and autocracy has made us Chinese somewhat cleverer and somewhat more practical.

  • 好運-壞運的周而復始就好像過山車的上升和跌落。上去的必然要下來。
    The cycle of good and bad fortune is like the rise and fall of a roller coaster: What goes up inevitably comes down.

  • 如果我真的是做瞭同樣的事情,那是不是就以為著我的生活像圓一樣周而復始
    If I really do exactly the same things again, does that mean my life is like a circle which repeats all the time.

  • 該處訂有一套周而復始的10年船隊發展計劃,逐步替換舊船,代以所需的新船。
    It has a rolling 10-year fleet development plan to replace old vessels with new ones.

  • 這是一件非常遺憾的事情,因為周而復始地看見政府不斷欺騙人民並對媒體施以控制力。
    It is so disappointing to see this happen time and time again to the Malaysian public, where they are deceived by the propaganda held by thepoliticians and the controls they have over the press.

  • 這一噴溢過程以幕式活動形式周而復始,在超壓盆地的過渡帶和常壓帶中形成大的油氣藏。
    This expulsion process of geopressured system is episodic and generally forms big oil field or gas field in the transition zone of pressure and normal pressure zone in geopressured basin.

  • 一個浪子所走的路是跟太陽一般的,可是他並不象太陽一樣周而復始。—-莎士比亞。
    A prodigal son go with the sun is the general, but he was not the same as the solar cycle.

  • 菲爾正是許許多多普通人的縮影——為人自私、抱怨這抱怨那,無聊地過著周而復始的生活。
    Phil Conners is the epitome of many ordinary people, who only care about themselves, complain about this or that and live in boring conventional lives.

  • 正是由於他們強大的活動力,我們人體需要的養份如碳、氮、硫等元素才能周而復始地循環。
    Their heavy labor is the cause of a complete cycle of nutrients like carbon, nitrogen and sulfur which we need.

  • 比如說,你可以看到市場上的股票總是會有一個逐漸上揚,然後持續下跌的過程,周而復始
    As example, you could notice that most market share will always have gradual incline and then follow by long dropping line repeatedly.

  • 困難會接踵而來,面對新目標,新壓力,我們不得不一次比一次更艱難去完成任務,如此周而復始
    Difficulties will follow, in the face of new targets, new pressure every time we have to complete the task more difficult, so the cycle.

  • 人會周而復始的在輪迴中打轉,根本上是由於我們對這世間萬事萬物存有牽掛、愛戀及執著之心的緣故。
    Why do people come and go in transmigration?The basic reason is that we have missing, love and persistence on all things in this world.

  • 同時,把人員素質測評提升到戰略層面,認為人員素質測評和人員優化一樣,是周而復始,動態運行的過程。
    At the same time, the quality of personnel evaluation upgraded to a strategic level. That the quality of personnel evaluation and optimization of staff, is the cycle, dynamic operation.

  • 但有理由相信:自然與生命的生生不息,自然與生命的周而復始,既是一個短暫的美麗,又是一個美麗的永恒。
    There is reason to believe: the natural and life generation after generation, natural and life cycle, both a short-lived beauty, but also a beautiful eternal.

  • 阿諸那啊,對此奉愛沒有正信的人就無法得到“我”,就會在這個苦難的肉體存在的絕路上,經歷周而復始的生死輪回。
    O Arjuna, persons devoid of faith in the righteousness of this devotion, unable to obtain Me; undergo repeated rebirth on the deadly path of this miserable material existence.

  • 思想在情境、事件、或者被感知為情緒肇因的人身上,把能量喂給瞭情緒;情緒再把能量反饋給思想模式,如此周而復始
    By dwelling mentally on the situation, event, or person that is the perceived cause of the emotion, the thought feeds energy to the emotion, which in turn energizes the thought pattern, and so on.

  • 生命就是這樣,需要我們周而復始的循環,隻有重復,才使得我們的生命得以延續,或許,這就是自然帶給我們的生存法則!
    The life is this, needs our circulation again and again, is redundant, only then causes our life to be able to continue, perhaps, this takes to our survival principle naturally!

  • 看看這個“回轉利嘴機”:兩個綴滿鯊魚狀利齒的鐵環在相交的軌道上瘋狂旋轉,彼此互成夾角,周而復始地“大嚼特嚼”。
    Take the Rotary Mouth Machine: two hoops studded with shark like teeth madly rotate in intersecting orbits, each at an angle to the other, so that their “bite” circles round and round.

  • 阿諸那啊,就是這些同樣的無數眾生,周而復始地隨著“他”的白天的到來而出生,夜晚的降臨而消失,下一個白天的到來又自動展現。
    O Arjuna, these very same innumerous living entities repeatedly taking birth with the advent of his day, disappear on the arrival of his night manifesting again automatically on the advent of his day.

  • 從柏拉圖到今天,一直存在一種對這樣的情況的周而復始的堅持,即如果我們是理性的,我們便會總是把犯罪視為一種疾病,並使我們致力於它的治療。
    From Plato to the present day there has been a recurrent insistence that if we were rational we would always look on crime as a disease and address ourselves to its cure.

  • 隨著股市令人驚恐的一天天擺蕩,狂漲800點,下跌350點,再暴跌400點,又上揚250點,周而復始,交易員已經變成兩股互相對決的荷爾蒙。
    With markets swinging scarily from one day to the next — up 800, down 350, down 400, up 250 and so on — traders have become bundles of duel-ing hormones.

  • 然後納什做假動作,把諾維茨基晃起來,隻好後退……一次又一次,場上的比拼就象個循環,周而復始。與此同時的,是兩個年輕人的人生緊密相連,與聯盟同在。
    Then Nash will feint, Nowitzki will back up, and it will start again, two lives looping around each other , taking the league with them.

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