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  • 我們的老師為培養新一代而嘔心瀝血
    into their work of bringing up a new generation.

  • 我們的老師為培養新一代而嘔心瀝血
    Our teachers throw themselves heart and soul into their work of bringing up a new generation.

  • 白手起傢拼搏十餘載,嘔心瀝血鑄就輝煌在今朝。
    Start from scratch and strive for more than ten years, take infinite pains and cast brilliantly today.

  • 嘔心瀝血終於完成瞭這一成本大套的翻譯作品。
    He completed the translation of this monumental work with a herculean effort.

  • 在這裡有一群人,嘔心瀝血,精益求精,默默的奉獻!
    Here isa group of people working wholeheartedly, striving for perfection and contributing silently!

  • 父母為瞭我的成長,嘔心瀝血,這份恩情該如何報答呢?
    They dedicated everything for our growing , so how to do repay for this ?

  • 老師,您嘔心瀝血、兢兢業業、默默無聞奉獻著光和熱。
    Teacher, you worked hard conscientious, quiet dedication of light and heat.

  • 為此需要嘔心瀝血的奉獻、鍥而不舍地探討與精進的努力。
    That requires blood, sweat and tears, it requires relentless searching and continual effort.

  • 而在國內,大凡成功的果園主,無不是彈精竭慮,嘔心瀝血
    all successful orchard owners are exhausted and have to devote all their hard working.

  • 和珅:皇上聖明!服瞭!和珅願為大清江山嘔心瀝血,死而後已!
    With 珅 :Emperor’s saint is clear! ! With 珅 the wish take infinite pains for big and pure river’s mountain, no release until death!

  • 它的特殊功能將會消失,而他嘔心瀝血掙得的地位也將不復存在。
    Its special function would be gone – and so would his position, arrived at with such pain.

  • 整整一個賽季,安切洛蒂教練嘔心瀝血,面對困難他從不放棄,誓不低頭。
    Coach Ancelotti worked hard the whole season without giving up to the difficulties he had to face and without moving back.

  • 博格達諾先生是牛津大學的一名講師,長期在憲法研究方面嘔心瀝血,使命感強烈。
    Mr Bogdanor, an Oxford don and long a toiler in the constitutional vineyard, is a man with a mission.

  • 他質樸、堅強而又執著,為發展冬棗事業、帶領一方群眾致富嘔心瀝血、受盡苦累。
    He is plain, firm and persistent, to grow wintry jujube enterprise, guide one party masses to become rich exert one’s utmost effort, suffer all kinds of suffering tired.

  • 但是,您是否知道,您嘔心瀝血為孩子鑄造的小小“天堂”,有時卻會對孩子有害。
    But you know that your work heart out for the little children casting “paradise”, sometimes a child harmful.

  • 一年又一年,風風雨雨。媽媽為瞭我們嘔心瀝血,請接受我們對您深深感謝和炙熱的愛。
    Year after year, the ups and downs. Mom heart out for us, please accept our deep gratitude to you and the burning love.

  • 這26年,他的職務沒有升遷,級別沒有變化,但他為《星火燎原》嘔心瀝血的熱情卻始終不減。
    This 26 years, his duty has not been promoted, the rank does not have the change, but he is the enthusiasm which “Spark Sets the prairie afire” works wholeheartedly actually does not reduce.

  • 但正所謂“一日為師,終身為師”,很慶幸在我身邊走過的老師走是那麼疼我,嘔心瀝血的教育我。
    However, it is the so-called “one-day learning, lifelong learning, ” I feel very lucky to come close to the teacher is so sore I walk, I take infinite pains education.

  • 我感到這份獎賞不是授予我個人而是授予我的工作的——授予我一生從事關於人類精神的嘔心瀝血的工作。
    I feel that this award was not made to me as a man, but to my work, a life’s work in the agony and sweat of the human spirit.

  • 老師嘔心瀝血得教我們知識,他們奉獻瞭,可是當老師看到一份份打滿“√”的試卷時,難道他們不快樂嗎?
    Dedicated teachers have to teach us the knowledge, their dedication, but when the teachers see a play of “√” the papers, could it be they are not happy?

  • 遺憾的是,學術界嘔心瀝血所得出的原字讀音,拼讀漢語借詞時暢通無阻,而拼讀契丹本民族語詞時卻處處碰壁。
    Unfortunately, spellings of the original characters by scholars are often failed when we read Khitan words whereas they are usually correct for the spellings of Chinese loan words.

  • 咸煎餅的制法源於回民的油香餅。1938年,譚祖在調味、火候中嘔心瀝血,終於制出色鮮、皮脆、心軟、香酥而味美的咸煎餅。
    A pancake of the Hui people from making the oil-cake. 1938, TAN Zu-in seasonings, and heat in Ouxinlixue, and finally excellent system of fresh, Picui, Xinruan, Xiangsu to a bar and delicious.

  • 對於人類生命來說血液是如此之重要,所以,在人類的語言中,關於血液的詞匯也十分豐富,如血氣方剛、熱血沸騰、嘔心瀝血等等。
    The blood is a human life is so important in human language, blood on the terms of the very rich, such as the energetic, emotional, hard, and so on.

  • 我們這群人,還活著這群人,再合適不過的事情就是繼續完成他們未完成的事業,這份事業經過他們的嘔心瀝血已經發展得多麼崇高啊。
    It is for us, the living rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.

  • 隨著我們的長大,我們經歷瞭小學,中學,我們要感謝所有為我們而嘔心瀝血的恩師,因為有瞭這些勤勞的“園丁”才會有我們的美好將來。
    As we grow older, we went through primary, secondary, and we would like to thank all of our mentor and the painstaking, because with these hard-working, “gardener” will have our bright future.

  • 正因如此,今天從事寫作的男女青年已經忘記瞭人類內心的沖突。而這本身就能就好作品。因為這是唯一值得寫、值得嘔心瀝血地去寫的題材。
    I feel that this award was not made to me as a man, but to my work, a life’s work in the agony and sweat of the human spirit.

  • 作為“唐諸王孫”的李賀在短暫的人生中,嘔心瀝血,標新立異,創作瞭二百多首光輝的詩篇,其風格獨特、藝術高超,自成“長吉體”詩風。
    as a “Tang Sun Kings, ” Li He’s a short life, hard, the maverick, created more than 200 brilliant in the first poem, its unique style and superb art, since a “long-ji” poetry.

  • 我們舉行宴會,我們拋棄傢庭獨自住在加拿大,我們埋首寫作,盡管我們才氣縱橫,而且嘔心瀝血,抱著殷切的期望,但那些書仍無法改變世界。
    We throw our parties; we abandon our families to live alone in Canada; we struggle to write books that do not change the world, despite our gifts and unstinting efforts, our most extravagant hopes.

  • 畢竟,歷史學傢曾嘔心瀝血於有關越戰和民權運動的學術研究中。而對於同期的通脹率上漲,他們卻近乎集體失語,無所作為。按理這種通脹率上揚所帶來的社會影響甚巨。
    Historians have devoted reams of scholarship to the Vietnam war and the civil-rights movement but almost nothing to the parallel rise in inflation, whose impact on society has been arguably as great.

  • 我堅信:隻要我們所有甬立人兢兢業業地工作,孜孜不倦地學習,不拘一格地思考,嘔心瀝血地創造,面對挑戰,勇敢拼搏,就一定能把甬立公司建設成為全國一流的企業。
    We believe: Yongli would be built as a top enterprise in Chain as long as we all work hard, persevere in studies, consider flexibly, search for creativeness, and fight bravely against challenges.

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