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  • 中國;美國;中美關系;和而不同
    China, the United States, Sino-US Relations, Agree to Disagree.

  • 和而不同”是人類文化發展的理想圖景之一。
    “Not the Same but Mixture” is one of ideal prospects for mankind’s culture.

  • ,包容不是不問是非,其實質是“和而不同”。
    Nevertheless, tolerance is not to ignore truth and falsehood.

  • 當前,全球文化的發趨勢則是和而不同、求同存異。
    Today the global culture’s developing trend is coexisting harmoniously, and maintaining difference while seeking common ground.

  • 諧競爭的核心是“諧”,本質是“和而不同”。
    The core of harmonious competition is harmony and the essence of it is “agreeable though non-identical”.

  • 這正是中國混沌精神的一,融合的一,和而不同的一。
    It is the very notion of “one” embodied in Chinese chaotic spirit; the oneness of amalgamation, and of differences within the boundary of harmony.

  • 兩千多年前,中國偉大的哲學傢孔子說:“君子和而不同。”
    Confucious said more than two thousand years ago:” In human relationships, a gentleman seeks harmony but not uniformity”.

  • 中餐廚師深知“五味調”的重要,且知“和而不同”的道理。
    Chinese food cooks know “Five reconcile” important, and to know “and different” truth.

  • 和而不同”用人思想的實施與否,直接關涉到一個國傢發展的水平。
    The execution of the principle of “harmony with differences” involves the level of a state’s development.

  • 作為統戰方法,“和而不同”重在追求“”,貴在能包容“不同”。
    As a kind of method used in united front work, “Harmonious but dissimilar” can contain “dissimilarity” in order to pursue “harmony”.

  • 和而不同”,即是承認多樣,主張多樣,不相同又諧,即是發展。
    “Differences”, that is, to recognize diversity, diversity advocates, the same harmonious, that is, development.

  • 他說,開幕式沒有體現出孔子學說的另一個主題,就是和而不同的思想。
    He cites another Confucian theme not included in the program, the observation that harmony does not demand conformity.

  • 自古以來,中國已經成為主流哲學,鼓吹“平是最珍貴的”、“和而不同”。
    Since the ancient times, China’s prevailing philosophy has been one that preaches “peace is most precious”, “harmony without uniformity”.

  • 中國政府的外交政策體現瞭在“和而不同”外交戰略思維指導下的人類共同利益觀。
    The diplomatic policies of the Chinese government have just reflected the concept of common interests for human being under the guidance of strategic diplomatic thinking of “harmony but difference”.

  • 和而不同”思想蘊涵瞭豐富的倫理價值,其與應用倫理學的特質有著內在的一致性。
    The idea of being harmonious but different contains rich ethics values which has the intrinsic uniformity with the application ethics’s special characteristics.

  • 對話教學明顯具有如下特點:平等意識、真誠傾聽、多邊互動、建構生成、和而不同
    Dialogic teaching has the following characteristics: consciousness of equality, sincere hearkening, multi- lateral interaction, constructive generation, and harmony with dissimilarities.

  • 性地營養陰陽,不改變陰陽的屬性與特征,就是以德治、和而不同的重要特點。
    The energies of Five De nourish Yin and Yang without discrimination instead of changing their attributes.

  • 民族是客觀存在的社會實體,偉大的中華民族形成瞭多元一體的格局,有著和而不同的關系。
    Ethnic groups are an objective social entity. Our great Chinese nation is a plural integration and we seek harmony but not uniformity.

  • 在全球化的背景下發展多元文化,需要正確解決文化全球化與多元文化的悖論,做到“和而不同”。
    To develop multiculturalism in the background of globalism, the conflict between cultural globalism and multiculturalism should be dealt with to reach the state merging but difference.

  • 課堂教學改革的關鍵在於重構教學文化環境,即建構“和而不同”“生”的諧課堂教學文化。
    Class teaching reform is the key to rebuild the teaching culture environment, that is to say, it is not only diverse but also harmonious.

  • 在社會發展與習慣法變遷的關系中,國傢的治理策略應該堅持“和而不同”的民族法律自主發展之路。
    In the social development of customary law and changes in the relationship, State governance strategy should adhere to the “different and” legal autonomy of national development.

  • 筆者認為應“和而不同”,應堅持原則、加緊修煉內功,堅持諧外交,達到諧參與國際競爭的目的。
    This paper thinks that they should be harmonious but different and that China should stick to her principles and harmonious diplomacy to participate in international competitions harmoniously.

  • 作品“對瞭”主要運用骨頭契合(卯榫結構)的形式表現事物之間一種相互依存的狀態,“和而不同”。
    Work “Right” principal use of the bones fit (mortise and tenon structure) between the things of the form of a state of interdependence, “and different.

  • 作為一種文化理念,“和而不同”一直在指導著人們正確處理人際關系國際關系,正確對待不同意見。
    As a kind of cultural idea, “Harmonious but dissimilar” plays an important role in instructing us to deal with different relationships at all times.

  • ”與“同”、“中”具有深刻哲理關系。儒傢倫理意蘊包含“執兩用中”、“和而不同”兩個基本方面。
    The paper points out two fundamental respects comprised in Confucian ethic: “listening to both sides and choosing the middle course” and “striving for harmony but not sameness”.

  • 修辭的言語活動的本質特征是“和而不同”,即用不同的但可能是認為更為恰當的言語表達式表示大體相同的意思。
    The essential characteristic of rhetorical expressions is “harmony in difference” which means the expressing of the same intentional meaning in different yet more appropriate ways.

  • 中華民族是崇尚平的民族,中國傳統文化的核心思想是“諧”、“合”,講求“和而不同”、“兼容並蓄”。
    The Chinese nation honors peace. The central philosophy in traditional Chinese culture is harmony and peaceful coexistence, advocating “being peaceful though different” or “accommodating diversities”.

  • 當前的文化全球化應是多元文化的共處,但這又不是文化的自我封閉文化的民族主義,是文化間的“和而不同”。
    The co-existence, however, doesn’t refer to self-sealing and cultural nationalism, but “the harmony without being identical” among cultures.

  • 既有共同的政治基礎,又“和而不同”。在上述基礎上,本文進一步對共產黨領導的多黨合作的基本經驗作瞭一些研究探討。
    On the basis of that, the writer has made further study and discussions on the basis experience on the Multi-party Cooperation System under the leadership of the CommunistParty.

  • 他希望以“和而不同”的理性原則,以天下蒼生為念的悲憫情懷,“以民為本”的政治模式,構造一個生氣勃勃的全新社會形態。
    Guided by the rational concept “harmonious but different”, he wanted to construct a completely new society with a “people-oriented” political model.

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