善始善終  shàn shǐ shàn zhōng








  • 善始善終是做一件事的最大收獲。
    the reward of a thing well done is to have done it.

  • 半途而廢不成事,善始善終成大業。
    Never do things by halves.

  • 做事踏實認真,盡職盡責,善始善終
    Practical work conscientiously fulfilled its duties, Persist in the end.

  • 四年級辦公室:善始善終
    A good beginning makes a good ending.

  • 彼得常常有很多好主意,但他很少善始善終
    Peter always has got a lot of good ideas but he rarely follows them through to completion.

  • 我們還是要堅持這種方法:這是個善始善終的問題。
    Let us insist again on the method: it is a matter of persisting.

  • 本人性格開朗與人處事融洽,對待工作認真負責善始善終
    First of all, I am open-minded, and a lover of making friends, always make any thing be perfect.

  • 據悉,今年北京將有21個房展會,又會有幾傢能善始善終呢?
    It is learnt that this year will be 21 exhibitions in Beijing will also be several can act in good faith?

  • 不管做什麼,大部份人開始時都滿懷信心,但卻不能善始善終
    No matter what, most people are confident at the beginning, but it can not win.

  • 他才華橫溢,隻是不能堅持善始善終,更別說幹完一份合同的期限。
    He’s a brilliant coach, but he just doesn’t stick around long enough to finish a job, much less a contract.

  • 本人工作認真負責,善始善終,有較強的進取精神,善於與人溝通!
    Myself work earnestly am responsible, to start well and end well, have a stronger enterprising spirit, is good at linking up with the person!

  • 做事有責任心,善始善終,能迅速的融入新的環境,對生活充滿信心。
    Do something responsible, Shanshishanzhong, the rapid integration into the new environment, to life full of confidence.

  • 既然樓巴因市場而起,那善始善終,其消亡過程用市場的手段比較合適。
    As for the market, the Palestinian sky, and then act in good faith in the course of its demise market means more appropriate.

  • 他做每件事善始善終,他的精力過人,他主張做每件事情都要兩倍於實需之力。
    He did everything thoroughly, and his energy was such that he made a point of putting into every concern twice as work as it really needed.

  • 本人對待工作認真負責,有上進心,實事求是,善於他人合作,做事善始善終
    I treat the work of a conscientious and responsible, self-motivated and seeking truth from facts, be good at others, do well from start to finish.

  • 不過,他的好鬥並不總是善始善終,有時為瞭點小事大做文章,卻不能堅持到底。
    But his aggression is not always channelled to useful ends, and he sometimes talks up a tempest but fails to follow through.

  • 現在是他退休前的最後一次出外任職,他隻希望善始善終,所以對一切都慎重行事。
    This was his last tour before retirement; he merely wanted to conclude it without trouble, and thus urged caution upon all.

  • 賽斯克喜歡善始善終。他這個賽季可以更多的投入進攻因為他有瞭兩個幫手來協助防守。
    Cesc likes to be at the start of things and then get on the end of things. And he can push forward more this season because he has two players around him who can defend.

  • 在畫廊經理領導下,與展覽部的同仁一起進行展覽項目管理。善始善終做好展覽及相關活動。
    Working alongside the Gallery Manager and Exhibitions team to project manage and deliver a rolling program of exhibitions and events from inception to completion.

  • 做事不能半途而廢,或是隻做瞭四分之三,十分之九。如果我決定要做某事瞭,我就會善始善終
    I can’t do something halfway, three-quarters, nine-tenths. If I’m going to do something, I’m going to go all the way.

  • 很多成功人士聲稱,他們的成功大部分應歸功於早期某種習慣的形成,如守時、早起、誠實和善始善終
    Many successful men declare that they owe much of their prosperity to the formation of certain habits in early life, such as punctuality, early rising, honesty, and thoroughness.

  • 他的謙卑善始善終,他要他的骨灰灑向英國伊斯勃恩海灣———那個昔日他與馬克思一傢愉快度假的地方。
    Self-effacing to the last, he had his ashes scattered off England’s coast at Eastbourne—the scene of happy holidays with the Marxes.

  • 她表示,盡管遭到瞭誤解和責難,該局仍要堅持把學習人員組織好,把課教好,做到善始善終,取得預期效果。
    She said, in spite of a misunderstanding and blame, it still insist on the learning organization, the researchers class teaching, and do good to go all the way, to achieve results.

  • 從氣泡和身後帶出的湍流可以看出她身體所造成的阻力並有一個突然的轉向,這不是一個善始善終的出發跳水。
    The resistance created by her physical features and a sudden change in direction can be seen by the bubbles and drag turbulence that follows her. This is not a good follow-through.

  • 天秤很難善始善終,總是很難完成一開始的想法,雙子適應能力好,不會介意天秤因為感到無聊而轉向做其他事。
    Gemini is so adaptable, they won’t mind switching gears on a moment’s notice and moving on to something else if Libra gets bored.

  • 不過要是各級政府能夠在不妨礙公民人身自由的前提下善始善終地運用這類技術的話,那怕有侵犯隱私之嫌,我也並不十分反對。
    I could almost accept government use of invasive-feeling technologies if such technology were used consistently, by all levels of government, without infringing on civil liberties.

  • 當然目前來看作為衛冕冠軍的曼聯仍是最熱門的球隊,何況他們現在還排在第一,但我們本賽季同樣發揮出色,因此我們想要善始善終
    Man United will be the favourites because they are the champions and they are at the top of the table, but our team is having a good season and we will try to continue in this way.

  • 為貧困百姓爭回血汗錢,使他們的心靈得到慰寄…十餘年來,本人誠心苦志,釋法為理,所辦法律事務善始善終,贏得瞭各界人士及有關當事人的贊許和肯定。
    got back the sweaty money of poverty people …… During this decade, I am honest and determined, regard the laws as the truth. All my legal affairs started well and ended well approved by my clients.

  • 王勃等人雖然有文才,但氣識浮燥淺陋,哪裡是享用高官厚爵的材料呢?楊炯氣質略微寧靜沉穩,應該可以做到縣令,其餘的幾個人能夠善始善終就是萬幸的瞭。
    Although the person such as Wang Bo has literary talent, but dry of gas knowledge float is meager, where be to enjoy curule the material of thick the rank of nobility?

  • 一個獨來獨往的基督徒容易熄滅自己的信仰之火,聚攏在一起能夠善始善終。我很喜歡在傢庭聚會裡發言,即使有不少陌生人在場,我也不感到緊張,樂意熱情地表達自己所思所想。
    It has been very difficult for her, and yet God has strengthened her character, given her a ministry of helping other people, given her a testimony, has drawn her closer to Him and to people.

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