喜聞樂見  xǐ wén lè jiàn







  • 這是一部為群眾所喜聞樂見的文藝作品。
    This is a literary and artistic work loved by the masses.

  • 這才是大眾羨慕而喜聞樂見的正常的貴婦生活。
    This is the envy of the public and loved by the lady of normal life.

  • 他象是一個變色龍,但是總是招人喜聞樂見的。
    He’s like a chameleon, but one who’s also relatable and engaging.

  • 吹歌是安國市城鄉群眾喜聞樂見的傳統吹奏藝術。
    Anguo blowing song is loved by the people of the tradition of playing urban and rural arts.

  • 亂彈的唱腔高亢,樸實,鄉土氣息濃厚,為廣大群眾喜聞樂見
    Luan’s voice resounding, simple, strong local flavor for the masses love to see and hear.

  • 她的詩形式上多少有點像教堂的聖歌,不講規則,為人喜聞樂見
    The form of her poetry is more or less like that of the hymns in community churches, familiar, communal, and sometimes, irregular.

  • 一個有及時付清債務歷史的帳戶,正是銀行和信用機構喜聞樂見
    An account like this one, large balance with a history of on-time payment, is exactly what lenders and credit bureaus like to see.

  • 在廣大群眾喜聞樂見的香港影視劇中,隻要有地產商出場,則必定是反派。
    Loved by the masses in the movie, as long as the developers come, must be villain.

  • 木偶戲在張掖的農村、城鎮經常演出,是當地人民喜聞樂見的民間藝術形式。
    Zhangye puppetry in the rural areas, cities and towns often performed by local people will be pleased to see the form of folk art.

  • 它妙趣橫生,雅俗共賞,具有極其濃鬱的民族特色,一直為廣大人民群眾所喜聞樂見
    It has been well accepted by the public because of its witty and strong national traits.

  • 雙關語在人類文明史上源遠流長、經久不衰,是世界文明中最為喜聞樂見的創作手段。
    The pun has a long, honorable, and enduring tradition, and it is regarded as one of the most beloved tools of comic creation in many civilizations.

  • 另外,文化部門還編寫瞭小品、墜子、歌曲等,以群眾喜聞樂見的方式普及健康知識。
    In addition, the cultural sector has also prepared piece, pendant, songs and so on to the masses of popular formats and health literacy.

  • 民間美術流傳於歷代民間,為勞動大眾的生活而服務,是勞動大眾所喜聞樂見的一種藝術風格。
    The folk arts are spread in all previous dynasties, serving for working people’s life, and it is the artistic style loved by the working people, reflecting rich connotation in packaging designs.

  • 先前的報紙,其新聞缺少轟動效果,而便士報紙恰恰相反,它著重報道的是大眾喜聞樂見的新聞。
    Contrary to the absence of sensationalism in the preceding era, penny newspapers put great emphasis on stories that were of human interest.

  • 結論高校應加強對同伴輔導法、閱讀療法、音樂療法等大學生喜聞樂見的心理健康教育方法的研究。
    Conclusion: Colleges and universities should strengthen the study on the psychological health education, such as peer assistance, reading therapy, music therapy and so on.

  • 社區各類文化活動設施齊全,經常組織具有社區特色、群眾喜聞樂見、健康向上的群眾性文體活動。
    Community facilities of various cultural activities, the organization has a regular feature of the community, loved by the masses, the masses of healthy recreational and sports activities.

  • 我想我們對這整件事情都是喜聞樂見的,而且我們在準備墨爾本期間已經得到瞭我們所有想要的東西。
    BB: I think we are happy with how things went overall and we achieved pretty much everything that we needed to in terms of preparing for Melbourne.

  • 洛陽傳統年畫,以人物畫為主,取材於喜聞樂見的神話、歷史和民間故事,反映瞭百姓的願望和追求。
    The traditional New Year painting (Nianhua) in Luoyang takes people as the theme. Those materials come from fables, historical events and folktales that people like to see and hear.

  • 簡單地寫一個報告,內容為人們喜聞樂見,在報告中加入一個到你的網站的鏈接,然後開始發佈到網上。
    Simply write a report with content that people want to read, add a link to your website in the report, and start giving it away.

  • 魚紋飾是我國傳統造型藝術中喜聞樂見的一種紋飾,經過漫長的社會演化,形成瞭我國民間獨特的魚文化。
    Chinese people are quite familiar to fish line decorations. A unique folk fish culture and art has formed through ages of evolution.

  • 但如果你的歌可以在第一秒就抓住聽眾耳朵,那這就是一首經典作品和一首“老百姓喜聞樂見”的作品的區別。
    But if you can have a song that bites them with the first note, then that’s the difference between a major hit song and a song that people just like.

  • 羅羅腔表演形式活潑,唱腔優美動聽,生活氣息濃厚,是大同地區、河北部分地區廣大觀眾喜聞樂見的戲曲劇種。
    Rolls-cavity in the form of lively performing, singing the beautiful sounds of life deep breath, is the Datong area, some parts of Hebei majority of the audience will be pleased to see opera drama.

  • 口梆子是張傢口人民群眾喜聞樂見的戲曲藝術,2006年6月,口梆子被批準為河北省首批“非物質文化遺產。
    Bangzi is loved by the masses of the people in Zhangjiakou opera art, in June 2006, I was approved for the Hebei Bangzi the first “non-material cultural heritage.”

  • 白居易在文學上積極提倡新樂府運動,他寫的《秦中吟》和《新樂府》中的許多篇章,為人們喜聞樂見,婦孺皆知。
    Bai Juyi in actively promoting the new literary movement Yuefu, he wrote, “Qin Yin” and “new Yuefu, ” in many chapters, for people love to see and hear, Furujiezhi.

  • 遊戲作為一種喜聞樂見的形式,被廣泛運用於人類的生活及教育中,體育遊戲也以成為體育教學中的重要組成部分。
    As the popular way, the games have been used widely in the people’s life and education. The P. E games have already been the important part of the P.

  • 緊接著,郭樹人嚴肅指出,學習實踐活動一定要保證學習培訓時間,用喜聞樂見的形式宣傳和教育,確保學習效果。
    Then, Guo pointed out that the serious people, learning the practice of study and training must ensure that time and loved the form of publicity and education to ensure that the learning outcomes.

  • 自2003年創刊以來,經歷瞭四年成長過程,已成為珠寶業界、珠寶愛好者、廣大讀者喜聞樂見和不可或缺的大眾讀物。
    Since maiden publication in 2003, it has grown up to be a popular period among jewelry industry and mass readers, especially those jewelry fans.

  • 從拉拉帶的“拉、彈、折、繞、纏”等特性入手,利用拉拉帶的“拉、彈”性能創編成大學生喜聞樂見的健美操運動形式;
    The aim is to try to utilize the properties of “pull and elasticity” to establish a popular calisthenics exercise form.

  • 它融匯瞭人民群眾的欣賞習慣,反映瞭他們善良美好的意願,廣泛地滲透到我國的民間習俗之中,為人們所喜聞樂見,因而在民間盛傳不衰。
    Representing the common people’s taste and reflecting their goodwill, auspicious patterns have permeated Chinese folk customs enjoying a never-fading popularity among the Chinese people.

  • 現在水星又要開始逆行瞭,所以到6月之前你都不會看到巨大的轉變,12月中旬還會有一次改變,這會是你所喜聞樂見的,而且你會看到其平穩的過程。
    Now Mercury is retrograde too, so you won’t likely see a big shift until June, and more in mid-September, but it will be a change you like, and you will see steady progress.

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