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  • 大興土木:為自已建造房屋,種植葡萄園。
    I undertook great projects: I built houses for myself and planted vineyards.

  • 大興土木可能會帶動石油和其他大宗商品的需求走高。
    A resurgence in construction could prop up demand for oil and other commodities.

  • 不得借改擴建和加固維修之名大興土木,提高建設標準。
    Nor use it to the expansion and strengthening of major repairs, improve construction standards.

  • 然貪官污吏中飽私囊,大興土木浪費揮霍,希望隻能化作泡影。
    But hopes are dashed as corrupt officials pocket the money or squander it on grandiose projects.

  • 貪婪的地方官吏吞噬土地去大興土木,很多農民對此都怒不可遏;
    Legions of farmers are angry that their land has been swallowed up for building by greedy local officials.

  • 唯有開發商即將大興土木時,銀行才能介入,而且隻能給建設貸款。
    Only when the developer was about to commence building could the bank get involved – and then only to make construction loans.

  • 貝聿銘的伊斯蘭藝術館可望最早完工,足以證明多哈大興土木並非海市蜃樓。
    As the first to reach completion, the Museum of Islamic Art is proof that the boom is not a mirage.

  • 中國還不是很富裕,但在人們的心目中,致富的最佳途徑似乎就是大興土木
    China still is not very rich, but in the memory in people, the optimal way that become rich appears even if go in for sth in a large scale building.

  • 可是,在他們大興土木的同時,可用於生產其他產品的人力和生產能力就會隨之減少。
    But when they built more houses they had just that much less manpower and productive capacity left over for everything else.

  • 但是,不論是民營的還是國有的房地產開發商,直到最近,仍然在大量借款和大興土木
    However, whether private or state-owned real estate developers, until recently, still borrowing and large scale.

  • 日前,廣州番禺一小區蔡姓業主在一樓花園大興土木,結果就被法院判令拆除加建設施。
    Recently, the Guangzhou Panyu owners in the restricted areas on the first floor of a large garden, the result has been the dismantling of the court order facilities.

  • 通過大力推進城鎮化,中國講推動近期鐵礦石和鋁等上遊原材料的價格上漲,並大興土木
    By front-loading this urban growth, China will bolster prices for upstream raw materials like iron ore and aluminum in the near term and keep construction companies busy.

  • 日前有媒體報道,說時下一些房地產商爭先恐後地在名山上大興土木,建“富人區”、別墅群。
    Recently some of the media reports, said some real estate companies scrambling to date on projects in the famous mountain, a “rich areas”, villas.

  • 日前有媒體報道,說時下一些房地產商爭先恐後地在名山上大興土木,建“富人區”、別墅群。
    recent media reports that some real estate companies scrambling to date on the famous mountain construction, building “rich areas”, villas.

  • 唐代更是大興土木,特別是唐玄宗天寶年間修建的宮殿樓閣更為豪華,並正式改名為“華清宮”。
    more large-scale construction of the Tang Dynasty, in particular the emperor Tianbao years to build a more luxurious palace pavilion, and changed its name to the official “China Palace.”

  • 身患腦血管病的曹先生買瞭一套別墅本想靜養,但周圍鄰居大興土木,而物業管理公司卻置之不理。
    Suffering from cerebrovascular disease Rantzau want to buy a villa this convalesce, but the surrounding neighbors construction, and property management companies are ignored.

  • 話說二十一世紀初年,中國經濟穩定,社會興旺,各地紛紛大興土木,把個房地產業搞的熱熱鬧鬧。
    as saying 21 viewing China’s economic stability and social prosperity everywhere due to the heat but in a real estate.

  • 在國外和港臺地區,大多數的情況都是住房蓋好瞭,住戶直接住進,很少聽說住戶進住時再大興土木的。
    Abroad and the Hong Kong and Taiwan regions, the majority of houses are covered, directly into households, households have little time to launch into living.

  • 相傳明代泉州衛指揮周坐,在大興土木擴建媽祖廟的工程竣工後,用剩餘建材建瞭一座中軍廟,並塑瞭神像。
    It is saind that Quanzhou director of Ming dynasty Zhouzuo after reconstructing Mazu temple constructed a Zhongjun temple with remnant building material and figured for him.

  • 公元1420年,明朝將京城由南京遷至北京,同時大興土木,在四個主要方位修建一些向神明祈禱的建築。
    When China’s imperial1 court moved from Nanjing to Beijing during the Ming Dynasty in 1420, sites were required for supplication to the gods.

  • 和「奧運」大異其趣的是,「世運」並不會要求主辦城市大興土木建造新的運動設施,而是鼓勵善用現有設備。
    Unlike the Olympics, the World Games do not require the host city to build new facilities, but encourage it to make use of existing venues.

  • 但是四川好幾個不同地區的教學樓、醫院和工廠的倒塌可能增加在中國大興土木的階段如何強制進行抗震代碼管理。
    But the collapse of schools, hospitals and factories in several different areas around Sichuan may raise questions about how rigorously such codes have been enforced during China’s epic building boom.

  • 康熙三十年〔公元1691年〕,高孟回到故裡,大興土木,在甘州城內〔今民主西街西端〕修建瞭富麗堂皇的總兵府。
    Thirty years of Emperor Kangxi in 1691 AD 〔〕, high Meng Back home, literally, in the city GANZHOU 〔〕 the western end of this democratic West built magnificentzong bing House.

  • 按柏拉圖的描繪,王宮建成後,每位繼位者都會大興土木,對王宮進行改造,直到王宮的華麗和精致達到令人瞠目結舌的地步。
    Plato described by the palace built, each successor, who will construct and renovate the palace. the gorgeous and refined until the palace reached staggering proportions.

  • 三年前,雷鋒故居周圍的土地突然大興土木,隨後建起一座座別墅,到現在為止,別墅群已經形成瞭規模,把雷鋒故居包圍起來。
    Three years ago, the land around the old Lei Feng suddenly large, and then built a villas, up to now, has been formed size villas, the Lei Feng old buildings together.

  • 研究顯示在雨林被鏟除開墾的初期,當地小區的生活質量的確得到迅速的改善,但在大興土木、資源耗盡之後,生活質量則相對下降。
    The research showed that the quality of life for local communities improved quickly when a forest is first cleared, but decline sets in once the boom ends and resources dry up.

  • 但凡作為奧運會的主辦者,沒有不大興土木的,然而,作為籌劃者,當初最費心思的莫過於對奧運工程的總體謀劃和後期對工程的精心實施瞭。
    whenever the Olympic Games as host, no large, however, as planned, at the most difficulty for the Olympic Games is the overall planning and engineering works meticulously to late.

  • 能源部門是少數幾個預計要大興土木的英國部門之一,因此很可能也是引發更多的此類不滿憤恨相互攻咭的是非地之一(另一個是2012年奧運會)。
    Energy is one of the few sectors set for a construction boom in Britain, and is thus one arena where more of such grievances are likely to be fought out (the 2012 Olympics is another).

  • 安陽早在公元前14世紀就被定為都城。當時,商代的第20代國王盤庚把國都遷於殷(今河南安陽小屯村)。商代統治者大興土木,使殷成為一座古代大都。
    Anyang was designated as a capital as early as the 14th century BC, when the 20th king of the Shang Dynasty, Pangeng, moved the capital to Yin (today’s Xiaotun village, Anyang City, Henan province).

  • 但這並不是因為我們需要像修鐵路一樣大興土木,造大人國裡的工程。也不是因為我們需要這樣一個值得誇耀的“大傢夥”來給外國人留下印象;也不是因為國傢隊需要一個固定的主場。
    It’s not because we need a Brobdingnagian structure we can see from the train, or because we need a large concrete boast to impress foreigners, or because the football team need a stable home.

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