天下太平  tiān xià tài píng








  • 天下太平, 萬民樂業。
    The country is at peace and the people go merrily to their work.

  • 現在的世界還遠遠不能說是天下太平
    The world today is far from peaceful.

  • 每個小事情造成天下太平
    cause every little thing gonna be all right!

  • 峰上還有講經石,上鐫“天下太平”四字。
    There are stone-Jiang Jing, on Juan “Tianxiataiping” words.

  • 每個小事情天下太平。不該擔心!不該擔心!
    Every little thing gonna be all right.

  • 用來祭拜天地的祭壇,上書「天下太平」四字。
    An altar used for offerings to Heaven and Earth is headed “peace to All Under Heaven. “”

  • 我希望天下太平
    I have a wish for peace.

  • 中國人始終希望天下太平,希望同各國人民友好相處。
    Chinese people long for peace of world and wish all nation of world get alone well.

  • 中國人民始終希望天下太平,希望各國人民友好相處。
    The Chinese people are always hoping that the world is at peace and people of all nations will coexist friendlily.

  • 中國人民總是希望天下太平,希望全世界人民和平相處。
    The Chinese people are always looking forward to global peace and friednship among all nations.

  • 看看別的夫妻過得天下太平,自己過得如此辛苦,梁紅心灰意冷。
    See other spouse pass the world is too smoothly, oneself pass so hard, bridge hearts grey desire is cold.

  • 心愛天下太平如己命是偉人、品質高尚的人,愛的方式有多樣,您懂嗎?
    Don’t you think that a person who loves people and the peace of the world just like his life is great and noble?

  • 陪老婆看電影,沒想到看瞭部男人的電影。*兄弟情、手足義對天下太平的遠大理想。
    If you are a movie fans who wants to see a refined, artifical movie, then you can pass it.

  • 於是便有瞭一種論調:占領軍一走,也就沒有鬥爭的理由瞭(或:也就天下太平瞭)。
    If the occupiers left, or so the argument went, so would the reason for fighting.

  • 但是儒與佛都建立在這個基礎上,這樣才能真正做到社會和睦、四海一傢、天下太平
    The remembrance of our ancestors is the foundation of Confucianism and Buddhism, which is the source of harmony in society and peace in the world.

  • 即使明天就天下太平瞭,人民仍無法忘記上星期發生的事情,擔心類似的動蕩還會重演。
    Even if things are resolved tomorrow, you cannot forget what has happened in the last week and whether it will repeat itself.

  • 我是說,如果故事是那種“敵寇敗盡,天下太平”的類型,讓男性作為領導者當然更好。
    I mean, if it’s a story like, “everything will be fine once we defeat him, ” it’s better to have a male as a lead.

  • 事實上,早在中心11號文件下發後便有人認為從此天下太平,開始對耕地保護高枕無憂。
    In fact, after 11 files allot early centrally somebody thinks from now on the world peace and tranquility, begin to protect have nothing worry about to farmland.

  • 在廣東人的意識中,隻要國傢不亂天下太平,多撈點銀紙比什麼都重要,也比什麼都安全。
    In the consciousness of Cantonese, want a state only peace and tranquility of not random the world, than what paper of the much silver that gain a point is important, than what safe also.

  • 遊戲介紹:由各路領袖參與的決定勝負的遊戲,如果國傢紛爭也能用遊戲豈不就天下太平!!
    These people illustrate : the leaders who decide the outcome of the game. State disputes will also be able to play ift broken ! !

  • 我像一個笨蛋,蜷縮進自己的身軀,閉上眼睛,逃避著所有,以為什麼都不去想就可以天下太平
    I’m not such a girl who would escape when faced with difficulty. I’m not, never, .

  • 太平鐘樓由“警鐘長鳴,天下太平”而得名,敲響 4 噸重的大鐘,您便可以體味吉祥永伴的感覺。
    Taiping Bell Tower gets its name from “Always sounds the alarm, millennium is across the land. ” You can enjoy the feeling of perpetual companion of good luck while ring the bell of weight 4-ton.

  • 幃子燈,樣式與萬民傘相近,頂部固定一盞藝術燈,並飾有彩花,用幃子燈組成“天下太平”等字樣或花樣。
    Sub-tent lights, umbrella style and the people close to the top of a fixed art lights and decorated with color flowers, tent with the composition of sub-light “fine” and other words or patterns.

  • 但是儒學被定於一尊之後,社會的情形並不像儒傢原來想象的那樣美好,並沒有出現大道一行,天下太平的效果。
    However, Confucianism has been scheduled for a later, the lunwen114community is not like the original Confucian thought of as beautiful, and not his party’s Road, fine.

  • 當有一天你自動放棄武力,你就完瞭。當然瞭,如果僅僅是和平集會遊行就能夠對抗惡性暴力,那麼就真的天下太平瞭。
    Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined… O sir, we should have fine times, indeed, if to punish tyrants, it were only sufficient to assemble the people!

  • 一進肇興侗寨的第一座鼓樓是信團鼓樓,該樓有一副永久性的對聯:“鼓樂聲聲雄震當今盛世,樓閣巍巍謳歌天下太平。”
    And there is a couplet on the XintuanGulou Building with the words saying, “the sound of Gulou buildings can shock the world and the momentum of the its pavilions add the peace to the world.”

  • 貧富對立,歷來是個嚴重的社會問題,亦向為人所津津樂道。遠古時代是共產共食,肚皮吃飽天下太平,雖赤身裸體也纖毫無妨。
    Fast ancient is to be produced in all feed in all, belly is satiate the world peace and tranquility, although take also fine is without hamper.

  • 不,那是真的,毛主席慈祥的特大號肖像畫懸掛在那面象征著“天下太平”的墻上,建於15世紀的城樓之下是通往紫禁城的入口。
    No, it’s real all right—an enormous portrait of a benevolent Chairman Mao dominating a wall of the “Gate of Heavenly Peace, ” a 15th-century towered entrance to the Forbidden City.

  • 但是如今,統一後的德國並非天下太平。盡管在過去15年間,原東德地區獲得瞭巨額補貼,但在經濟上,它仍然落後於原西德地區。
    But it is an uneasy unity today, with the former east still lagging behind the west economically, despite receiving huge subsidies over the last 15 years.

  • 是鳥也,飲食自然,自歌自舞,見則天下安寧。”②《異物志》也說:“其鳥五色成文,丹喙赤頭,頭上有冠,鳴曰天下太平,王者有道則見。”
    There are bird behavior, and its like a chicken, colorful and the text, Phoenix fine-sounding name. is also a bird, eating a natural, since the songs from the dance, see the world peace.

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