奇恥大辱  qí chǐ dà rǔ







  • 目前的排名簡直是奇恥大辱!!
    The rank the moment just is such a humiliating disgrace! ! !

  • 約翰又一次輸給瞭傑克。真是奇恥大辱
    John was beaten by Jack again. Oh, what a crying shame!

  • 約翰又一次輸給瞭傑克。真是奇恥大辱!…
    John was beaten by Jack again. Oh, what a crying shame!

  • 它認為這是奇恥大辱,難過得整天愁眉苦臉。
    It thought that was a great shame and had a worried look  on his face all the day.

  • 我們犯瞭一個很很糟的錯誤,這是個奇恥大辱
    It’s a howling shame that we’ve made a terrible mistake.

  • 然而他是那麼謙虛和友好,輸給他也不是什麼奇恥大辱
    And yet he was so humble and decent that there became no shame to lose to him.

  • 他似乎從聲明中讀到瞭一種奇恥大辱,一下子大發雷霆。
    He seemed to read a deep insult into the statement and became very angry.

  • 聖堂武士階層,特別是狂熱者們時刻被這奇恥大辱恥辱激怒著。
    The Templar caste as a whole, and the zealots in particular, seethe with shame at this dishonor.

  • 醫院由於缺乏工作人員不得不關閉一些病房,我認為那是一種奇恥大辱
    I think it’s a crying shame that hospitals have to close some of their wards through lack of staff.

  • 遠有列強侵犯奴役民族的奇恥大辱,近有獨立自主神舟系列的揚眉吐氣……。
    far there are violations of the powers of the national humiliation of slavery, there are almost independent of the Shenzhou series of proud …….

  • 反對首先來自男人,因為把錢借給他們的妻子,對他們而言簡直就是奇恥大辱
    Opposed to first come from men, because of the money loaned to their wives, for them it is a great insult.

  • 檢調必須合力將洗錢案辦出個結果來,才能共同洗刷這個司法界空前的奇恥大辱
    Prosecutors and investigators must work together to uncover the truth behind the money laundering case. Only the truth can purge our justice system of this unprecedented black mark against its honor.

  • 老兵的兒子感到奇恥大辱,便嚎啕大哭起來,嘴裡還不住的叫罵著:“你是小偷!
    The boy was greatly humiliated and sobbed wildly with dirty words, “You the thief!”

  • 它使許多漢族士人產生一種天塌地陷、亡國滅種的戰保,一種從未有過的奇恥大辱
    It made a lot of the Han nationality intellectual produce one kind of the disgrace and the fear, one kind ruining the state and destroying the race had never had.

  • 被告知在美利堅合眾國,一本書的出售成為被調查的對象,而且是刑事調查。我如蒙奇恥大辱
    I am mortified to be told that, in the United States of America, the sale of a book can become a subject of inquiry, and of criminal inquiry too.

  • 我們總是裝出知識淵博的樣子,非常擔心我們的無知有朝一日大白於天下,為我們帶來奇恥大辱
    We strive to look knowledgeable and are terrified that the scale of our ignorance will one day be found out and massive humiliation will follow.

  • 有兩位新聞攝影人士遭到瞭歹徒的襲擊,他們的像機也被打碎瞭。他們受到如此虐待實是奇恥大辱
    Two news photographers were attacked by the mob, and their cameras were smashed. It is disgraceful that they were so maltreated.

  • 原是一名編劇,曾寫作百老匯的著名戲劇《奇恥大辱》(1929)和《曼哈頓之子》(1931)。
    Initially a playwright, he wrote the Broadway hits Strictly Dishonorable (1929) and Child of Manhattan (1931).

  • 讓法國官兵搶先到達茨奈姆,就意味著一定會使全軍遭受烏爾姆戰役之類的奇恥大辱,或者使全軍覆沒。
    To allow the French to get to Znaim before him would mean exposing the whole army to a disgrace like that of the Austrians at Ulm, or to complete destruction.

  • 但基於目前的狀況考慮,我們機長認為強迫一位乘客坐在另一位令人惡心的乘客旁是敝公司的奇恥大辱
    However, given the circumstances, the captain feels that it would be scandalous to make someone sit next to someone so disgusting.

  • 但基於目前的狀況考量,我們機長認為強迫一位乘客坐在另一位令人惡心的乘客旁是敝公司的奇恥大辱
    However, given the circumstances, the captain feels that it scandalous to make someone sit next to someone so disgusting.

  • 但基於目前的狀況考量,我們機長認為強迫一位乘客坐在另一位令人惡心的乘客旁是敝公司的奇恥大辱�?
    However, given the circumstances, the captain feels that it scandalous to make someone sit next to someone so disgusting.

  • 恐怖分子在九月十一日襲擊美國本土,奪走瞭許多無辜的人的性命,這不幸的事件對美國無疑是奇恥大辱
    It was really unfortunate that America was shamed on Sep 11 through the sacrifice of so many innocent lives.

  • 孔子的待遇與紅衛兵時代大相徑庭,那時全國批孔,其後代被掘墓(這對任何中國人來說都是奇恥大辱)。
    This is a far cry from the days when Confucius was reviled in national campaigns and his descendants’ graveyard was ripped up by Red Guards (the ultimate humiliation for any Chinese).

  • 百曉生在兵器譜上,將他的銀就列名第五,在別人說來已是種光榮,但在他這種人說來,卻一定會認是奇恥大辱
    Bai XiaoSheng ranked his Silver Marquis Halberd number five in the Book of Weapons. To others, this might be a glorious thing. To him, it’s an absolute shame.

  • 師長和其他高級軍官都得以逃脫,但是回去之後就受到調查和降職處分,在中國人眼裡,這是志願軍的一個奇恥大辱
    The division commander and other high ranking officers escaped, but they were investigated and demoted back home. In the eyes of many Chinese, this was a shame in CCF history.

  • 一個民族為瞭發展經濟而提出這樣的口號,這實在是奇恥大辱,賣淫嫖娼毒化瞭社會道德風尚,傷害的又 豈止是一代少女?
    In order to develop the economy of a nation and to make such a slogan, it is a great insult, prostitution poisoned the social morality, harm is not limited to generation of girls?

  • 杜史林他們一傢就是巫師所說的馬格人,(在他們的血管中沒有絲毫的神奇血統。)並且對他們而言,傢裡有一個巫師簡直就是奇恥大辱
    The Dursleys were what wizards called Muggles (not a drop of magical blood in their veins), and as far as they were concerned, having a wizard in the family was a matter of deepest shame.

  • 我的勇士們!一個以吃敗仗為傢常便飯的民族,一個對軍事一無所知的民族,一個連弓矢都沒有的民族,竟要列隊阻擊你們,這是不是奇恥大辱
    Is it not, therefore, shameful that a people accustomed to be conquered, a people ignorant of war, a people even without arrows, should proceed in order of battle against you, my brave men?

  • 文化因素使得債務的社會影響更為惡化。比如說,韓國人講義氣,親戚朋友若遇到債務問題,他們總覺得自己有責任伸出援手。另外,韓國人把破產當成奇恥大辱
    The social impact of debt has been worsened by cultural factors, such as the obligation that Koreans feel for the debts of their friends of relatives and the stigma attached to personal bankruptcy.

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