安安穩穩  ān ān wěn wěn







  • 把旗桿安安穩穩地插在座孔裡
    firm a flagpole in its socket

  • 該村莊安安穩穩地坐落在山谷底。
    The village snuggles at the bottom of the valley.

  • 他已能安安穩穩地回到人群中去。
    He could return tranquilly among men.

  • 叫她幹嗎?讓她安安穩穩地睡覺吧。
    What would you call her for? Let her sleep in peace.

  • 但是我知道,人活著要安安穩穩、踏踏實實。
    But I do know that we should live a practical and solid life.

  • 我想的是我們的離開能讓他的傢人安安穩穩的生活。
    I thought the point of leaving was to let his family live in peace.

  • 老大要是安安穩穩訓練,啥都不說,那就不是老大瞭。
    I just want to tell you both good luck. We’re all counting on you.

  • 但是為什麼?之前你可是安安穩穩在這裡工作瞭5年。
    But why? You’ve worked here for 5 years without any problems before.

  • 難道這些安安穩穩住在小區裡的人比災民們更加需要嗎?
    Do the residents there need it more than those refugees?

  • 安安穩穩地回答說:“聖母,是啊,先生,是二十三個法郎。”
    She replied, with assurance:– “Good gracious, yes, sir, it is twenty-three francs.”

  • 為什麼晚上能做那麼多事情,我並非個能人,我隻希望能安安穩穩睡一覺。
    A girl said: I am so tried, I want to sleep without dream.

  • 動力之一是通過按部就班、安安穩穩地承擔各種義務而為將來打造一個牢靠的基礎。
    One is to build a firm, safe structure for the future by making strong commitments, to “be set.”

  • 另一方面會讓他們越來越無法滿足於原來安安穩穩的婚姻狀況,希望謀求新的變化。
    Can let them cannot be satisfied at smooth and steady before marital status more and more on the other hand, hope seek changes newly.

  • 他在中年時期已是一位頗為成功的種植園主,足以過上安安穩穩、舒舒服服的好日子。
    In his middle age he seemingly had everything needed in life to settle down, and live a comfortable life of a successful planter.

  • 隻有在美國,一個億萬富翁才能像普通老百姓那樣安安穩穩過日子(而不受到非議)。
    Only in America can a billionaire carry on like plain folks and get away with it.

  • 父親是個老實人,在一傢中日合資的企業工作,為人踏踏實實,隻求日子過的安安穩穩
    His father was a simple and honest man, in a China-Japan joint venture enterprise, people get, just days before Ann established a firm.

  • 而女人,隻要選個好郎君就可以安安穩穩過一生瞭,哪怕是做老二或容忍老二分一杯羹。
    and a woman, as long as the election of a good Langjun An An will be able to secure over the life , So even the second or tolerate a share of second.

  • 如果您在市場中持有資金,那割肉的時候到瞭;或者,您有安安穩穩坐等經濟恢復的本事。
    Baby If you do hold money in the market you need to decide if it is time to crystallize your losses, or if you have the stomach to sit tight and hope for a recovery.

  • 本想這樣安安穩穩過下去的他卻遭遇一個打擊——企業政策性大變動,他和愛人雙雙下崗。
    This wanting so smooth and steady he what go down too encounters a blow however — upheaval of company policy sex, he and come off sentry duty of sweetheart in pairs.

  • 如果您在市場中持有資金,那割肉的時候到瞭;或者,您有安安穩穩坐等經濟恢復的本事。
    If you do hold money in the market you need to decide if it is time to crystallise your losses, or if you have the stomach to sit tight and hope for a recovery.

  • 人每天安安穩穩、平安無事地打它旁邊走過,並不懷疑會發生什麼意外,有時甚至會忘記身邊的這樣東西。
    You pass close to them every day, peaceably and with impunity, and without a suspicion of anything. A moment arrives when you forget that the thing is there.

  • 能夠安安穩穩渡過青春期,阿曼達全都歸功於她的父母:「他們不太計較芝麻小事,但是他們總是非常開明。
    Amanda credits her parents for her relatively easy ride through adolescence. “My parents didn’t sweat the small stuff, ” she says. “They were always very open.

  • 玫瑰花叢清理幹凈後,麗芮爾看見瞭一個厚厚的橡木井蓋,直徑約八英尺,安安穩穩的嵌在一圈灰白色的石頭裡。
    Once the rose vines were cleared away, Lirael saw a circular wooden cover of thick oak planks, about eight feet in diameter, set securely inside a low ring of pale white stones.

  • 不一會,奧比萬就和渙然一新的盧克站到瞭全息放映機前。盧克吮吸著父親的通訊器,安安穩穩地坐在奧比萬的胳膊上。
    A little while later, Obi-Wan and a decidedly clean up Luke stood before the holo projector. Luke was sucking on his father’s coming, safe in Obi-Wan’s arms.

  • 自行尋找一個清靜之所不是很好麼,像現在這個樣子,她怎麼能安安穩穩的修心養性,不過是給寺裡多添瞭個景點和噱頭。
    If she really wants to give up sth, and choose a quite life, why does she tells all the world where to find she?I don’t like her choice.

  • 雷納下個賽季在安菲爾德的位置不再是安安穩穩的瞭,卡森勢必會向他發起挑戰,然而雷納承認,自己非常期望這樣的挑戰。
    Pepe Reina has admitted he is relishing the challenge of battling for the goalkeeping position at Anfield with Scott Carson this season.

  • 盡管大多時候你們傾向於誦讀詩歌,但仍能抽出時間安安穩穩地坐在電視機旁觀看你們生動的靈魂伴侶——《辛普森一傢》。
    Although more inclined to be found in poetry readings, you can still find time to settle down to watch your animated soul mate, the Simpsons.

  • “要是你不安安穩穩坐著,我們可得綁住你瞭,”貝茜說,“艾博特小姐,把你的襪帶借給我,我那付會被她一下子繃斷的。”
    “If you don’t sit still, you must be tied down, ” said Bessie. “Miss Abbot, lend me your garters; she would break mine directly. ”

  • 接著,臉部表情恢復到常態,然後你提供一句臺詞,你的演員理解這一點的時候,你就能安安穩穩當個導演瞭,他們會想狗一樣跟著你。
    My whole life … . ” Then, the face regains life, and you create the line. The moment your actors understand this, you’re on safe ground as a director. They’ll follow you like a dog.”

  • 鍾立文和李柏翹自警察學院畢業後正式成為軍裝警察。柏翹希望自己的警察事業可以安安穩穩,立文則希望可以被調到重案組幫忙破大案。
    Zhong Liwen and Li Boqiao become patrol policemen after graduating from the Police Training School. Liwen aspires to crack big cases while Boqiao just wants a smooth career.

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