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  • 你們知道,寄人籬下的生活是不好受的。
    You know the bitter taste of living under somebody else’s thumb.

  • 小黑羊過著寄人籬下的日子,經常傷心落淚。
    Small Hei Yang lives ovine life, often sad weep.

  • 簡。愛生存在一個父母雙亡,寄人籬下的環境。
    SR. Loving parents died in a survival, dependent environment.

  • 但是他卻是完全寄人籬下,所以自己連一個錢都沒有。
    He was in such absolute dependence as to be without a farthing of his own.

  • 出於他那寄人籬下的地位,他不得不屈服於她的計劃。
    He feels himself obliged from his dependent situation to give in to her schemes.

  • 但是他卻是完全寄人籬下,所以自己連一個錢都沒有。
    He is a man having neither credit nor reserve, nor a single farthing in his possession.

  • 可我既沒受到贊揚也沒受到貶低,因為我不寄人籬下
    I have never been praised nor belittled; I am below no one.

  • 多年來您寄人籬下,連一張屬於自己的床都沒有,誰真正收留瞭您?
    You’ve been living off others for years now, and you don’t even have a bed to call your own.

  • 我們寄人籬下仰人鼻息的日子以及我們做外國學徒的時代也該結束瞭。
    Our day of dependence, our long apprenticeship to the learning of other lands, draws to a close.

  • 隨著中日勢力在朝鮮半島的角逐,華商經歷瞭由天朝上民到寄人籬下的起落。
    With the rivalry between Chinese and Japanese forces on the Korean Peninsula, overseas Chinese merchants experienced the process of ups and downs.

  • 寄人籬下、白手起傢和中年改行,無論對誰來說都是不小的心理挑戰和能力挑戰。
    Jirenlixia, middle-aged and diverted to start from scratch, no matter who is not a small challenge and mental ability to challenge.

  • 寄人籬下,畢竟不能在人前大搖大擺,藏在暗處可偷得安逸。這是貓的生存哲學。
    Living under people’s roof, you can’t cat walk. Low profile allows an easy life-cat’s philosophy.

  • 吳先生是京城的一傢報社的記者,以前租住在一傢農民的平房裡,感覺有點寄人籬下
    Mr Ng is a newspaper reporter recently, a peasant cottage in the previous rental, feeling a bit one were destitute.

  • 羅伯特沒有地方住,因此他去和他女朋友的父母呆在一起,結果他真的是寄人籬下瞭。
    Robert had nowhere to live so he went to stay with hi girlfriend’s parents and he’s really got his feet under the table.

  • 此刻她深深體會到寄人籬下的滋味,第一次認識到自己在傢裡是如何受到親人的寵愛。
    She felt her exile deeply, and for the first time in her life, realized how much she was beloved and petted at home.

  • 安分守己的站立在馬路的兩旁,卑躬屈膝的寄人籬下,或則戰戰兢兢的躲在公園的角落。
    Know one’s standing in the road on both sides, groveling Jirenlixia, or the fears that hide in the corner of the park.

  • 然而由於貧富的不等、地位的差別,使這位從小寄人籬下的傢庭女教師,不敢敞開心扉。
    Whereas the difference in property and status prevented the female tutor who had always depended on others for a living open her heart to him.

  • 小姨把她撫養長大,寄人籬下的感覺讓她一直有一個飛翔的夢,天藍水碧,像鳥一樣舞蹈。
    The experience of her being a dependant ever since she was a little child makes her have a dream of flying like a bird in the blue sky and over the clear water.

  • 自小被母親遺棄,寄人籬下,為生存養成卑躬屈膝,奉迎他人,卻又急切想揚眉吐氣的性格。
    Suave, witty and eloquent. The abandonment by his mother since young cultivated in him the tendency to kowtow to others, but is impatient to prove his worth.

  • 約翰.達什伍德夫人如今當上瞭諾蘭莊園的女主人,她的婆母和小姑們反而落到寄人籬下的境地。
    Mrs. John Dashwood now installed herself mistress of Norland; and her mother and sisters-in-law were degraded to the condition of visitors.

  • 但天無絕人之路,她的一位同事正好出國,她和愛人便先借住在她同事傢裡,過起瞭寄人籬下的生活。
    But days never were road, her colleague is leaving, she and my colleagues will first have sought sanctuary in her home, Guo played one were destitute life.

  • 兒童被不稱職的父親賣掉,孤兒被保護人賣掉,寄人籬下或被嫌棄的親戚也會被不願在贍養他們的人賣掉。
    Children were bought from worthless fathers, orphans from their guardians, dependent or undesirable relatives from families weary of supporting them.

  • 瑪麗亞公爵小姐生動地想象佈裡安小姐的處境,近來她離開自己的親人,而同時又得依靠她,過著寄人籬下的生活。
    Princess Marya pictured vividly to herself Mademoiselle Bourienne’s position, estranged from her of late, though dependent on her, and living among strangers.

  • 在她交好運的時期裡,正如在她過去寄人籬下的日子裡一樣,不論她走到哪兒,她仿佛把陽光和歡樂也隨身帶去瞭。
    In her better fortunes, as in her old days of dependence, wherever she went she seemed to take sunshine and gladness with her.

  • 在過去寄人籬下的日子裡,她習慣於帶著道森傢的孩子們在鄉村裡長途漫遊,三英裡的路程,她覺得是算不瞭什麼的。
    Dawson’s children in her old days of dependence, and she thought very little of a distance of three miles.

  • 我母親在北京寄人籬下,靠給街道上編織塑料網袋,每月掙十來塊錢生活,我沒有面皮再向她老人傢要求寄什麼東西。
    My mother depended on others for living in Beijing, she just got about RMB10. 00 every month for weaving plastic tuck nets, I could not ask her to give me anything.

  • 馬切爾訓練有素的註意力一開始就認出這年輕女人是一位有自尊心的寄人籬下者,她的自尊心會使她痛苦,但是不會使她發怒。
    the young woman in whom Marcher’s expert attention had recognised from the first a dependent with a pride that might ache though it didn’t bristle.

  • 對於掌控人生你有著強烈的願望,並且是個非常獨立並不太願意寄人籬下工作的人,這可能會在你年輕的時候帶來一定的問題。
    You have a great need to be in control of your life You are very independent and do not like working under someone, which can create problems while you are young.

  • 我明白,如果我是一個聰明開朗、漂亮頑皮、不好侍候的孩子,即使同樣是寄人籬下,同樣是無親無故,裡德太太也會對我的處境更加寬容忍讓;
    I know that had I been a sanguine, brilliant, careless, exacting, handsome, romping child- though equally dependent and friendless- Mrs. Reed would have endured my presence more complacently;

  • 她年幼失去雙親,寄人籬下的日子飽受饑寒交迫,還需要做許許多多的傢務。有一天,小女孩決定逃離傢園,有一個好心的爺爺把她帶瞭回傢。雖然爺爺很窮,但他讓她吃得飽,也讓她上學去。
    A little orphanage girl was runaway from the home as the relatives treated her badly, an old man brought her home, gave her proper food and education, even though he is very poor.

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