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  • 但生活不是童話完美的結局寥寥可數
    But life isn’t a fairy tale and happy endings are few and far between .

  • 二十世紀初,有大學學位的婦女寥寥可數
    In the early 1900s , few women earned college degrees .

  • 馬來西亞街頭的書報攤,華文雜志寥寥可數
    Few Chinese magazines can be found on the newsstands in Malaysia.

  • 每次表演結束,還能自己動彈的鐵武士寥寥可數
    By the end of his shows, only a few iron beasts still move.

  • 每次表演結束,還能自己動彈的鐵武士就寥寥可數瞭。
    By the end of his shows, only a few iron beasts still move.

  • 環顧各行業,亦隻有寥寥可數的公司能取得這樣的成績。
    Looking at various industries, only very few companies can achieve such results.

  • 34年前,這裡一鏟子的泥土裡就算有蚯蚓,也寥寥可數
    Thirty-four years ago only a few earthworms, if any, could be found in a spadeful of his soil.

  • 但是,記者從多傢房地產經紀公司獲悉,簽訂補充協議的寥寥可數
    However, the reporter learned from the many real estate brokerage companies, signed supplementary agreement few.

  • 盡管我們現在還是會崇拜樹神,但如果這些人真的存在,也是寥寥可數
    We still do it today, though few, if any, of us worship tree gods.

  • 然而,對於這個領域的研究還沒有引起足夠的重視,出版的研究寥寥可數
    However, the study of cuisine has not been taken seriously and published researches of this field are countable.

  • 目前,公開支持種族隔離的聲音寥寥可數,民意調查者也無需提及這個問題。
    Today, open support for segregation is so rare that pollsters no longer bother to ask the question.

  • 香港似乎除瞭旅遊之外,什麼都沒有瞭,應該說香港本土的產品已經是寥寥可數
    Hong Kong seems to have nothing left but tourism. It can be said that you can count Hong Kong products on one hand.

  • 切爾西在兩隊的過往戰績中占優,利物浦在斯坦福橋球場獲勝的次數更是寥寥可數
    Chelsea occupies superiorly in two teams passing successes, Liverpool the number of times which wins in the Standford bridge field is very few may count.

  • 在各國的直升機中2噸級左右的輕型直升機份額佔有量為45%,而中國寥寥可數
    In countries around the helicopter in the 2-ton share of the light helicopters for the 45 percent share, while China’s few and far between.

  • 病人團體和互聯網的幫助,以便把這些病患者接觸研究,但正式的渠道,是寥寥可數
    Patient groups and the Internet are helping to put these sufferers in touch with researchers, but formal channels are few and far between.

  • 奇怪的是數部荷理活的大制作都隻得到寥寥可數的票數。它們包括《時光兇間》、《E。
    What is surprising is that all big budget Hollywood films got very few votes, including “Time Machine”, “E.

  • 與10年前一張新歌專輯過百萬的銷量相比,如今的新歌專輯銷量能過萬的都寥寥可數
    10 years ago with a new song album sales of more than a million compared to today’s new song album sales to over a million are few and far between.

  • 中國的載人宇宙飛船的發射,使中國成為寥寥可數的可以發射載人飛船的國傢,楊利偉的成功。
    China launches manned spacecraft, making China the very few countries that can launch a manned spacecraft, Yang Liweis success.

  • 隻是人類長生不老的結果,沒有新生的一代,到今天,學校裡隻剩下高年級,學生也寥寥可數瞭。
    But the result of immortality meant that there was no new generation. Today, only older students remained in school and even they were few in number.

  • 如果你等著靈感砸你臉上,你的工作會議將寥寥可數,與其等待,不如機械地啟動你的創造發動機。
    If you wait for inspiration to slap you in the face, your work sessions will be few and far between. Instead of waiting, start your creative motor mechanically.

  • 當然,在這18年的發展中,深圳主題公園的確存在著不少的問題,為人所知的主題公園寥寥可數
    Certainly, in these 18 years development, the Shenzhen subject park indeed has many problems, the subject park which the manner knows very few may count.

  • 試想像一下,果實累累、大片大片的田野正等候工人來采摘,可惜做工的人卻寥寥可數,你願意伸出援助之手嗎?
    to send out workers into his harvest field. ” Imagine acres and acres of ripened fruit ready to be picked, and yet the workers are few. Will you help?”

  • 現場的銷售人員告訴記者,目前咨詢試乘試駕的消費者比較多,但交錢訂車的人寥寥可數,大多數人隻是關註而已。
    Sales staff at the scene told reporters that the current Advisory trial run a test drive of more consumers, but to pay for the car were very few, most people only concerned about it.

  • 如果你的球隊沒有一個圍繞你來打造的戰術體系,而是讓球星的個人發揮來解決戰鬥,那麼你連助攻的機會都寥寥可數
    If you’re on a team that isolates and gives it up to the stars, you’re not even going to get the attempts.

  • 如果你的球隊沒有一個圍繞你來打造的戰術體系,而是讓球星的個人發揮來解決戰鬥,那麼你連助攻的機會都寥寥可數
    Most systems that are built for the assist will boost a player’s numbers. But the good/great ones can make those extra plays that get them a few more assists per game.

  • 對網路服務供應商來說,他們往往不太願意在人煙稀少的地區進行網路佈線,因為裝設後可能隻有寥寥可數的網路用戶,導致不敷成本。
    Internet service providers, for their part, have been reluctant to provide access to sparsely populated areas. The handful of Internet subscribers they would reach wouldn’t justify the expense.

  • 在以色列議會的17次委員會中,此次議會的後排議員寥寥可數,根本無法在票數上取得優勢,因為太多的聯合政府成員身居部長或副部長要職。
    With so many coalition members serving as ministers and deputy ministers, there will be too few backbenchers to give the government majorities in all of the Knesset’s 17 committees.

  • 在此,一個經濟體經常被比作一臺機器,其邏輯結論在於:如同任何一臺機器,經濟總要從其外部攝取能量。然而接受這一理論的經濟學傢卻是寥寥可數
    An economy is often likened to a machine, though few economists follow the parallel to its logical conclusion: like any machine the economy must draw energy from outside itself.

  • 但對於絕大多數的平頭百姓和非神職人員來說,自中世紀以來,英語除瞭寥寥可數的“先生”、“博士”或“教授”之類的選擇外, 就沒有什麼正式的敬語。
    But for the vast majority of commoners and lay people, English has since the middle ages had no formal honorific speech beyond sparse choices such as “Mr”, “Dr” or “Professor”.

  • 目前,成人第二語言的內隱學習已有一些實驗結論,但是兒童第二語言內隱學習的實驗研究還不多見,尤其是國內關於兒童第二語言的內隱學習的研究更是寥寥可數
    At present time, there are certain experimental conclusions set for implicit learning of L2 on adults, but there are few experimental studies of that on children, especially much less in China.

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