將信將疑  jiāng xìn jiāng yí








  • 魏王道:“我有些將信將疑瞭。”
    The king replied that he would not.

  • 胡德一開始將信將疑,但後來信任她瞭。
    Hood was wary but he grew to trust her.

  • 將信將疑地跟著媽媽來到瞭電腦面前。
    I doubt my mother came along in front of a computer.

  • 他跨上馬,將信將疑地說:“感謝上帝。”
    ” Mounting the horse, he said skeptically, ” Praise the Lord.

  • 可是他仍舊將信將疑
    But he was still doubtful.

  • 於是,小鷹將信將疑地隨鷹媽媽來到懸崖邊。
    Thus, the Kitty Hawk with the eagle skeptical mother to come to the cliff edge. Nervous and trembling.

  • 剛開始,周經理是在將信將疑中開始創建活動的。
    At the beginning, in half believing and half Zhoujingli began building activities.

  • 夫妻倆將信將疑–隻有50萬元,怎麼能買得起兩套房?
    Husband and wife half believing and half — only 50 million, how can it be affordable two suites?

  • 秦二世又看瞭看那隻鹿,將信將疑地說:“馬的頭上怎麼會長角呢?”
    The emperor had another look at the deer and said questioningly:”Are there two questioningly on horse’s head?””

  • 雖然有關方面言之鑿鑿地說現在的奶是安全的,但是人們依然將信將疑
    Although the parties concerned said with certainty present’s milk is safe, but the people are still half believing and half doubting.

  • 胡蘋說,醫生動員她們來查病,很是費瞭一番口舌,但她們還將信將疑
    Hu Ping said that the mobilization of doctors to check their patients, it costs a lot of words are, but they also Skeptical.

  • 正當劉濤將信將疑時,對方又發過來一網站,上面有詳細的抽獎活動的介紹。
    When proper Liu Tao is half believing and half doubting, the other side sends one website again, there is the introduction of detailed lottery activity above.

  • 人們對廣告總是將信將疑,害怕廣告會欺騙他們,讓他們買些根本不需要的東西。
    People have always been equivocal about advertising, worrying that it hoodwinks themsintosbuying things they do not need.

  • 楊小姐同大多數初聞試住的消費者一樣,將信將疑地問道:“哪能有這樣的好事?”
    She lived with the majority of consumers in the early Wen ban, half believing and half to asked : “How have such a good thing?”

  • 海老公將信將疑,冷笑道:“你如沒喝湯,幹麼一按左邊肚子,又會痛得這麼厲害?”
    The old eunuch wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not. ‘If you didn’t drink the soup, ‘ he said, ‘how is it that it hurt so badly when you pressed your belly?

  • 女人經常遲到十分鐘以上或不來,並說一些你將信將疑的理由,那你不妨考慮和她分手。
    Women often late for 10 minutes or more, or not, and that some of you Jiangxinqiangyi reasons, you may wish to consider breaking up with her.

  • 據傳該炒傢手頭還有更多新貨準備逐步放出,不少欲購買該樓盤的消費者對此消息將信將疑
    Reported that there were more new products for speculators on gradually shed, a lot of consumers to purchase the property this news half in doubt.

  • 其他國傢對此將信將疑,特別是今年一月,中國曾使用空間導彈擊落瞭一枚屬於自己的廢棄衛星。
    Other nations are less sure, especially after China used a ballistic missile to shoot down one of its own defunct satellites in January this year.

  • 再有,他是在一個十分混亂的時刻告訴我的,那時關於他的種種傳聞我已經到瞭將信將疑的地步。
    Moreover he told it to me at a time of confusion, when I had reached the point of believing everything and nothing about him.

  • 當他們真的見到 時,有幾個還將信將疑。這也難怪他們,因為他們所經歷的每件事都太超乎常理瞭。
    When they then in fact saw Him, a few doubted, all too understandably, because everything they had experienced was too much to handle.

  • 對於這些傳聞,人們將信將疑.他們認為自己受苦受窮是命中註定的,他們無意冒犯任何人,隻求茍且偷安。
    But the people had listened to these rumors with only half an ear; they were poor and fated to be poor; they did not want to fight anybody, they only wanted to be left alone.

  • 人們紛紛憐憫他,撫摸著他的小腦袋說上帝真好—然而,即便到他長大成人,這句贊美仍令他將信將疑
    People pitied him, stroked his head and said God was good, but even as a boy he was not so sure.

  • 甚至我廉價出售的商品都可能使他們將信將疑,然而我的愛心一定能溫暖他們,就像太陽的光芒能溶化冰冷的凍土。
    and even my bargains may cause them suspicion yet my love will melt all hearts liken to the sun whose rays soften the coldest clay.

  • 希拉裡說她第一次看到我時,我正在耶魯大學法學院大廳裡向我將信將疑的同學們吹牛,說霍普鎮的西瓜是如何如何大。
    Hillary says the first time she ever saw me, I was in the Yale Law School lounge bragging to skeptical fellow students about the size of Hope watermelons.

  • 一位謙卑的牧師給你一支祝福權杖,堅持說它被他的神施加瞭魔法。你帶著將信將疑的神態,一言不發地接過瞭他的禮物。
    A humble priest gives you a Wand of Blesses, insisting it was originally enchanted by his god. As unlikely as that is, you say nothing and accept his kind gift.

  • 就在人們對宣傳將信將疑之際,破譯人類基因組30億個化學“字母”的密碼可能對科學、醫學以及對人類的觀念帶來巨大的沖擊。
    Even when the hype is discounted, decoding the 3bn chemical ” letters” of the genome is likely to have a huge impact on science, medicine and our perception of what it means to be human.

  • 就在人們對宣傳將信將疑之際,破譯人類基因組30億個化學“字母”的密碼仍有可能對科學、醫學以及對人類的觀念帶來巨大的沖擊。
    Even when the hype is discounted, decoding the 30 billion chemical “letters” of the genome is likely to have a huge impact on science, medicine and our perception of what it means to be human.

  • 雖然費通尼魅力十足,但奧基一開始就將信將疑——畢竟,基本語裡的“共享機會的商務夥伴”聽上去隱約類似斯沃克斯語裡的“傻瓜”。
    Despite Faytonni’s charm, Oakie was initially suspicious — after all, “mutual opportunity business partners” in Basic sounds uncannily like a Swokes Swokes word for “suckers.

  • 長期以來,中國政府對非政府組織將信將疑,特別是這類海外組織。因為這些組織曾為推翻前南斯拉夫、烏克蘭和格魯吉亞政府的運動提供貸款。
    The Chinese government has long been suspicious of NGOs, especially foreign ones, because of the support some lent to the overthrow of governments in former Yugoslavia, Ukraine, and Georgia.

  • 普雷特將信將疑,但諾德向他保證,由於急需資金,開顏姐妹會已批準文物的出售事宜,不過,為瞭隱瞞姐妹會的窘境,她們不想將此事聲張出去。
    Pratuhr was suspicious but Nod assured him the Sisterhood had authorized the sale to raise desperately needed funds but wanted to keep it quiet to hide their dire situation.

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