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  • 不能依靠史密斯,他少不更事
    Don’t rely on Smith, he’s as green as a gooseberry.

  • 少不更事時期我的判斷幼稚,常犯錯誤。
    During my salad days when I was green in judgement I often blundered.

  • 年幼無知,少不更事,缺乏情感體驗和世道閱歷。
    Young, ignorant, and lack of emotional experience and morals.

  • 他年經時,少不更事,以為人生不過是一盤櫻桃。
    When he was young and still behind the ears, he thought that life was just a bowl of cherries.

  • 以前,是少不更事的小男孩,父母心中的無價之寶。
    Little boy as I was before, Mon and Dad considered me as their most valuable treasure.

  • 我在一天一天的長大, 現在的我亦不像原來那樣少不更事
    I am growing day by day, now that i am no longer fool as before .

  • 回想我那時,年少不更事,每個周六的晚上都和朋友們去跳舞。
    Back in my salad days my friends and I used to go dancing every Saturday night.

  • 6月16日,在印度新德裡,一名少不更事的女孩在泥漿中玩耍。
    A street child plays in a puddle during monsoon rain in New Delhi, India, Monday, June 16, 2008.

  • 遺憾的是,那時我們少不更事的時候,弱智與白癡並存的一段時光。
    Unfortunately, it is born yesterday in that time, the mentally handicapped and a section of idiots time.

  • 在高中少不更事的時期,我脾氣也很暴躁。別擔心,他將來會成熟的。
    I was quick-tempered during my salad days in high school, too. Don’t worry; he will become mature in the future.

  • 這些男孩們真是少不更事,他們還不知道在洪水裡捉魚是多麼危險的事。
    The boys are still wet behind the ears, and they don’t know how dangerous it is to catch in the floods.

  • 年輕人少不更事,不知天高地厚,因此勇赴不可能之事,竟有所成,代代如此。
    The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible —- and achieve it, generation after generation.

  • 位置坐定的官僚和政客根本瞧不上他帶上來的少不更事的當年一同上街的示威者。
    Established bureaucrats and politicians despised the youthful, callow fellow-protesters he brought in with him.

  • 我感激她在那個少不更事的孩子身上付出的時間,我感激她的耐心、體諒和善良。
    I appreciated now how patient, understanding, and kind she was to have spent her time on a little boy.

  • 你仍然是少不更事”有一天,我註意到我兒子正穿著大到可以三個青少年穿的褲子。
    You are still wet behind the ears. ” The other day, I noticed that my son wore giant pants that three teen-agers could occupy.”

  • 那時候,你可以自稱青春期,叛逆時,少不更事,年少無知,初戀我們根本不懂愛情等等。
    At that time, you can consider yourself that you are still in early adolescence and experienceless or you know nothing about love when you pick the green apple…

  • 是的,如果你和網友在短暫的相識後見面,不能掉以輕心,即便對方是一個少不更事的孩子。
    Yup, if you meet up with an internet buddy just after knowing each other, you must not let your guard down, even if it’s a harmless little girl.

  • 永創以一個少不更事的孩童在石油大亨面前搬門弄斧的時候,大傢都無限憐愛的給瞭她長成長的機會!
    When Novel Trading Limited is like a child displaying his slight skills to an expert, everybody gives her endless love and chances to grow.

  • 在那些年裡,收入或少或多,納佐林高高興興地把會費交到堂在他少不更事時期組織的面包店聯合會。
    And all through the years, lean and fat, Nazorine cheerfully paid his dues to the bakery union organized by the Don in his salad days.

  • 當站在講臺上面對那一群少不更事的孩子時,我心裡想到的是,他們是父母的希望,是一個傢庭的未來。
    When stands on the platform the child who few is not experienced facing that group, what I think, they are the hopes of parents, will be a family future.

  • 就這樣,少不更事的麗麗不敢告訴任何人,包括最親近的母親,隻能在恐懼與無助中過著以淚洗面的日子。
    In this way, the Lili Shaobugengshi dare not tell anyone, including the mother of the family, only lived in the fear and helplessness of the day with tears washbasin.

  • 可這些傢長都忘瞭,自己也有青春年少的時候,控制性沖動,有時連大人們都掌握不好,更別提少不更事的孩子瞭。
    But these parents forgot, oneself also have when youth is junior, control sexual impulse, master even old people sometimes bad, more the child that does not raise wet behind the ears.

  • 少不更事的年歲,耳邊常有人說,弄出個孩子來太容易瞭,容易得我甚至必須要保持警惕–不要一不小心當瞭爸爸。
    When I was a teenager, everyone said becoming a parent was easy — so easy, I had to be careful not to do it accidentally.

  • 他年經時,少不更事,以為人生不過是一盤櫻桃。而如今,櫻桃已經爛瞭。——在一輛開往華盛頓的火車上偶然聽到的。
    When he was young and still behind the ears, he thought that life was just a bowl of cherries. Well, they’re sour now. ——Overheard on a washington-bound train.

  • 也許更為有意義的是,我的心開始在某些女孩面前悸動–大約11歲的時候,我對詹妮斯·拉姆開始瞭少不更事的迷戀。
    Perhaps more significantly, my own heart was beginning to flutter in the presence of certain specific girls — I had a crush on Janice Lamb beginning at about age eleven.

  • 一九八四年離開出生地伊朗時,安努榭.安沙利仍少不更事,但在此之前很久,她就常仰望星星,並夢想能和星星近距離旅行。
    Since long before leaving her native Iran as a teenager in 1984, Anousheh Ansari stared at the stars and dreamed of traveling closer to them.

  • 當她從一個少不更事的女學生,轉變為一個的成熟女人–與一個男人有瞭親密關系,並為他征服的女人,而起初她是鄙視他的。
    As she goes from a naïve young student to a mature woman whose physical obsession with a man she despises begins to overwhelm her.

  • 接著四個發言的女人,有三個一開口就談自己的資歷或道歉。「我實在太少不更事瞭,不可能有什麼專長,」23歲的凱特林.派特瑞說。
    Of the next four women who spoke, three started with a qualification or apology. “I’m really too young to be an expert in anything, ” said Caitlin Petre, 23.

  • 另一方面,如果需要制定並執行明智穩妥的政策,民主黨需要利用官僚主義者中的人才,尤其是由於如此之多的新民主黨政客還少不更事
    On the other, it needs to harness bureaucrats’ talents if it is to formulate and carry out sound policy, particularly since so many new DPJ politicians are wet behind the ears.

  • 當我少不更事的時候,我感到自己這麼年輕,對於自我也不是很確定-當時在一所大學校裡面,如果能夠使自己在別人眼中成為一個“問題少年”,我會覺得很有興致。
    When I was a teenager, i felt that i was just young and uncertain-that i was a new boy in a huge school and i would have been very pleased to be regarded as something so interesting as a problem.

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