廬山真面目  lú shān zhēn miàn mù








  • 不識廬山真面目, 隻緣身在此山中。
    The true face of Lushan is lost to my sight, for it is right in this mountain that I reside.

  • 不識廬山真面目,隻緣身在此山中。
    Does not recognize true colors, the only body in this margin in the mountains.

  • 中國不願意展示其潛艇的廬山真面目
    China is coy about its submarines.

  • 莉莉:哈,我真想看看它的廬山真面目
    Lily: Aha, I really want to see its true color.

  • 是時候讓大傢看清我的廬山真面目(真本事)瞭。
    it was time for the world to see my face.

  • 皮特:是啊,我決定是時候讓人看清我的廬山真面目瞭。
    Pete: Yeah, I decided ②it was time for the world to see my face.

  • 我感到替上帝難為情,假使那就是他的廬山真面目的話。
    I feel sorry for God if that is what he looks like.

  • “誰”設我暗友或煩人的朋友,請你“廬山真面目”好嗎?
    “Who” set my friend or disturbing dark, please go “friend”?

  • 第一﹐有關龍川方言面貌的材料不多﹐無法看到其廬山真面目
    Firstly, we do not have much data about Longchuan dialect, so there is little to go on.

  • 那山有時則奮力掙脫開薄霧,這才露出蒼勁,翠綠的廬山真面目來。
    the mountain open and sometimes struggling to get rid of mist, is his bold, true colors to green.

  • 如果他真是一個可憐蟲的話,難道我們會要求他把自己的廬山真面目和盤托出嗎?
    Should we expect him to tell the truth about himself if that truth would show him up as a rather poor sort of fish?

  • 最近一直在聽人推薦這本書,現在終於可以一見其廬山真面目瞭,呵呵!非常感謝!
    I was worrying how to get this book at the time I saw this message , thanks and good job!

  • 記者趁此機會,終於得見這位“房地產大鱷”的廬山真面目,並和許榮茂一聊投資與致富。
    Journalists took the opportunity to finally see this in the “real estate speculators” features, and a better investment and Xurongmao and enrichment.

  • 甭急,記者今天獲悉,北京中央商務區,CBD的總體規劃,馬上就要露出廬山真面目瞭。
    Amounts anxious reporters today learned that the Beijing Central Business District and the CBD master plan, will immediately show features.

  • 其次,“期房包裝過頭,現房露出廬山真面目”是部分項目成現房反而賣不動的第二個原因。
    Secondly, the “faster excessive packaging, Xianfang true colors” is part of the project into the second Xianfang, marketable.

  • 當老師看到我們正在讀書時,老師臉上露出瞭欣慰的笑容,但這並不是我們的“廬山真面目”。
    When the teacher to see when we are reading, teachers face a happy smile, but this is not our “true colors.”

  • 人們說帝王是擬諸上帝的形象而造就的;我感到替上帝難為情,假使那就是他的廬山真面目的話。
    They say king is made in the image of God; I feel sorry for God if that is what he looks like.

  • 對物理學傢、天文學傢和宇宙起源學傢們來說,未來70年的任務就是揭開暗物質的廬山真面目
    The task for the next 70 years is for physicists, astronomers and cosmologists to discover exactly what it is.

  • 人們說帝王是擬諸上帝的形象而造就的;我感到替上帝難為情,假使那就是他的廬山真面目的話。
    They say kings are made in the image of God; I feel sorry for God if that is what he looks like.

  • 我先生和我兩人吃力地爬上山,才得以一窺這種大名鼎鼎花朵的廬山真面目,不過,辛苦是值得的。
    My husband and I viewed the famous flower only after a strenuous hike up a mountain, but it was well worth the effort.

  • 時至今日,這位“冒牌喬佈斯”才現出廬山真面目,真實身份原來是《福佈斯》雜志的一位高級編輯。
    At this late hour, this ” pinchbeck Qiaobusi ” just reveal a the truth of sth. , true identity is so ” Forbes ” a of the magazine senior editor.

  • 眼瞅著傢門口建起瞭這樣漂亮的路和橋,住在附近的老百姓耐不住性子,都想先瞧瞧四環的廬山真面目
    Eyes staring doorstep built this beautiful roads and bridges, the people living in the vicinity of whales swam, the City of Victoria wants to see the matter.

  • 政府不想把納稅人的錢打水漂,給那些“僵屍”企業,它們早就資不抵債隻是還沒有露出廬山真面目而已。
    The government does not want to put taxpayer money into “zombie” firms that are in fact deeply insolvent but have not yet recognized it.

  • 改變得如此之快以至於沒有科學傢和工程師能夠跟上自己領域前進的腳步,更不用說領悟科技的廬山真面目
    It changes so rapidly that no scientist or engineer can keep up with his own field, much less with technology in general.

  • 看著四面的山體,突然有一種迷茫的感覺,這時侯你就能真正的體會到“不識廬山真面目,隻願身在此山中”的感覺瞭。
    Looks four sides mountain massif, suddenly one kind of confused feeling, when this you can the true experience “not know the truth about the matter, only hopes the body in this mountain” feeling.

  • 於是,我從紛雜零碎的歷史片角中,搜羅著隻言片語,想揭開徽州民謠這一廬山真面目,想尋找這似曾相識又十分陌生的帶韻節奏。
    So I collected pieces of information from incomplete jumbled historical records in the hope of unveiling Huizhou ballads and in pursuit of the rhythm that seem to be familiarly strange to us.

  • 這部片子僅僅五星期就拍完,大部分場景設在一座辦公大樓內,全片敘述一名諧星受雇冒充一位廬山真面目從未被員工看過的公司老闆。
    Made in just five weeks, and set mostly in an office building, the film follows a comedic actor hired to masquerade as the owner of a company whose employees have never seen him.

  • 一個懷有機心、不擇手段,想要坐上國傢大位的人,不論他掩飾得多麼好,隻要他一坐上瞭那個位子,他的廬山真面目難免就會暴露無遺。
    He, who determines to be a king by any means, will show his true face soon, regardless of his good disguise, when he becomes king.

  • 這是娜拉有生以來第一次認清瞭丈夫的廬山真面目:原來他是一個道貌岸然、自私自利的偽君子,在這個問題上根本不把她的處境放在心上。
    For the first time Nora saw her husband for what he was … a selfish, pretentious hypocrite with no regard for her position in the matter.

  • 然而,隨著第三方研究增多,以及TOPVIEW等交易數據的披露,QFII的“廬山真面目”逐漸顯現,籠罩在其頭上的神話色彩迅速消退。
    However, with the number of third-party research, as well as TOPVIEW transaction data, such as disclosure, QFII’s “true colors” gradually, over their heads in the myth of color quickly faded.

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