十萬八千裡  shí wàn bā qiān lǐ






  • 想象真的會離事實十萬八千裡的!
    What one imagines can truly be miles apart from the facts!

  • 公正的懲罰跟報復可差得十萬八千裡
    Righteous punishment is a thousand light years away from revenge.

  • 活人和死者之間的距離有十萬八千裡
    There was an immeasurable distance between the quick and the dead.

  • 他一跳就能有十萬八千裡
    He can jump fifty-four thousand kilometers high.

  • 現實與他們吹噓的相差何止十萬八千裡
    The reality is far from what they boast.

  • 但這兩個國傢的文化有時相差十萬八千裡
    But the cultures of the two countries sometimes seem to be miles apart.

  • “休息室”與中文廁所的概念相距十萬八千裡
    To refer to a toilet as a “rest room” is miles apart from the Chinese idea of a toilet.

  • 但是你知道,她離我住的地方有十萬八千裡遠。
    well, fabulous…but, you know, a million, million miles from the world I live in.

  • 如果你想想看,通常我們明星的“自然美”甚至離自然十萬八千裡遠。
    If you think about it, even our celebration of “natural beauty” is often far from natural.

  • 唐僧的答案是長期持有,這一持有就持有瞭14年,共行程十萬八千裡路。
    Tang is the answer to long-term holders, the holders on hold for 14 years, thousands of miles of road trip.

  • 呃…別介意…”就也許會是他的出一條與你所想的相差十萬八千裡的結論。
    uh…never mind…” would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking.”

  • 可以說,中國的個人收入證明的真實性與其他市場經濟國傢相關十萬八千裡
    It can be said that China’s personal income proved the authenticity is related 108, 000 great distances with the other marketing country.

  • 上帝雖然揀選瞭大衛作王,但他的行為卻跟上帝所期待的,相距瞭十萬八千裡
    David’s actions were way out of line with how God wanted him to behave as His chosen king.

  • 後來喜歡上孫悟空,夢想著像他那樣翻個筋鬥,十萬八千裡,一路上降妖除魔。
    Afterward liked Sun Wukong, imagined is looking like him such to turn a somersault, 108, 000 great distances, the subdue demons eliminated the evil spirit all the way.

  • 可以說,中國的個人真實性收入的證明其真實性與其他市場經濟國傢相關十萬八千裡
    It can be said that China’s personal income to prove the authenticity of the authenticity of its market economy and other related countries thousands of miles.

  • 這不僅是因為那時合格的譯員鳳毛麟角,而且還因為雙方的思維方式也相差十萬八千裡
    Not only were qualified interpreters as scarce as hen’s teeth, but the gap in mentality was a million miles wide.

  • 孫悟空掏出金箍棒,搖身一變,跳入空中,十萬八千裡,站在如來面前,微笑著,哈哈哈。
    Monkey King toke out Gold-Banded Cudgel , turned, jumped into the air for flying thousands of miles away, stood in front of Budd laughing aloud.

  • 也許有人會說,IT業和養豬業差瞭十萬八千裡,貿然進軍一個新的行業,投資風險極大。
    Perhaps someone can say, IT course of study differed an a great distance with the course of study that raise a pig, rushed march a new industry, investment risk is great.

  • 工資確實低,也不是沒有高工資的,但是比例太少瞭,比之上海、北京等城市就相差十萬八千裡瞭。
    Really low wages, they are not high-wage, but the proportion of too few, than Shanghai, Beijing and other cities on the difference of thousands of miles.

  • 它給那班學生留下的道德影響,離開道德教誨十萬八千裡—它所引起的情感不是對於作者的尊敬。
    Its moral effect on that class was far from encouraging–the sentiment it aroused being not one of regard for its author.

  • 自己幾天來原來隻落得個30小時的在線時間,貢獻、帖數等距離落伍 還有十萬八千裡,不禁黯然神傷。
    Oneself get an online time of 30 hours a few days only so, contribution, post counts equidistance to fall behind to still have an a great distance, can’t help feeling dejected.

  • 波士頓大學的芭芭拉。 李信坎寧安說:“在及時反應上,我們的視覺系統可比聽覺系統差瞭十萬八千裡。”
    “The temporal resolution of our vision, ” said Barbara Shinn-Cunningham of Boston University, “is an order of magnitude slower than what our auditory system can cope with.

  • 今天的科學傢正在開發一種新的通信技術,這將使您和您的朋友們互動,在一個模擬環境下,即使你簡直相差十萬八千裡
    Scientists today are developing a new communications technology that will allow you and your friends to interact inside a simulated environment even if you are thousands of miles apart.

  • (旁白)惡人跟他相去真有十萬八千裡呢。——上帝饒恕他!我願意全心饒恕他;可是沒有一個人像他那樣使我心裡充滿瞭悲傷。
    Villain and he be many miles asunder. — God Pardon him! I do, with all my heart; And yet no man like he doth grieve my heart.

  • 愛和被愛,其實都不難遇見。難的是遇見合而為一的相愛。愛你的人和你愛的人若不是一個人,那麼,愛情還離你有十萬八千裡之遠!
    It is no difficult to love or to be loved . the hard part it to meet the person who loves you and it is him or her you are most fond of . or you find no real love otherwise.

  • 很多少數族裔的人甚至不相信他們能感染上艾滋病毒,因為他們依然以為艾滋病是一種隻有同性戀者、白人才能染上的疾病。這種想法跟實際情況相距十萬八千裡
    “A lot of minorities do not even believe that they could have it because they still think it is just a gay, white men’s disease, and it could not be further from the truth, ” he explained.

  • 即使經過本周回調,股市交易額達僅到2008年平均交易額的14倍,與2007年高於平均交易額40倍的峰值相比,雖說不是相差十萬八千裡,但也是大幅縮水。
    Even after this week’s rally, stocks were trading at 14 times 2008 earnings—not a steal, but still far cheaper than the 40 times earnings at which they traded at their 2007 peak.

  • 由美聯儲人為操縱的貨幣匯率和貨幣政策,復雜的稅法,太多的所謂“監管”機構和它們制定的無數條條框框,都表明我們離一個真正的自由市場經濟還差十萬八千裡呢。
    The monetary manipulations of the Federal Reserve, a complex tax code, the many “oversight” agencies and their mountains of regulations show that we are far removed from a free market economy.

  • 華盛頓太多的人過於專註證明以下看法的意識形態意義:即美國的價值觀是普適的、放之四海皆為準的,因而其也會被相隔十萬八千裡之外的人們不費吹灰之力地消化和接受。
    Too many people in Washington were fixated on proving an ideological point: that America’s values were universal and would be digested effortlessly by people a world away.

  • 我開始哆嗦瞭,像一把該死的音叉般顫動起來瞭,他很可能以為自己是一個非常瞭不起的接吻高手,以為吻得我都快要達到高潮瞭這才罷手,而實際上我離高潮還有十萬八千裡呢。
    I start to shake, start to vibrate like a goddamn tuning fork, until he probably thinks he’s such a good kisser that I’m going into orgasm, but actually I’m about three counties away from an orgasm.

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