惶惶不可終日  huáng huáng bù kě zhōng rì






  • 現在道高一丈一,誰在惶惶不可終日
    Road is now a high-Yi Zhang, who is not worried All day long?

  • 你總是惶惶不可終日,感覺整個生活都被它所占據。
    It’s emotionally draining to feel anxious all the time. It may feel as though your whole life is being taken over by it.

  • 多年來,還有數百萬的人因害怕被判罪而惶惶不可終日
    Over the years millions more lived in fear of conviction.

  • 以及生活在堂皇與荒涼景象之間的市民的惶惶不可終日
    Along with which are the city residents grow afraid that they have to carry on living a life among the scene of being magnificent and desolation.

  • 這讓我們惶惶不可終日,不能睡覺,不能幹任何其他事。
    But we are all in suspense. We can’t sleep, we can’t think about anything else.

  • 結果,文明遭到前所未有的破壞,各國**惶惶不可終日
    The results, by the unprecedented destruction of civilization, countries ** a constant state of anxiety.

  • 敗則心情惡劣,茶飯不思,心驚肉跳,惶惶不可終日,最後人財兩失。
    If lose, they are in bad mood, feeling panic and having no appetite. At last, they are sick and lose money simultaneously.

  • 這 種“徹底腦沁潤”使得大多數編目員一離開MARC就惶惶不可終日
    This “total brain immersion” makes moving away from MARC a wrenching change for most catalogers.

  • 商品房庫存逐年增長,符合市場規律,人們不必談虎色變,惶惶不可終日
    Commercial housing inventory will gradually increase, in line with market rules, people need not fear, frightened.

  • 第一,不要驚慌失措,惶惶不可終日,因為失敗不是意味著世界末日的來臨。
    First, dont panic, because failure is not the end of the world.

  • 你們要受制於那些恨你們的人,你們將要惶惶不可終日;沒有人追趕,也要逃跑。
    those who hate you will rule over you, and you will flee even when no one is pursuing you.

  • 每個人都無比關心自己和至親至愛之人心臟的健損,以至於稍有危疾就惶惶不可終日
    Each person cares a lot about the heart of him and his loved ones. Any small illness will make him worry day and night.

  • 習慣成自然,從未離開過權力的價值,一旦離開,恐怕便會心慌意亂,惶惶不可終日
    Habits into natural, never left power value, once they left, I am afraid, will be flustered distracted, a constant state of anxiety.

  • 許多歐洲人與通貨膨脹相抗爭已算經驗老道,但仍惶惶不可終日,和美國人不相上下。
    Experienced as they are at fighting inflation, many Europeans are as worried as Americans.

  • 一時間所有的房地產商尤其是隻有銀行一條輸血管道的中小房地產商簡直惶惶不可終日
    One time all the real estate business in a blood bank is the only real estate business is the small frightened.

  • 盡管哈馬斯的火箭彈很少傷到人,但確實使許多以色列人惶惶不可終日,惹惱瞭整國人。
    The Hamas rockets rarely hit anybody, but did terrorize many Israelis and enrage the whole country.

  • 夏紅與張經倫相處中,漸漸發現他因資本積累期間犯有“不可告人的原罪”而惶惶不可終日
    Xia Hong gradually realized that Zhang had committed “unspeakable sin”during his original capital accumulation.

  • 他追討國庫欠款,逼得老臣上吊,皇子王爺到前門大街變賣傢當,令滿朝官員惶惶不可終日
    his treasury to recover the arrears, forcing veteran hanged, Prince Royal Highness to the front door the street selling the family silver, so that a constant state of anxiety officials;

  • 數以千計的恐怖主義分子受到正義的制裁,或者被關進監獄,或者正四處逃竄,惶惶不可終日
    And thousands of terrorists have been brought to justice, or are in prison, or are running for fear of their lives.

  • 從伏地魔獲得重生以來,斯拉格霍恩始終在遇上食死徒兵被他們脅迫加入的恐懼中惶惶不可終日
    Ever since Voldemort regained his powers, Slughorn has lived in fear that he will be confronted by Death Eaters and pressured to join them.

  • 那次的印象也確是可怕和深刻的,行刑的第二天和許多天以後,主教還表現出惶惶不可終日的樣子。
    Therefore, the impression was terrible and profound; on the day following the execution, and on many succeeding days, the Bishop appeared to be crushed.

  • 從伏地魔獲得重生以來,斯拉格霍恩就害怕自己遇見食死徒,被逼迫加入他們,因而惶惶不可終日
    Ever since Voldemort regained his powers, Slughorn has lived in fear that he will be confronted by Death Eaters and pressured to join them.

  • 杞國有個人害怕天會塌下來,常常擔驚受怕,惶惶不可終日。這沉重的精神負擔,弄得他幾乎要發瘋。
    Haunted by the fear that the sky might fall, a Qi man could hardly like through a single minute without being startled several times, which nearly drove him mad.

  • 相反地,一天到晚情緒激動,一點風吹草動就急躁不安而惶惶不可終日,我們認為有這樣情緒的人不好。
    On the contrary, he, who is excited all day and even is fussy about pretty disturbance or pretty trouble, is deemed as a man of bad mood.

  • 7在美國,傳統媒體產業已經惶惶不可終日,四處尋找出路,這種先發焦慮是不是更有利於中國媒體軟轉型?
    Q7: In America, traditional media are nearing their end of days, searching everywhere for a way out. Does this sort of early anxiety signal well for the soft transition of media in China?

  • 一隻老鼠天生膽小,整天生活在擔驚受怕中,特別是最近這片區域出現瞭一隻威猛的貓,更令它惶惶不可終日
    Timid by nature a mouse all day long to live in fear, especially the recent emergence of this region a powerful cat, but also its constant state of anxiety.

  • 事實上我就知道,有些基督教徒確實相信基督復臨巳經迫在眉睫瞭,我還認識一位牧師,他把他的教徒嚇得惶惶不可終日,說什麼基督即將來臨;
    Jesus said the time of His second coming are really close, but no one knows what time, if the pastor said he knew, then he lied and was a false prophet.

  • 我每天惶惶不可終日地深怕關我的傢夥基於某種人道主義觀念的誤導可能會一時沖動改變我單調的夥食,拿其它難以下咽的玩意取代這天幸的蓋澆飯。
    I lived in constant fear that misguided humanitarian impulses might lead my captors to vary my monotonous diet, substituting something inedible for the blessed pilaff.

  • 總有些企業難以適應,呈現惶惶不可終日之態,他們總希望各種各樣的變化和影響不要侵蝕到自身,把一些經濟發展中客觀存在的危機看得如臨大敵。
    Some enterprises will render in a constant state of the State, they always want all kinds of changes and impact do not eroded to itself, economic development objective crisis was so very much see?the.

  • 上海市靜安區“東八塊風波”之後,毗鄰事發地―――石門二路以東58號街坊―――的老趙一傢一度惶惶不可終日:“早就下瞭通知,拆完他們,就是我們這。”
    Shanghai Jingan District, “East eight storm”, adjacent to the incident — Danmenerlu 58 east of the neighbourhood — a Laozhao once frightened : “under the early notification, stopping them is our.

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