拳打腳踢  quán dǎ jiǎo tī








  • 他被捕後, 兩個警察對他拳打腳]踢。
    Two policemen gave him bashes and kicks after he was arrested.

  • 他在被搶的時候被歹徒拳打腳踢瞭一頓。
    He was kicked and beaten by criminals during a robbery.

  • 你知道廣州的城管是如何用拳打腳踢來執法的嗎?
    Do you know of the Guangzhou Urban how to use the law to kicking it?

  • 據警方報告,姐妹倆“位,爪,拳打腳踢”的人員。
    According to police reports, the sisters “bit, clawed, and kicked” the officers.

  • 而他被打倒在地後,對方仍不罷休,繼續對他拳打腳踢
    He knocked him down, the other party does not give up and continue to beat and kicked him.

  • 一陣拳打腳踢,他和同伴一起將一名警察打進一個角落。
    Beats, he and the companion sneak in together police a corner.

  • 共和報報道,兩隊球迷就這麼在周四晚上拳打腳踢的幹瞭一夜。
    La Repubblica claims both sets of ultras clashed violently with punches and kicks being exchanged late on Thursday night.

  • 盡管他不屬於雙方任何一幫,但他仍然被拳打腳踢和遭到棒擊。
    Despite not being part of either of the gangs, he was punched, kicked and struck by a board.

  • 朱莉:這是可能的,親愛的,有人對你拳打腳踢,但根本不會讓你傷心。
    Julie Jordan: It is possible dear, for someone to hit you, hit you hard, and it not hurt at all.

  • 在十月份國傢地理頻道的《武術大觀》裡,拳打腳踢背後的力道展露無遺。
    The power behind the punches and kicks is shown during National Geographic Channel’s Martial Arts Week in October.

  • 他的長舌頭慢慢收回,並拳打腳踢,並大聲尖叫,威廉被拖入瞭龍的張嘴。
    His long tongue slowly retracted, and kicking and screaming, William was dragged into the dragon’s open mouth.

  • 在十月份國傢地理頻道的《武術大觀》裡,拳打腳踢背後的力道展露無遺。
    In Samurai Sword, National Geographic Channel slices through all the facts about this deadly weapon.

  • 報紙描述,該女童被拳打腳踢,“渾身上下都是淤傷”,被送醫後不治身亡。
    The child “with bruises all around the body” died in the hospital after being kicked and punched, the newspaper said.

  • 小男孩走進房間看著自己的玩偶,對它拳打腳踢,釋放的是心中的惶恐與疑惑。
    A little boy walked into his room, watching his lovely doll, but beat it up severely. He tried to release the fear and the confuse inside his heart.

  • 對那些該負責任的人,她恨不得對準他們的肚子拳打腳踢,來發泄自己的憤恨。
    She would like to have expressed her indignation against those responsible with plenty of knocks and kicks in his stomach.

  • 你說的沒錯。那些拳擊手怎麼有辦法承受所有的拳打腳踢,真是令人覺得不可思議。
    You’re right. It’s amazing how the fighters can take not only the punching but all the kicking as well.

  • 國武術已經在世界上引起瞭又一撥功夫熱潮,大街小巷中的年輕人們又開始瞭“拳打腳踢”!
    Wushu country in the world has caused another round effort, with the streets of the young people began to “beat”!

  • 尼古拉走到門口去見他,村長剛回答瞭幾句,門廳裡就傳出瞭尼古拉大喊大叫、拳打腳踢的聲音。
    Nikolay went out to the steps to see him, and at the first answers the village elder made, shouts and blows were heard in the hall.

  • 這是很容易就會趕上在討論武俠部分的禁止英國,特別是與人才結束瞭投擲所有的重拳拳打腳踢
    It is easy to get caught up in discussing the martial arts portion of The Forbidden Kingdom, especially with the talent that ends up throwing all of the punches and kicks.

  • 用噪音轟擊大腦來治療精神疾病的設想,對外行來說,就猶如用拳打腳踢的方式修理電視機一般。
    The idea of treating maladies of the mind by blasting the brain with noise sounds, to the layman, like kicking a television set in order to repair it.

  • 他們對他拳打腳踢,然後讓他坐在椅子上,把槍對準他,用假子彈對他一陣猛射,想以此來嚇唬他。
    They beat him up, they make him sit on a chair and fire with fake bullets towards him just to scare him with the noise.

  • 學習一門外語,往往涉及很多無聊的記憶和動詞 的變化 ,但在韓國除外,在那裡拳打腳踢是外語課程的一部分。
    Learning a foreign language often involves a lot of boring memorization and verb conjugation, except in South Korea where flying punches and killer kicks are part of the curriculum.

  • 拳打腳踢,還是不能掙開,最後隻好用勁在文祥左臂咬瞭一口。文祥負痛,用頭把杏姑的頭彆在一邊,身體還是沒有移動。
    Aside from using all his might to hold her down, for the moment he didn’t know what else to do.

  • 如果說電視脫口秀已經變成一個主持人和新聞主角拳打腳踢的戰場瞭,那麼傑伊雷諾和奧巴馬總統昨晚一定沒聽到這種說法。
    President, I must say this has been one of the best nights of my life, ” a beaming Leno announced at the end of Obama’s visit Thursday to the “Tonight” show.

  • 因此裡面不僅僅是我的類型,而是使用瞭所有的類型——拳打腳踢,尤其是到使用武器,用到刀術的時候,我發揮我的所長。
    So it wasn’t just my style, it was using everything -kicking punching and especially when it came to the weaponry, with the sword work, I did my flare.

  • 在一輛巡邏車儀表盤上的攝像機拍下警員拳打腳踢一名帶著手銬的嫌疑人後,一名佛羅裡達的警官辭職瞭,其它兩名警員被解雇。
    Florida police officer has quit, two others have been fired after a patrol car dashboard camera caught them punching and kicking a handcuffed suspect.

  • 然後把他們摁倒在地拳打腳踢,最後用帶來的毛巾捆住瞭他們的手腳,並蒙上他們的眼睛,嘴裡也塞上毛巾,把他們抬到外面扔在瞭大門口。
    Then they gone down to injury in the final with a towel hanging by their feet, and cast their eyes, mouth and borderland towels, throwing them and are ready for more in a big outside door.

  • 2008年10月,許多傢長們到市政府上訪,希望得到市政府官員的答復,卻發現市政府的前門被警察把守著,他們一靠近就會遭到拳打腳踢
    A group of parents went to the City Hall in October, hoping to get answers from officials but found the front door blocked by police who kicked and punched them as they got near.

  • 我的這個想法是基於以下兩點:一、保安於一個演唱會對一個觀眾拳打腳踢仍然是一件難以想像的事,我個人並不相信大陸的保安會這樣無理取鬧;
    Why do I think so?First, I cannot really think of a reason why the securities hired by the concert master would beat up a fan.

  • 12月4日,一名叫馬凱•貝爾(MychalBell)的黑人學生從背後襲擊一名白人同學,將他擊倒在地之後和另外六名學生一起對他拳打腳踢
    On December 4th a black student named Mychal Bell jumped a white classmate from behind and knocked him out.

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