月黑風高  yuè hēi fēng gāo








  • 一個月黑風高的夜晚,他抓住風箏。
    One dark windy night he caught hold of the kite.

  • 同一個月黑風高的夜晚。
    The same the moon reshahar is high night.

  • 請問『在一個月黑風高的晚上』,該怎麼翻譯啊?
    It was a dark and stormy night.

  • 請問『在一個月黑風高的晚上』,該怎麼翻譯啊?
    how about “in a moonless windy night”?

  • 在一個月黑風高的夜晚……一個身影悄悄張開雙手……
    in a black, moonless night, a dark figure held out its hands stealthily……

  • 這部電影的譯名有三個:《月黑風高》,像一部懸疑恐怖片!
    This movie translated name has three: “Month Violent wind filled with dust Is high”, likes to hang doubts the horror film!

  • 現在,他們隻須等待一個月黑風高的晚上,好協助他們逃亡。
    They had now only to wait for a night dark enough to help their escape.

  • 每個月黑風高的晚上,他就藏在豬圈裡,一邊看著嫦娥一邊流哈喇子。
    Every night, he would hide inside the pig sty, drooling all over his shirts while watching her.

  • 夜深瞭,大壩上繼續腐敗,月黑風高夜,殺人遊戲開始,一殺就是兩點多!
    Late at night, the dam continues to corruption, high on Heifeng night, killing game, a killing that is more than two points!

  • 這讓我聯想到:月黑風高夜,他們手持機槍,隱藏在樹叢中,保護我的安全。
    I had visions of people hiding behind bushes holding machine guns guarding my security at night.

  • 一個月黑風高的夜晚,一個人偷偷的溜進瞭他鄰居傢的菜園,挑瞭個最大的西瓜偷回傢。
    On a moonless night, a man entered into his neighbour’s garden and stole the largest melon , he find and brought it home.

  • 為瞭進一步強化時間的戲劇性效果,午夜不能是平凡的午夜,不是雷電交加,必也月黑風高
    In order to further enhance the dramatic effect of time, midnight is not unusual midnight, not lightning Cross, will also Heifeng month high.

  • 月黑風高的晚上,在恐怖危機的大廈裡,充滿瞭僵屍,鬼魂,煤泥,蜘蛛和其他海洋生物。
    On Heifeng high in the evening, the terrorist crisis in the building, full of zombies, ghosts, slime, spiders and other marine life.

  • 在一個月黑風高陰森恐怖的晚上我是至尊寶你是白晶晶,奇妙的愛情就從橋頭上這一點火開始的。
    At a pitch-park night, I’m Joker, you’re Pak jingjing, fantastic love starts from a fire at the bridge.

  • 在一個月黑風高的夜晚,一隻吸血蝙蝠全身沾滿瞭血飛瞭回來,它停在瞭洞穴的頂端,要睡一會。
    A vampire1 bat came flapping in from the night, face all covered in fresh blood and parked himself on the roof of the cave to get some sleep.

  • 試想一下,半夜三更,月黑風高,鴉雀無聲,如有小偷正在撬保險櫃,忽然一聲雷霆巨喊會是什麼樣子?
    Just think, in the depth of night, lunar black wind is tall, silent, if thief is in prize safe, is thunderbolt suddenly gigantic what appearance can crying be?

  • 在一個月黑風高之夜,小偷握緊風箏,同夥將風箏放入空中,然後將風箏拽至古塔附近,以便偷取黃金。
    One dark windy night , the thief caught hold of the kite. his friends raised the kite into the air. Then they moved the kite near the top of the to steal the gold.

  • 月黑風高的一夜,令人毛骨悚然的咆哮聲再次劃破黑夜長空,而一名女子的平靜夜晚,隨即變成無限噩夢。
    In a sleep-stilled dead of night when the moon is high, a bone-chilling howl pierces the subdued night air, and one woman’s tranquil dreams are exchanged for terrifying nightmares.

  • 讓我們在黑漆漆的陰謀中為他唱響生日快樂,飽含我們鮮為人知的情真意切,趁著月黑風高,順手把蛋糕砸在一張微笑的臉上。
    Let us in the dark conspiracy to sing happy birthday to him, and very few people unknown our true feeling, take advantage of the dark night, easily smashing the cake at a smiling face.

  • 話說2005年5月的某一個月黑風高的晚上,行會老大無雙燕手持怒斬,獨闖龍潭,隻身殺入皇宮,掀起瞭行會攻沙戰役的序幕。
    In May 2005 saying that a one-month high evening, the boss will be angry unique hand-held cut-yan, the Longtan alone reached the palace, setting off a battle line will be a prelude to attack sand.

  • 東奔西跑瞭很多天,搞定瞭諸多囉裡八嗦的事情,終於在光棍節的前一天,一個月黑風高的夜晚,帶著簡陋的行李,手裡捏著一張火車票,奔向瞭車站。
    it took me many days to prepare the travel, and in the eve of 1111, a windy night without moonlight, I rushed to the railway station with some simple baggages and a ticket.

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