有求必應  yǒu qiú bì yìng







  • 對於人工流產,她贊成有求必應
    She’s in favour of abortion on demand.

  • 她父親對她素來是有求必應的。
    Her father had never refused her anything.

  • 你若真心想要平靜,自當有求必應
    You can have for the asking all the peace you want.

  • 他母親是一個有求必應的人。
    His mother is a soft touch.

  • 朱麗葉聖徒是不為人所動的,雖然有求必應
    JULIET Saints do not move, though grant for prayers’ sake.

  • 有求必應是不可能的。
    It is impossible to satisfy all demands.

  • 曾有一段時間我有求必應,但是沒發現啥好處。
    There was a time when I would have responded, but nothing good ever seemed to come of that.

  • 為瞭不讓男人罵她蕩婦,她總是對他們有求必應
    In order not to be called a slut, she always yielded easily.

  • 9現在有些父母對他們的獨生子女總是有求必應
    nowadays, some parents always grant whatever is requested by their only child.

  • 她總是有求必應
    She always gave the right answers.

  • 這個漂亮姑娘很討厭男孩子的喜歡,他們對她是有求必應
    The pretty girl is very popular among the boys. They all eat out of her hand.

  • 她倆關心民間疾苦,遇有求雨、求藥、求子女者,有求必應
    She were concerned about the sufferings of the people that in case of rain makers, and medicine, and children are responsive.

  • 盡管如此,父母卻總是有求必應,隻要能讓我們快樂,不惜奉獻一切。
    No matter what, parents will always be there and give everything they could to make you happy.

  • 在學習中,我會有求必應,幫助同學,把我們五年級6班的數學搞好;
    During the study, I will be responsive to help students, 6 of our fifth-grade math classes to do a good job;

  • 他很有錢,他不願說“不”,因而他成瞭凡想貸款的人的有求必應者。
    He has a lot of money and he hates to say “no”.

  • 他很有錢,他不願說“不”,因而他成瞭凡想貸款的人的有求必應者。
    He has a lot of money and he hates to say “no”. Consequently, he is a soft touch for anyone wanting a loan.

  • 成年狐獴簡直是有求必應,把自己的食物都讓出來好給小傢夥補充肉食。
    The adults bend to the pup’s will, sacrificing their own meals to give it meaty sustenance.

  • 有求必應-若未能切合顧客的要求,即使設計如何有創意,也毫無價值可言。
    RESPONSIVENESS – Creativity and innovation alone are of little value if a design does not meet the needs of the client.

  • 我們本著“有求必應、精益求精”的宗旨,廣泛地與國內外客戶合作,共同發展!
    We have the spirit of “responsive, better, ” the purpose and extensively at home and abroad, cooperation and common development!

  • 由於托馬斯對蘇聯人有求必應,列夫欽科懷疑他已知道是在同蘇聯情報機關打交道。
    As Thomas responded to Soviet requests, Levchenko suspected that he realized he was dealing with Soviet intelligence.

  • 後來,多比幫助哈利找到瞭一間有求必應屋,學習小組便開始有規律地集會進行練習。
    After that, Dobby helped Harry find a room called the Room of Requirement and the group began to hold regular training sessions.

  • 興起時,他甚至脫剩白色小背心狂歡,又對要簽名的人有求必應,聽到演唱也跟著高喊。
    Rise, he even left off a white vest and a small carnival, but also to accede to the demands of those who signed, the concert was also heard shouting followed.

  • 合演《尖峰時刻》的克裡斯塔克,不過其他影星態度都非常親切、熱情,對粉絲有求必應
    Co-star of “Rush Hour” Chris Tucker, but the attitude of the other stars are very cordial, warm, responsive to the fans.

  • 本公司實力雄厚,價格公平,送貨快速,質量保證,售後服務有求必應,並快速為客戶起板。
    The strength of the Company, the price fair, fast delivery, quality assurance, responsive service, and fast for customers from plate.

  • 他說,奧運場館宏偉壯觀,交通秩序一流,接待外國媒體十分周到,志願者對外國客人有求必應
    He said that the magnificent Olympic venues, traffic order and first-class, very thoughtful reception of foreign media, foreign guests responsive volunteers.

  • 我相信我們的服務可以解除您一天的疲憊,我們會對您的需要有求必應, 快拿起您手中的電話聯系 !
    I believe that our services can lift your day tired, we responsive to your needs, you quickly pick up their phone!

  • 爸爸非常疼愛我,不論我要什麼,隻要有用的他都會盡量滿足我的要求,特別是學習用品,他總是有求必應
    I love my father very much, regardless of what I want, as long as useful as possible, he will meet my requirements, especially for school supplies, he was always responsive.

  • 念頭就是能量。就像師父給你們:師父加持。這四個字是無邊神咒。你們會用,能無願不滿,有求必應,隻要能用就行。
    The thought is energy. “Master, bestowal of power on me” is a boundless mantra. Apply it in the right way, and you get all your wishes granted.

  • 當你問求時,宇宙已經給你瞭,沒有例外,每一次都是如此。你是被愛著被祝福的,你值得擁有美好的事物,但在你收到之前,你需要調和好自己,相信自己會得到所要,相信宇宙的有求必應
    When you ask, it is given, every single time, no exceptions. You are beloved, blessed Beings who deserve good things—but it takes a self-convincing before you will allow good things.

  • 巨怪棒打傻巴拿巴的掛毯,描寫瞭他試圖教巨怪跳芭蕾的愚蠢嘗試,掛在霍格沃茨城堡的八樓,有求必應室入口的對面。房間的大小,從走廊上來看,就是由走廊一邊的窗子,到另一邊一個一人高的花瓶那麼大。
    A moving tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy, depicting his foolish attempt to train trolls for the ballet, hangs on the 7th floor of Hogwarts Castle, opposite the entrance to the Room of Requirement.

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