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  • 百度、新浪在談判時也概莫能外
    Baidu, sina also has no exception when the negotiation.

  • 打假永遠是一種群體行為,新聞打假概莫能外
    Fighting against false is always a kind of group behaving, including fighting against false news.

  • 覆水難收,於事業,於愛情,於人生,概莫能外
    Difficult receive pours water, to the enterprise, to the love, to the life, admits no exceptions whatsoever.

  • 有政治就必然有權力鬥爭,任何國傢都概莫能外
    No country is spared from power struggle which is part and parcel of politics.

  • 這些“脊梁”在古今中外的歷史 上,數不勝數,概莫能外
    These ” back ” are on the history of at all times and in all over the world, without number, have no exception.

  • 無論是黨政機關的辦公室,還是企事業單位的辦公室概莫能外
    No matter be the office of Party and goverment officials, enterprise or business still the office of the unit has no exception.

  • 你掌握的一切都是通過重復學到的:寫字、駕駛、甚至走路,概莫能外
    By doing your best you become a master. Everything you have ever learned, you learned through repetition.

  • 外交官和軍人有時也被迫說謊,二手車推銷員、屠夫和建築工人概莫能外
    Diplomats and military men tell their own kinds of lies on occasion, as do used car salesmen, butchers and builders.

  • 當前,信用缺失已成為困擾中國市場經濟發展的桎梏,稅收領域也概莫能外
    Nowadays, credit imperfection is disturbing market economy development more and more, including taxation sphere.

  • 除南極洲外,各大洲概莫能外,然而氣象專傢稱,這種旋風在美國最為常見。
    Tornadoes have been observed on every continent except Antarctica. But weather experts say they are most common is the United States.

  • 美國的偉人和精英都對撲克情有獨鐘,從政客到將軍再到產業大亨,概莫能外
    Poker has long fascinated America’s great and good, from politicians to generals to captains of industry.

  • 不同的階級、政黨、國傢有其各自不同的政治內容要求,古今中外,概莫能外
    Different class, political party, country has the political content requirement that its differ severally, at all times and in all over the world, have no exception.

  • 離開瞭對這個原型的感悟,沒人能夠理智地行事,個人生活與國傢大事概莫能外
    Without having had a vision of this form no one can act with wisdom, either in his own life or in matters of state.

  • 它是一個火種,它更是我將繼續下去的戰鬥,直到每一個美國人都被保障,概莫能外
    It is a passion and a cause, and it is a fight I will continue until every single American is insured, no exceptions and no excuses.

  • 真實與客觀是每一個真正的新聞從業者必須恪守的最根本最重要的準則,中外概莫能外
    Each objective is real and true information Practitioners must abide by the most fundamental norms of the most important Chinese and foreign there should be no exceptions.

  • 度量衡的盡可能統一,盡可能化繁就簡,是歷史發展進步的大趨勢,古今中外,概莫能外
    weights and measures should be as simplified as possible, which is the trend in history both at home and abroad.

  • 建構主義是當代歐美國傢比較流行的社會科學理論,其觀點已深刻影響教育教學領域,生物學教學概莫能外
    Constructivism is the social science they that influences contemporary Europe and America nations. Its standpoints already deeply affect the teaching realm, including the biology teaching field.

  • 除非全球需求增長能夠持續,否則經濟就會對政府刺激政策十分依賴,不管是在中國還是其國內,概莫能外
    Unless growth in global demand is sustained, it remains heavily reliant on pump-priming, both in China and at home.

  • 但現實生活中日益增多的醫療損害事件、醫療糾紛和醫療訴訟,卻使醫療陷入瞭尷尬的境地,世界各國概莫能外
    But in reality, the increasing malpractice, medical disputes and lawsuits have made the medical service fall into an awkward region which the various countries have admitted of no exception.

  • 這些孩子是我們的孩子。他們的未來就是我們的未來。並且此時此刻我們認為他們的教育就是我們的責任,概莫能外
    These children are our children. Their future is our future. And it’s time we understood that their education is our responsibility. All of us.

  • 人類的各種實踐活動在總體上是屬人的,是為瞭人類各種各樣的需求與欲望,法治作為人類的政治實踐活動亦概莫能外
    All activities of man, which are for meeting people’s all kinds of demands and desires, are humanistic, and as one kind of human political practise, Rule by law could not be exceptional.

  • 成本上升、利潤下降,迫使一些企業向內地遷移尋求發展空間,作為勞動密集型產業的制卡和會員卡制作業也概莫能外
    The increase in costs, profits fall, forcing enterprises to the relevant mainland migration for development space, as a labour business card printing and membership card manufacturing workers my tong.

  • 消費主義文化作為一種話語權力系統在中國的流行,在政治、經濟、文化領域都產生瞭一系列深重的影響,藝術也概莫能外
    The culture of consumerism as a system of power discourse that poplars in China, has produced a series of deep impacts in the fields of political, economic and cultural, including arts.

  • 隨著律師事務所的裁員風愈演愈烈,人們對失業的恐懼似乎正在為權力著裝風潮的回歸推波助瀾,就連年輕一代也概莫能外
    As law-firm layoffs mount, fear of unemployment appears to be speeding up the resurgence of power clothes, even among the youngest recruits.

  • 本書用平靜而嫻熟的論述將馬克思主義學說的支柱一一擊碎:勞動價值論、階級鬥爭觀念、歷史唯物主義,凡此種種,概莫能外
    It calmly and expertly demolished the pillars of Marxist thought: the labour theory of value, the idea of class struggle, historical materialism and the like.

  • 由於中國經濟吸引瞭全球生產鏈各個部位的工作崗位,從低端到高端概莫能外,因此對全球工資和工作條件的決定能力不斷增強。
    China increasingly sets the global norm for wages and working standards as it attracts jobs at both the high and low ends of the production chain.

  • 普遍認為完好的教育對於找到一份好工作和成為一名有責任感和有貢獻的公民來說都是一個關鍵因素 ,從國傢總統到黎民百姓概莫能外
    All the people not only the president but also the citizens believe that good education is a key factor for them to get a fine job and become a citizen with sense of responsibility and achievements.

  • NEC公司雄心勃勃的成本削減目標表明日本企業和員工之間曾經牢不可摧的雇傭關系如今已經分崩離析,甚至老牌知名企業也概莫能外
    NEC’s ambitious cost-saving target makes it clear that the formerly sacred contract between companies and employees in Japan, even among the corporate aristocracy, is now a thing of the past.

  • 儒學在魏晉時期仍為官方統治性學說,盡管其影響力有所削弱,但對當下政治、學術、文化、藝術等方面的作用不容忽視,文學自概莫能外
    Though the influential power of Confucianism is impaired by metaphysics in WeiJin Dynasty , it still play a great role in the domains of politics, academy, culture, arts, except for the literature.

  • 李銀河曾在她的專著《同性戀亞文化》中引大量事實得出如下結論:同性戀現象是在人類社會中普遍存在的一種行為模式,古今中外,概莫能外
    It took Li Yinhe much times to draw a conclusion in her books 《 a culture of homosexuality》that the phenomenon of homosexual is universal and existent kind of bearing model in the mankind”s society.”

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