無所不用其極  wú suǒ bù yòng qí jí








  • 甚至,在某種程度上,可以說是無所不用其極
    Even, going up somehow, can saying is not to have place need not its extremely.

  • 如今亨利無所不用其極,就是要卡利重新為他效命;
    Now Henry stops at nothing, wants Culley to devote life to again for him;

  • 明星走光類型可謂千奇百怪,為瞭上位無所不用其極
    Star types can be emptied of its unusual, in order to top all sorts of means.

  • 你居然連這種手段都用出來瞭, 真是無所不用其極
    You should use dirty tricks, and resort to every conceivable means.

  • 可以肯定的是塔利班會無所不用其極使這次選舉更血腥。
    It is a fair bet that the Taliban will do all they can to make this election much, much worse.

  • 現在中國人正在準備北京奧運會,以他們無所不用其極
    Now the Chinese are preparing for the Olympiad in Beijing, so they use all possible means.

  • 如你見,這次的滿月將無所不用其極的來展示它的威力!
    As you see, there are many ways this full moon may manifest its message.

  • 他說,吸引新成員是一場持久戰,一些俱樂部會無所不用其極
    It is a constant battle to attract new members, he says, and some clubs resort to desperate measures.

  • 美國人在本周與中國高層的經濟對話中為占先機可謂無所不用其極
    No trope of stagecraft went unexplored this week as the United States jockeyed for advantage in a high-level economic dialogue with China.

  • 匪軍至,殺戮人民,奸淫婦女,毀滅村莊,掠奪財物,無所不用其極
    Wherever the robber arrived, they slaughtered people, raped women, destroyed villages and plunder property, tried the worst means they could.

  • 匪軍至,殺戮人民,奸淫婦女,毀滅村莊,掠奪財物,無所不用其極
    wherever the bandit troops went, they massacred and raped, burned and looted, and stopped at nothing.

  • 匪軍至,殺戮人民,奸淫婦女,焚毀村莊,掠奪財物,無所不用其極
    Wherever they (the bandit troops) went, they massacred and raped, burned and looted, and stopped at nothing.

  • 日軍至,殺戮人民、奸淫婦女、焚毀村莊、掠奪財物,無所不用其極
    Wherever the Japanese troop went, they massacred and raped, burned and looted, and stopped at nothing.

  • 他們會大量使用他們熟練的謊言、片面的解讀和刻意曲解,無所不用其極
    These guys would pile on with their usual lies, and half-truths, and distortions, and everything else.

  • 他詆毀她的人格,誣蔑她的聲譽,無所不用其極。他這麼做純粹是出於報復。
    out of sheer revenge, he did his worst to blacken her character and ruin her reputation.

  • 這裡隻有無所不用其極的勇士才可獲得勝利…他們甚至會釋放出體內的獸性變身。
    Where only one can berge victorious, the Warriors will do whatever they have to…even if it ans unleashing the beast inside.

  • 隻要能獲得物質成功或著能享譽世界,為此不擇手段無所不用其極似乎不在話下。
    It has become acceptable to be as nasty and as cunning as possible as long as it can help us to achieve material success and world-wide fame.

  • 這裡隻有無所不用其極的勇士才可獲得勝利…他們甚至會釋放出體內的獸性變身。
    Where only one can emerge victorious, the Warriors will do whatever they have to…even if it means unleashing the beast inside.

  • 2004年他走遍美國各地為社會保守派搖旗吶喊,並且無所不用其極的力圖將達施勒擠下臺。
    He stomped the country for social conservatives in 2004—and devoted a fearsome amount of effort to unseating Mr Daschle.

  • 全面占領租界後,日方更是無所不用其極,瘋狂侵占英美等國的經濟利益,努力消除政治影響。
    When the concessions were occupied, they tried by every means to exploit the economic interests of Britain and America there arid to clear away their political influences.

  • 換言之,如果最終目的非常重要,或是出自善意,或有長遠的影響,我們就可以“無所不用其極”嗎?
    In other words, do the importance and/or good intentions and/or long-term results of the ultimate goals allow us to do “whatever it takes” in order to achieve those goals?

  • 緬甸軍政府那些將軍犯下多數緬甸人法置信的打殺僧侶暴行,足證他們為瞭持續掌權無所不用其極
    By perpetrating what most Burmese felt was unthinkable – the beating and killing of monks – the ruling generals proved that they would stop at nothing to keep their grip on power.

  • 是遇到比賽或有利益沖突時都會有很多的小動作出現…不在乎別人看法隻求達到目的無所不用其極
    in particular, face competition or conflict of interest when there will be a lot of little tricks …do not care about other people appear to achieve the purpose of seeking views on all sorts of means!

  • 直到小報們,一改傳統媒體的作派,無所不用其極的四處窺探,才最終撕開瞭那些表象,讓事實得以浮現。
    The tabloids, rude and prying, are able to break through such images to the truth behind them in ways the conventional media cannot.

  • 有專欄作傢批評保守派為政治恐怖主義者,無所不用其極,阻止美國人形成共識,解決當前最嚴重的國內問題。
    Have criticized the conservative columnist, political terrorism, and every conceivable means to prevent the formation of a consensus of Americans to address the most serious domestic problems.

  • 看來政府總是無所不用其極的想要禁止那些壯大主體個人的資訊,不想讓人們有能力做出有關個人性實踐的明智決定。
    It seems that governments will go to no end to censor information which empowers individuals to make informed decisions about themselves and their sexuality.

  • 為瞭實行她的復仇奪愛計劃,無所不用其極,可惜最後百密一疏,敵不過自己的心魔,終於在警察面前為愛郎的清白殉愛。
    But in the final moments of her plan, she cannot conquer her own demons that is her love and jumps to her death to prove the innocence of her lover.

  • 幾內亞的事件表明,中國無所不用其極的貿易方式可能真能帶來效益,然而那些關註民主和人權的非洲人士可能並不包括在內。
    As Guinea may show, China’s unconditional approach to doing business may reap benefits, except perhaps for Africans who cherish democracy and human rights.

  • 一位傢長表達瞭他的憤慨:我很氣憤,一些不良網站為瞭提高自己的瀏覽量,真是無所不用其極,這對我們的孩子是多麼大的傷害啊!
    A parent expressed his anger as follows: I am very upset. To increase online traffic, some indecent websites resort to every conceivable means. How harmful such things will be on our children!

  • 帝國主義者還有那些潛在的帝國主義分子包括他們的隨從,都對軍事科技無所不用其極,他們用野蠻的設備妄圖消滅社會問題,回想起這種種暴行,一時間我們頗受折磨。
    For a while we were haunted by thoughts about the brutal technological military fixes that imperialists and sub-imperialists often devise for “resolving” what are essentially social problems.

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