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  • 日本被迫開國以後,為救亡圖存,走上瞭維新之路。
    After Japan was obliged to open its door to westerners, it was forced to reform in order to survive.

  • 在此危難時刻,中國知識分子肩負起救亡圖存的重任。
    In this time of crisis, the Chinese intellectuals shoulder the responsibility of survival and salvation.

  • 有識之士莫不心焦如焚,極力探索救亡圖存的真正出路。
    Insightful people who did not anxious Rufen, vigorously explore the true way to salvation.

  • 抗戰文學以宣揚抗戰為旗幟,其成就在於以文學救亡圖存
    The literature people to fight against Japanese and its achievements lie in saving the nation through literature.

  • 在當時救亡圖存的迫切需要下,他把科學視為解決問題的利器。
    In that save-demand needing time, he regarded science as the sharp tool to save China.

  • 構成現代社會的魂魄,應該是救亡圖存、反抗侵略的民族精神。
    Constitute the soul of modern society, it should be national salvation against the aggression of the national spirit.

  • 這在當時對喚醒民眾投身救亡圖存鬥爭之中,無疑起瞭積極作用。
    His views played an important part in calling on the people to plunge themselves into the straggle of saving their country from perishing from the world.

  • 談判結果所成立的國防政府,應該作為救亡圖存的臨時領導機關。
    The national defence government emerging out of these negotiations should be a provisional organ of leadership for saving the nation from subjugation and ensuring its survival.

  • 社論說,1949年,中華人民共和國的成立,實現瞭中華民族的救亡圖存
    The editorial said that in 1949, the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese nation to achieve salvation;

  • 隻有培育具有“自由之意志,獨立之人格”的現代人,才能從根本上救亡圖存
    Only if we train the modern people with the personality of “free wills, independent personality “, could save our country fundamentally.

  • 而近代中國救亡圖存、復興民族的時代主題是其民眾教育思想形成的社會背景;
    Meanwhile, the Theme of saving country and regenerating the Chinese Nation in modern China dominated the background of the thought’s shaping.

  • 梁啟超奉行經世致用的思想,他用進化論宣傳生存競爭的道理,希望借此達到救亡圖存的目的。
    Liang Qichao pursued Using ideology. He publicized the idea of survival competition by the Evolution Theory. And he wanted to save the nation from extinction.

  • 救亡圖存,振奮國人的愛國思想成為時代主題是五四前後陳獨秀報刊編輯思想形成的社會大背景。
    Patriotic thought that has been becoming the theme of the times was the background about the formation of the thought.

  • 救亡圖存的背景下,一切制度的移植,都必須貼上“國利民福”的標簽,否則就沒有生存的空間。
    Under the background of saving the nation from extinction, any system transplanting must be attached a label as national interest and civil welfare; or else, it can’t exist.

  • 這一思潮的發展脈絡和近代中國救亡圖存的主題相一致,又終因其改良性質和革命潮流相捍格而消退。
    This thoughts was consistent with the theme of later-day China to save the nation from extinction, and vanished finally because of the disaccord with the mainstream of saving the nation by revolution.

  • 這一思潮的發展脈絡和近代中國救亡圖存的主題相一致,又終因其改良性質和革命潮流相扌幹格而消退。
    This thoughts was consistent with the theme of later-day China to save the nation from extinction, and vanished finally because of the disaccord with the mainstream of saving the nation by revolution.

  • 對民眾進行通俗形式的鼓吹,目的是將救亡圖存的思想更有效地傳播給廣大的民眾,既訴之於理,更訴之於情。
    The aim of advocate to the people in a popular form was to spread the idea of national salvation and survival more effectively, reasonably and emotionally.

  • 在他看來,“中國夢”,在鴉片戰爭之後,直到到人民共和國成立後的很長一段時間,是救亡圖存的“求存夢”;
    In his opinion, “Chinese dream”, after the Opium War, after arriving at the people’s republic was established very long period of time, is saves the nation from subjugation “asks to save the dream”;

  • 在晚清救亡圖存的召喚和教會女學的刺激下,包括女子中學在內的女子學校應運而生,開始瞭艱難而緩慢的發展歷程。
    Stimulated by the national salvation and girls’ missionary school, Chinese native girls’ schools arose in late Qing Dynasty, and developed slowly in hard circumstances.

  • 近代知識分子的民族主義思想既是知識分子近代啟蒙思想的一部分,同時也是知識分子在近代救亡圖存的社會實踐活動。
    So the Intellect”s enlightenment in modern times, but the Intellect”s social practice of saving our nation and country from the perish.

  • 四位書院山長的教育宗旨均為實現救亡圖存培養有用之才,在教育內容上亦都改變瞭惟科舉是務的取向,增加瞭實學的比重;
    Their aims are all to save the nation and to train the useful talented persons. Their education contents are to change the exams aim and they increase the weight of shixue in their academics.

  • 中國實用理性的務實傳統和鴉片戰爭以來救亡圖存的期望給具有中國文化特色的科學主義的誕生提供瞭內在文化依據和直接文化動因。
    The expectation which saved the nation from subjugation since the Opium War and the Chinese tradition of practical nous are the immediate cultural motive and the intrinsic basis of Chinese scientism.

  • 在音樂的實用性與社會功能方面,從黃友棣身上可以看出前輩音樂傢致力於民族化樂曲創作的努力,以及試圖以音樂完成民族救亡圖存的社會責任心。
    From Mr. Hwang Yau-Tai we can see the effort of a senior musician in keeping national style and in trying to save the nation by music education.

  • 失去瞭東南亞和臺灣市場的昔日“東方好萊塢”香港電影工業正在救亡圖存,而剛剛走向復興的內地電影產業也是玄機莫測,兩者的合作無疑更耐人尋味。
    Meanwhile, under the attack of Hollywood films, HK film almost collapsed in the markets of South-east Asia and Taiwan. However, with the prosperity of Chinese economy, film industry is sprouting.

  • 在近代中國,由於救亡圖存和人的精神進化的需要,陋俗文化發生瞭漸次演化,它集中反映在婚姻文化、傢庭文化、婦女文化、性倫文化諸方面的嬗變上。
    In modern China, with the need of spiritual evolution, vulgar culture underwent gradual transformation in the areas of marriage, family, female culture, sexual ethics, etc.

  • 二十世紀初,飽受列強欺凌的中華優秀兒女都在苦苦探索中國救亡圖存的新道路,留法勤工儉學的興起為先進知識分子投身這一偉大的運動提供瞭新的舞臺和機會。
    At the beginning of the 21st Century, the outstanding members of Chinese were trying hard lo explore a new way to save their motherland from the invaders” hands.”

  • 他一生致力於科學救國思想的宣傳和實踐,主張以科學觀念更新人們的思想,以科學精神作為指導人們行動的準則,強調科學在救亡圖存中的決定作用,並身體力行地參與科學救國事業。
    He devoted himself to publicizing and practicing that thought all his life and claimed to use science to renovate people’s ideas and take the spirit of science as the rule of action.

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