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  • 這是破天荒第一次的扶輪社例會。
    This was the first Rotary club meeting.

  • 不是做夢,但我破天荒地賴瞭一次床。
    Not be to daydream, but the ground bilked my occur for the first time bed.

  • 她來到別墅這麼久,破天荒第一次向他微笑一下。
    For the first time since he had been in the villa she smiled at him.

  • 昔日的農奴和奴隸破天荒第一次獲得當傢作主的權利。
    For the first time, the former serfs and slaves were able to enjoy rights as their own masters.

  • 破天荒頭一次,我們將在展映中播放一部作品的預告片。
    For the first time anywhere, the filmmakers will be screening a special short preview of their upcoming film!

  • 但是,他碰到這樣的事情,這在他一生中還是破天荒頭一回。
    But this was the first time in his life such a thing had happened to him.

  • “這是件破天荒的事情,”公司女發言人簡·威爾科克斯說。
    “This has never been done before, “said Jane Wilcox, a spokeswoman with the tire company.

  • 國際籃球史上破天荒第一次讓NBA運動員參加奧運會的競爭。
    For the first time in international basketball history, NBA players were allowed to compete for the United States in Olympic competition.

  • 悉尼地標如悉尼大橋、悉尼歌劇院破天荒地熄燈,引起瞭世界關註。
    It caught the world’s attention when its icons like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House turned their lights off.

  • 業界同襄共破天荒——“和而不同·中國當代雕塑提名展”誕生始末記。
    Unite to Hold an Unprecedented Exhibition——Record on the Preparation for “Harmonious but Diverse·China Contemporary Nominated Sculpture Exhibition””

  • 巴基斯坦幾個月來沒有一位駐北京大使,這可是破天荒第一次,很古怪。
    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—This is the first time that Pakistan does not have an ambassador in Beijing for several months now, which is an oddity.

  • 日本政府聲稱,工業產量與前年一月份相較,破天荒地下滑瞭十個百分點。
    According to Japan’s government, in January as compared to the year before, industrial output fell 10 percent, that is a record.

  • 報業廣告這次破天荒的走低,其最重要的原因莫過於近年來迅速發展的互聯網經濟。
    Newspaper advertisements of this unprecedented decline, the most important reason is the rapid development in recent years of the Internet economy.

  • 報業廣告這次破天荒的走低,其最重要的原因莫過於近年來迅速發展的互聯網經濟。
    Report an industry advertisement to lower unprecedentedly this time, it the most important reason nothing is better than in the Internet economy that develop quickly in recent years.

  • 新竹少年觀護所破天荒在中秋節舉辦同樂會,讓一時迷途,而不能回傢的孩子也能過節。
    This holiday party, which broke new ground, allowed these kids who had strayed from the right path and were now unable to go home to celebrate the holiday.

  • 艾美獎首設最佳真人秀主持人大獎,五位提名名嘴也破天荒地組成瞭龐大的艾美主持陣容。
    Emmy sets up the best honorable person Xiu director big prize, five nominated the famous mouth also unprecedented to compose huge Amy to manage the lineup.

  • “反正,”他心裡想,“這個傢夥會對付得瞭的;這種事情在這個小城市裡也並不是破天荒
    “After all, ” he thought, “the poor chap will get over it; not the first time such a thing has happened in this little city! ”

  • 因此,接下來三周對新加坡、印度、特立尼達和多巴哥、中國和韓國的訪問實乃破天荒第一次。
    So the trips he plans to make over the next three weeks to Singapore, India, Trinidad and Tobago, China and South Korea are a novelty.

  • 趙國雄帶領手下日夜奮戰,僅用瞭兩個多月的時間就創造瞭奇跡——金花賓館破天荒地扭虧為盈!
    Under the leadership of Zhao Guoxiong, the whole team made a miracle just in two months— Jinhua Hotel made up the deficits and got surpluses!

  • 沒有人這樣做。第二天有人和父親開玩笑說,破天荒第一次,每個打架者在開戰之前就被命令停止。
    Nobody did. But the next day people kidded him by saying it was the first time any fighter was urged to take a dive before the fight began.

  • 他在觀光勝地清邁附近所作的這一嘗試並不是破天荒,因為用猴子來采椰子在泰國南部是有傳統的。
    His venture near the resort town of Chiang Mai is not unique. Monkeys have been used to harvest coconuts in southern Thailand for generations.

  • 周六,很少同時出席一個論壇的潘石屹和任志強兩個地產大腕破天荒地一起出現在中國企業傢年會上。
    Saturday, and attended a few forums and Renzhijiang Pandanyi first two real estate known to occur in China in the annual meeting of entrepreneurs.

  • 聯合東道國日本和韓國,還有中國都過關斬將打入正賽。人們破天荒第一次可以實實在在的感受到亞洲隊的存在。
    For the first time, the tournament was co-hosted by Japan and South Korea with both countries and China making it through the qualifying rounds.

  • 她一方面為瞭自己的機智落瞭空而難過,一方面又為瞭湯姆居然也有這麼一回破天荒的聽話守規矩的行為而高興。
    She was half sorry her sagacity had miscarried, and half glad that Tom had stumbled into obedient conduct for once.

  • 金舍1948年的報告破天荒地通過研究人類的性行為而發現:92%的男人有手淫活動,而62%的女人有手淫行為。
    The Kinsey Report of 1948 – the first thorough study of human sexual habits found that 92% of males reported having masturbated, as opposed to 62% of females.

  • 小泉限制辦公開支的做法是卓有成效的破天荒之舉,但是問題在於,他的這一舉動對戰後日本的美好展望首次構成瞭挑戰。
    A qualified record then, but the point of Mr Koizumi’s stint in office is that he has for the first time challenged the comfortable assumptions that have governed Japan since the war.

  • 它會讓你知道成功需要多少工作量許多創業公司失敗,是因為創業者沒有對成功所必需的、破天荒的工作時間做好思想準備。
    It Prepares You for How Much Work Is Involved Many startups fail because the founders were not mentally prepared to work the ridiculous hours necessary to make a business succeed.

  • 下個月將代表參選羅馬市長的Rutelli先生形容開放奧古斯都的幾間房間是件“破天荒的大事,也是數十載辛勤工作的成果”。
    Mr Rutelli, who is standing for election as mayor of Rome next month, described the opening of the Augustus rooms as an “extraordinary event, the fruit of decades of work”.

  • 盡管不是所有這些頁巖層中存儲的天然氣都將被開采出來,但是從技術上說這是可行的,而且各大公司已經破天荒地開始使用這一技術瞭。
    Not all of these shale reserves will ever be tapped, but the technology to do so is available and, for the first time, companies are putting it to use.

  • 按正常理解,央行在最近數年內首次破天荒減息應是對市場的利好。然而,市場用低開低走的走勢再次推翻瞭這種正常邏輯,而導致市場這種奇怪走勢的背後究竟是何種原因?
    In the normal understanding, the central bank in the last few years the first time an unprecedented cut in interest rates in the market should be positive.

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