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  • 草藥的奇效簡直使一些思想保守的人瞠目結舌
    The miraculous effect of medical herbs has raised some conservative eyebrows.

  • 走鋼絲者大膽的動作和精湛的表演讓觀眾瞠目結舌
    The crowd gaped/ stared/ gawked at the daring tricks performed by the tightrope walker.

  • 不見如此,在有些國傢,兒童出生率下降速度之快令人瞠目結舌
    In some countries the speed of decline in the fertility rate has been astonishing.

  • 如果最近一次的更新,你已經感到改變很大,那接下來的你將瞠目結舌
    If you thought the last update was big, wait till you see what’s coming.

  • 令他瞠目結舌的是,貨架上居然又出現同樣批次的蒙牛高鈣低脂問題牛奶!
    He’s so amazed that the shelves were also the same batch of low-fat high calcium Mengniu milk problem!

  • 然後因為我會說英語,我知道那些美國對中國的瞭解實在是令人瞠目結舌
    JM — And then also because I know English, I know how poorly those American business people know about China.

  • 驀然回首,才瞠目結舌地發現自己正住在自己建造的那所房子中,自食苦果。
    Then with a shock we look at the situation we have created and find that we are now living in the house we have built.

  • 騎士隊還有10場的主場比賽,而他們的主場戰績是讓人瞠目結舌的30勝1負。
    The Cavaliers have 10 games left at home where they’re a stunning 30-1.

  • 政府必須保持所有存款穩定的時機似乎還遠遠未到,但相關數據卻讓人瞠目結舌
    The chances of governments having to make good on all deposits seems remote, but the figures involved are eye-popping.

  • 我在房裡踱來踱去,從一個窗口走到另一個窗口,室外的景色使我瞠目結舌,驚嘆不已。
    Pacing through the house from window to window, I am moved to open-mouthed wonder.

  • “鳥巢”體育館和“水立方”遊泳館等場館是令人”。’瞠目結舌‘。”的建築壯舉。
    Venues such as the “Bird’s Nest” stadium and “Water Cube” pool are stunning architectural feats.

  • 向導把該地歷史的老一套講得滾瓜爛熟,但當你一問起別的東西時,他就瞠目結舌,無言以對瞭。
    I left the village in a hurry and even had no time to say good-bye to my guide.

  • 當你在瞠目結舌,像一條驚呆瞭的烏魚一樣顫抖,你的那些更為客觀的‘顧問’們會幫你定一些應急計劃。
    While you’re gaping and reeling like a stunned mullet, your more objective advisers can help you do some contingency planning.

  • 對於哪個保持理智的球迷來說,利物浦或者切爾西的表現還能令人從瞠目結舌的臉上找到會心快樂的笑容?
    Who in their right mind could watch a Liverpool or Chelsea performance and find a wide and happy smile arriving on their surprised lips?

  • 自2007年夏天空降安菲爾德之後,托雷斯代表利物浦的102場比賽中一共打進令人瞠目結舌的61球。
    El Nino has netted an astonishing 61 goals in just 102 appearances for the Reds since arriving at Anfield in the summer of 2007.

  • 如果說投資京城房地產的高額利潤讓人眩目的話,那麼炒地皮、炒項目所玩的“空手道”則會使人瞠目結舌
    Third, if the high profits of real estate investment capital makes such a stunt will, then Land speculation, speculation project with the “karate” will make sure.

  • 於是就有瞭標題新聞,甚至不用導語、正文、尾等構,一個吸引眼球的標題足以令人瞠目結舌,嘆為觀止。
    So there will be a headline news, or even lead, the body structure at the end of a title to attract enough eyeballs shocking, stunning.

  • 更讓人瞠目結舌的是,一支120克的雲南白藥牙膏銷售定價為22元,比高露潔和佳潔士這樣的品牌還貴瞭1倍。
    Even more shocking is that a 120 grams of Yunnanbaiyao toothpaste sales price of 22 yuan, Colgate and Crest brands such times is also expensive one.

  • 瀏覽“文化震驚”照片集,用這些令人瞠目結舌的照片提醒自己,我們生活在一個充滿動態而無限的文化的世界裡。
    Tag: Browse the Culture Shock Photo Gallery, filled with eye-opening snapshots that remind us we live in a world of dynamic and infinite cultures.

  • 利物浦在主場與像斯托克城、富勒姆和西漢姆丟點分數,同時他們無論在主場還是客場面對米堡表現令人瞠目結舌
    Liverpool were held at home by the likes of Stoke, Fulham and West Ham, while they were surprised by Middlesbrough away from Anfield.

  • 瀏覽“文化震驚”照片集,用這些令人瞠目結舌的照片提醒自己,我們生活在一個充滿動態而無限的文化的世界�。
    Browse the Culture Shock Photo Gallery, filled with eye-opening snapshots that remind us we live in a world of dynamic and infinite cultures.

  • 事實上,今天看待古鎮的時候,古鎮原來的商業繁榮如何並不重要,古建築群所蘊含的文化卻讓我們瞠目結舌,驚嘆不已。
    In fact, what we stare at tongue-tied is not the past prosperity of the ancient town, but the culture embodied in the ancient building clusters.

  • 看看這些生物身上讓你瞠目結舌的事吧:由活在她體內的雄魚給她受精的雌魚,在萎縮中生長的生命體,永遠不會死的植物。
    Take these biological jaw-droppers: a female fish that is fertilized by her male mate who lives inside her, organisms that shrink as they grow, plants that never die.

  • 他們的防守很頑強,也很粗暴,但是他制造瞭機會,做出瞭令人瞠目結舌的表演,但不要忘瞭,他本身就是個不一般的球員。
    They defended very well and were very tough, but he manufactured the chance and did something very special, but then he’s a special player.

  • 那些對紐約和倫敦銀行傢們的超高薪酬瞠目結舌的人,可能忍不住要稱贊中國銀行業薪酬政策的節制瞭。但他們不應該發出贊揚。
    Those appalled by the excesses of banker compensation in New York or London might be tempted to praise China’s restraint. They shouldn’t.

  • 但也有一些令人瞠目結舌的“低價”卻有很大水分,比如可能是一個很糟的單位,或這一價格的房子根本就沒有,隻是為引來客戶。
    But some are sure the “low-cost” is a great moisture, for example may be a bad unit, or the price of houses is simply not just to attract customers.

  • 聽瞭這個令人瞠目結舌的事件,當時我震驚瞭,真沒想到這樣一個花季少年,竟有如此的想法——-用跳樓來束自己的生命。
    After listening to this shocking incident, I was shocked, I did not expect such a young boy, so there ——- with the idea of jumping off a building to end their lives.

  • 他內心的某個部分在強烈的自責,他傷害瞭麗莎的感情;但是瑞克·卡特絕大部分的理智僅僅是在看著,瞠目結舌的看著那個縮在籠子裡的東西。
    One part of him berated itself for having hurt her feelings so; but most of Rick Hunter was simply staring, aghast, at what crouched in the cell.

  • 即使這個都市的海拔高度及其周邊的高山並不能保證有雪,但是良好的天氣以及令人瞠目結舌的風景,使得基茨比厄爾成為唯一全地球級的滑雪勝地。
    Even though the altitude of the country or its surrounding Alps is not full to guarantee here, the bad weather or breathtaking scenery do Kitzbuhel a state-class ski resort.

  • 更令人瞠目結舌的是,喬裝打扮的湯普森還和第64屆聯合國大會主席、來自利比亞的外交官阿裡·圖利基握手合影。隨後,警鈴聲響起,湯普森被趕到的安保人員攆出大樓。
    More surprisingly, the impersonating Thompson also shook hands with Ali Treki, president of the 64th UN General Assembly, a diplomat from Liberia, before the alarm was raised and he was ejected.

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