砥柱中流  dǐ zhù zhōng liú







  • 數十年來是精神病學的中流砥柱
    EEG has been a mainstay of psychiatry for decades.

  • 福斯特先生是他的政黨的中流砥柱
    Mr Foster is a tower of strength to his party.

  • 中國共產黨是全民族抗戰的中流砥柱
    CPC is the mainstay of the nation resistance.

  • 快餐是美式飲食的中流砥柱
    Fast food is a mainstay of the American diet.

  • 他們是企業的中流砥柱
    They are the mainstay of the enterprise.

  • 與時俱進,砥柱中流
    Advance with the times, Di, in mid-stream.

  • 謝裡夫派成為強力支持恢復司法制度的中流砥柱
    Sharif has made the restoration of the judiciary a central pillar of his policy.

  • 共產黨領導的武力和民眾已成瞭抗日戰爭中的中流砥柱
    The armed forces and the people led by the Communist Party have already become the mainstay in the War of Resistance Against Japan.

  • 這讓一切都變得簡單瞭起來,小羅是巴西國奧隊裡的中流砥柱
    This makes everything easier for everyone. Dinho is a fundamental part of our team.

  • 作為後衛線的中流砥柱,王霄的復出對球隊的幫助顯然是不言而喻的。
    As the mainstay of the back line, Wang’s comeback with the help of the team is self-evident.

  • “我們希望喇嘛這樣的球員能夠成為這個陣容的中流砥柱 ”,傑克遜說道。
    “We have Lamar out there with that group to kind of provide that solidifying factor, hopefully, ” Jackson said.

  • 高中教育在實現大眾化和普及化的過程中,中等職業教育起到瞭中流砥柱作用。
    Meanwhile, secondary vocational education also plays a main role in helping high school education realize massification and universalization.

  • 那各行各業的排頭兵,正是我們這個時代的無名英雄,正是中華民族的中流砥柱
    That the vanguard of all walks of life, is the unsung heroes of our times, it is the backbone of the Chinese nation!

  • 中國汽車業是國傢經濟的中流砥柱,在經濟發展和人民生活水平提高方面起重要作用。
    Automobile industry is the backbone industry of Chinese national economy. It is playing a major role in the development of national economy and improvement of people’s living level.

  • 前所未有的,新興經濟被看做是振興世界經濟的中流砥柱,然而,他們能有這麼大影響力嗎?
    More than ever before, emerging economies are being relied upon to help lift the world economy. But can they keep up the effort?

  • 過去制造業曾是支撐工人階級的中流砥柱,而現在卻逐漸衰退,這樣就有一些年輕人無所事事。
    The waning of the manufacturing jobs that used to be the mainstay of the working class has created a generation of young males, in particular, who don’t know what to do with themselves.

  • 企業中層管理人員是介於企業決策層領導和具體操作層員工之間的管理團體,是企業的中流砥柱
    Middle-level management staffs, between the decision-making body and the executive staff, are main powers in a company.

  • 砥柱中流,力挽狂瀾,中國共產黨是中華民族的脊梁。綿延幾千年的中華民族苦難深重,歷經滄桑。
    Baffle midstream, make vigorous efforts to turn the situation, the Chinese Communist is the back of the Chinese nation.

  • 雖然今年我國來自市場機制驅動的內需將依然乏力,但是中國的投資將發揮力挽狂瀾的中流砥柱作用。
    Although this year from China’s domestic demand-driven market will remain weak, but investment in China will play the role of the backbone to turn the tide.

  • 那些總是停留在談論男友、老公、孩子和各種雞毛蒜皮的事情的人永遠不會成為我們事業的中流砥柱
    Those who always focus on talking about their boyfriends, husbands, children and other trivialities will never be towers of strength of our career.

  • 自從中共接手其傢園後1959年流亡至鄰國印度以來,今年73歲的達賴喇嘛一直是外交舞臺上的中流砥柱
    The 73-year-old has been a mainstay on the diplomatic stage ever since he fled his native land that was absorbed into communist China for neighbouring India in 1959.

  • 肩負創業板的使命,保薦機構應當思考如何實現創業板價值的最大化,選拔優質的上市資源,發揮中流砥柱的作用。
    Shoulder the mission of the GEM, the sponsor should consider how to achieve the maximization of the value of the GEM, the selection of high-quality listing of resources, play a crucial role.

  • 在意大利和一些其他歐洲國傢,一個低效率的大型企業部門寄生在充滿活力的中小型企業身上,後者是經濟的中流砥柱
    In Italy, and in some other European states, an inefficient large-business sector is parasitic on the vibrant small- and medium-sized enterprises, which are the mainstay of the economy.

  • 吉佈森是國內規模最大的電廠之一,是這一區域內電力供應的中流砥柱,為輸電網絡內的三百萬人口提供足夠的電力資源。
    Gibson, one of the biggest power plants in the country, is a mainstay of the region’s electricity supply, pumping enough power into the grid for three million people.

  • 首先是父母退休以後,逐漸淡出瞭社會繁雜的人際交往舞臺,而子女此時恰恰是社會的中流砥柱,在社會地位及心態上比不同。
    I maintain that the most important of all is the different social status and mental attitude, gradually, for parents, out of the social intercourse, for us, mainstay.

  • 抗日戰爭勝利的決定性因素為全民族的英勇抗戰和共產黨領導成為中流砥柱,其領導能力得到充分實現、迅速拓展和根本性升華。
    The determining factors for the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan are the(nationwide) heroic fight and the Chinese Communist Party’s strategic leadership.

  • 馬爾蒂尼和科斯塔庫塔是球隊的主心骨,然後是28——29歲這段年齡的中流砥柱,如內斯塔,加圖索,皮爾洛,卡卡和吉拉迪諾。
    Maldini and Costacurta are the bones of the side and then the nucleus is around 28-29 years, speaking about the likes of Nesta, Gattuso, Pirlo, Kakà and Gilardino.

  • 一時間,山雨欲來風滿樓,作為中國金融業中流砥柱的四大商行,如何勤練“內功”、抵禦“外敵”,成瞭理論界、銀行業共同關心的話題。
    The tide of afflux of foreign banks is higher than that happened before, which makes the topic that how the Chinese four state-owned commercial banks face the challenger become the hottest one.

  • 我要感謝下一位第一夫人米歇爾?奧巴馬。她是我傢的中流砥柱,是我生命中的最愛。沒有她在過去16年來的堅定支持,今晚我就不可能站在這裡。
    I would not be standing here tonight without the unyielding support of my best friend for the last 16 years, the rock of our family the love of my life, our nation’s next first lady, Michelle Obama.

  • 我要感謝下一位第一夫人米歇爾o奧巴馬。她是我傢的中流砥柱,是我生命中的最愛。沒有她在過去16年來的堅定支持,今晚我就不可能站在這裡。
    I would not be standing here tonight without the unyielding support of my best friend for the last 16 years the rock of our family and the love of my life our nation’s next first lady Michelle Obama.

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