自作聰明  zì zuò cōng míng







  • 真不幸,自作聰明的傢夥。我有數據。
    Unfortunately for you, smart-alec, I Got the Data.

  • 所以不要自作聰明,說不受戒是好的。
    Therefore, don’t get smart and say, “It’s good not to receive the precepts.”

  • 真的?-是。-就像是一個自作聰明的人?
    Really? -Yeah. -Like a wise guy?

  • 深沉莊重的貓頭鷹也會輕視那些自作聰明的人。
    Can grave and formal pass for wise, When Men the solemn owl despise?

  • 要是主動做瞭沒讓我做的事情,那是在自作聰明
    When I do something without being told, I am trying to be smart.

  • 你是否見過自作聰明的人?寄望於愚人比寄望於他更好。
    Hast thou seen a man wise in his own conceit? there shall be more hope of a fool than of him.

  • 業餘選手常常自作聰明地去找頂或底——超級難的工作。
    Amateurs often outsmart themselves by trying to pick the end of a trend – a notoriously hard task.

  • 你是否見過自作聰明的人?寄望於愚人比寄望於他更好。
    See that man who thinks himself wise? There is more hope for a fool!

  • “不用說這確實是個自作聰明的議論。習慣瞭就好。”他說。
    “Not without saying something that’s really a [smart-aleck] comment and then getting fined for it, ” he said.

  • 掩耳盜鐘“後來變成”掩耳盜鈴“,用來諷刺自作聰明,自己欺騙自己。
    This is just like a thief covering his ears when stealing a bell.

  • 黑手作為戰士極其強大,可自作聰明這一點卻令其輕易地被制在鼓掌之間。
    Blackhand had been an extremely powerful fighter but had thought himself clever and thus had been easily controlled.

  • 就是說,我們要謹慎,既不要輕易接受 俗套的 看法,又不要太自作聰明
    Meaning, we should be careful about accepting conventional wisdom as, well, being wise.

  • 看上去有男子漢氣概和把臉弄得臟得像個自作聰明的傻瓜一樣之間是有明顯界限的。
    There’s a fine line between looking manly and looking like a doofus with dirt on his face.

  • 因為它違反瞭經典《程序設計式樣原理》的第一條法則:寫代碼要清晰-不要自作聰明
    This code violates rule 1 from the classic work The Elements of Programming Style: Write clearly – don’t be too clever.

  • 故對這種看著像懂但是不懂,對演講技巧一竅不通而又自作聰明的人來講,教起來隻會更費勁。
    It looked like about this do not understand, however, the smart aleck speech skills and know nothing about the people, are bound to be more effort teaching.

  • 我要說的話無疑會遭到在派對上自作聰明的人的反對。但我最終會勝利的,因為我有數據支持。
    This is where I say something that a smart-alec at a party would no doubt disagree with, and then I triumph by having data to back it up.

  • 如果資源是公共的,一般總逃不過“公地悲劇”,誰都自作聰明地先下手為強,結果害人害已。
    ” If the resources of the public in general can not escape the general “Tragedy of the Commons”, one smart aleck preemptive manner, the results have been victims of harm.

  • 你知道,一定會有人稱這整本書是個褻瀆。尤其是,如果你繼續以這樣一個自作聰明的傢夥的樣子出現的話。
    You know, don’t You, that there are those who will call this entire book a blasphemy. Especially if You keep showing up as such a wise guy.

  • 在一連串的“寒冬論”、“崩盤論”的喧囂裡,樓市安然走過2002年,倒讓“自作聰明”者屢屢跌丟瞭眼鏡。
    in a series of “cold theory, ” “collapse theory” person, property safely through 2002, Daorang “consider themselves clever” people have lost or glasses.

  • 他把稅單向桌上重重地一摔,叫道:“好啊,你們跟我添亂,我可沒時間跟你們這些自作聰明的人糾纏,尤其是外國人。
    He banged his income tax form and yelled, “Well, you’re not helping me, and I have no time for wise guys who come around, especially foreigners.”

  • 現在還有些自作聰明的人在爭論冷戰主要是長期的誤解所致,還是不同意識形態之間的競爭,還是一種強國之間對抗行為。
    Wise heads still argue about whether the cold war was principally a long misunderstanding, a contest of ideals or a power rivalry.

  • 所以無上瑜伽的口訣是“空,不要有自己的動作,童言無忌”。其要求就是要瑜伽行者不要自作聰明的去影響瑜伽的課程。
    Hence, the pithy formula of utmost yoga is “empty, no your own actions and ignorance as child’s babble”, which requires a yoga-practicer doesn’t think himself clever to affect the course of yoga.

  • 人類自己衍生出新的知識,從而拋棄掉部份德的智慧,自作聰明地按照自己的知識去生活,去渡過這一個不知其所以然的一生。
    Anything but mankind has no derived knowledge. Mankind deserts a part of wisdom of Virtue and flatters himself wise to live an ambiguous life by his own knowledge.

  • 那些在練功中走火入魔,不能滌除玄覽而出問題的,大都是自作聰明的運用意志力,或試圖以想像力去進行控制,以引導氣而發生的。
    Since those people think them clever and use consciousness or imagination to control or guide Qi, they eventually go in evil way in practice and can’t wipe and cleanse the vision of the mystery.

  • 但是另一方面,這部影片被一個過於走紅的角色所喧賓奪主,也由於笨拙地將戲劇故事的基調轉換為一個自作聰明的政治喜劇所糟蹋。
    At its worst, it is submerged by an over-populated cast of characters and a tone which shifts awkwardly between dramatic storytelling and smartass political comedy.

  • 我們的媒體不要再跟著市場後面自作聰明瞭,還是趕緊想想如何用自己的報道促進房地產市場的冬天快點過去或至少來得不太寒冷吧!
    our media not to follow the market behind consider themselves clever, or about how quickly the real estate market with their own reports for the winter cold quickly in the past or at least more less!

  • 羅伯特•穆加貝毀瞭他的國傢,他自作聰明,無情地而又狂熱地盲信有人要傾覆他的政權,並把他送去受審,因為他無數次地不尊重人權。
    He has ruined his country. He has the ruthless, delusional fanaticism of a clever man who is frightened of being toppled—and perhaps put on trial for his copious human-rights abuses.

  • “你這個女人可別自作聰明以為可以耍得瞭我。或許你在女人裡算是聰明的,可要是你想逃出我的手掌心可沒那麼容易!”老卡斯卡利安狠狠地說道。
    Don’t think you can fool me, woman. You may be cleverer than most of your sex, but you won’t escape me, if that’s your thought!

  • “你這個女人可別自作聰明以為可以耍得瞭我。或許你在女人裡算是聰明的,可要是你想逃出我的手掌心可沒那麼容易!”老卡斯卡利安狠狠地說道。
    Don’t think you can fool me, woman. You may be cleverer than most of your ***, but you won’t escape me, if that’s your thought!

  • 也許他不講信譽?也許給我的是錯號?他的手對我的觸摸是我的幻覺?我想我是不是自作聰明?我想我已經明白這一切瞭。現在我唯一的希望是維護尊嚴,不再發送第二個短信:;
    Maybe I have the wrong number?Did I imagine the hand-brushing thing?I thought I was so clever. I thought I had it all figured out. Now my only hope of dignity was not to send a second text;

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