落井下石  luò jǐng xià shí







  • 另一種是落井下石,極少有雪中送炭。
    Another kind is hits a person when he is down, extremely little has gives opportune help.

  • 在整個西方世界都在戳他眼睛時,我們不落井下石
    Don’t poke him in the eye when the whole of the West is poking him already.

  • 添加落井下石,是有最高金額的任何傢庭可以得到。
    To add insult to injury, there is a maximum amount any family can get.

  • 畫虎不成反類犬。鷸蚌相爭,漁翁得利。落井下石
    He painted a tiger but it turned out a dog.

  • 他妻子拋棄瞭他,接著他的公司落井下石,裁減瞭他。
    His wife left him and then his firm put the boot in by making him redundant.

  • 莫在淹死的老鼠身上潑水。(或譯:不要落井下石。)
    Pour not water on a drowned mouse.

  • 當一個球隊在困難期時,媒體就會試著對他們落井下石
    When a team is in difficulty, the media tries to sink them without trace.

  • 約翰的妻子剛剛離開他,現在又要解雇他,簡直是落井下石
    To dismiss John from his job when his wife has just left him would be hitting a man when he is down.

  • 下一輪的爭議不僅會助長不確定性的囂張氣焰也會對現況落井下石
    Further rounds of debate will stoke uncertainty and make things worse.

  • 落井下石是容易的事情。我真不敢相信人們竟以別人的痛苦為樂。
    It’s easy to kick someone when they’re down. I can’t believe people laugh at others’ misfortunes.

  • 「哼……管他的……反正,誰需要他啊……」影子落井下石,不屑一顧。
    “Hmh…” Shadow started to backfire, “Whatever… who needs him anyway…”

  • 他重病在身已有瞭一些時候,我若再對他說他丟瞭工作,就等於落井下石
    He had been quite ill for some time, and I could not tell him that he had lost his job – that would be keckling a man when he was down.

  • 運動營銷專傢表示,廣告商在這種時候終止贊助協議可能會被看作落井下石
    Pulling out of a sponsorship deal at a time like this would be seen as poor decorum, said sports-marketing experts.

  • 當別人的任何一項可以利用的弱點曝光後,有太多太多的人隨時準備落井下石
    There far too many persons ready and willing to throw someone else under the bus when they spot any weakness that can be exploited.

  • 如果是反對派指責他們“缺少使經濟持續增長的框架計劃”,你可能覺得是落井下石
    If the opposition deplored the “absence of a framework to sustain economic growth”, you might take it with a pinch of salt.

  • 猜疑、妒忌、仇恨、巨大利益而前出賣朋友,傢人,陷害他人,落井下石的比比皆是。
    Suspicion, jealousy, hatred, and before a huge sell out the interests of friends, family, others set up, adding insult to injury of many.

  • 但是當他們正在遭受精神折磨時,我們卻落井下石,背棄他們,變得冷淡且漠不關心。
    But when they are in mental anguish, and we pound them more on that, and we turn our backs and become cold and indifferent, that is even more cruel, even worse.

  • 麻生不會因為民主黨的亂像而發起一場倉促的選舉,選民們會唾棄這種落井下石的行為。
    Mr Aso is unlikely to use the DPJ’s disarray to call a snap election. Voters might punish such opportunism.

  • 而害怕感染美國癌癥的英國政府,對巴克萊銀行一嚇二阻,對雷曼銀行的消亡落井下石
    But the British government, fearful of contracting the American cancer, took fright and blocked it, helping to seal the investment bank’s fate.

  • 覺得自己是殘忍的,落井下石一般的對待這些即將被掃走的葉子,卻又沉浸其中,無法自拔。
    This might require a bit of patience on your part but at the end of the day, you will be the gainer.

  • 兒子明白瞭:在你患難時刻,那個能夠明哲保身、不落井下石加害你的人,可稱做你的半個朋友。
    son understand: In your moment of adversity, that what they can not hurt you when he is down, and can be called half your friends.

  • 然而如果顯得有益於他的目的,他既能有意地對他們的災難落井下石,也能讓他們的幸福錦上添花。
    However, if the purpose appears to be useful in that he both deliberately insult to injury for their disaster, but also allow them to well-being icing on the cake.

  • 英國人生活最基本的原則之一就是“從不打一個已經敗倒在地的人”,意思是說,不要落井下石,趁人之危。
    One of the most elementary rules of life is “never hit a man when he’s down”—in other words, never take advantage of a person’s misfortune.

  • 這棵樹倒瞭,他們會立刻轉移到另一棵樹上去,從容來去,毫無愧色,能不對原來的樹落井下石便是鳳毛麟角。
    This tree fallen, they will be immediately transferred to a tree to another, easily come and go, there is no Kuise, can not hit the original tree is rare.

  • 社會輿論變幻如此之速,其重要原因之一就是清政府有意落井下石,乘機打擊曾國藩,以便將他趕出畿輔要地。
    Public opinion changes so rapid, one of the important reasons is that the Government intends to hit-and flew combat Zeng Guofan, so he will be expelled from the Jifu.

  • 達賴喇嘛的一名發言人告訴法新社說他對南非政府的決定非常失望,並職責南非屈服於中國政府的強權而落井下石
    A spokesperson for the Dalai Lama told AFP news agency he was “very disappointed” by the decision, also accusing South Africa of caving into “intense pressure” from Chinese authorities.

  • 梅艷芳聲帶:「首先你要先付出自己的感情,不要問回報,隻要對方千萬不要在自己危難的時期,還要落井下石便算瞭。」
    Antia Mui on tape: [We have to give our own affection first, don’t ask for return. If the other party doesn’t step on me when I’m in trouble, that is already very good.

  • 如果他們不能夠通過展現他們的“善心”而獲得好處的話,他們是不會理睬其他那些處在困境當中的人的,甚至會落井下石
    If they cannot get profit from showing their ‘kindness’, they draw back when others are faced with trouble and even hit a man when he is down.

  • 我那善於觀察的兒子真煩人,前幾天他跟我說:“爸,你最近真的是很少用健身器瞭。”,說完還落井下石地拍瞭拍我的肚子。
    “Dad, you sure haven’t been using your exercise machine much, ” my annoying observant son said the other day. He put the boot in by patting my belly .

  • 還有你碰到的是一個上海人,她不能代表全部上海人,各個地方都有好人和壞人,另外物以類居,人以群分,你能娶這樣的老婆,也說明你本人也不咋地。一個碗是敲不響的。你對你老婆都可以落井下石,你不覺得你很卑鄙嗎?
    Do not you feel shame of yourself, you are no more than a devil to a wife. i really feel sorry to that Shanghai girl, because she did not see you vulgar you are.

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