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  • 於牧師著作等身﹐是主所重用的忠心仆人。
    He has authored many books and VCD and is a faithful servant of Lord.

  • 蘇聯科學院院士齊赫文中國研究的著作等身
    The Soviet Academician Serguei Tikhvinski has many works on China to his credit.

  • 劉詩白教授著作等身
    Liu Shibai teaches the body such as composing.

  • 他一生著作等身,宏論蓋世,為人謙遜,治學嚴謹。
    During his life time, he writes numerous essays and issues magnificent theories covering a lot of legal fields.

  • 仍以寫作為例,我想不通,一個人何必要著作等身呢?
    I never understand why a writer should try to be prolific.

  • 但這些人的社會地位顯然比大部分“著作等身”的大學教授高得多。
    However, their social status than most of the “Zhuzuodengshen” university professors is much higher.

  • 蘇雪林是中國現代史上一位才華橫溢的作傢、著作等身的學者、桃李滿天下的教授。
    Su Xuelin is a talented and brilliant writer in Chinese modern literary history as well as a scholar of letters and a fruitful professor.

  • 丘吉爾是著作等身的作傢、雄才大略的演說傢、安邦治國的政治傢、戰爭中的傳奇英雄。
    Churchill is a famous author, talent orator, statement man who work for the peace, and the legendary hero in the struggles/deference.

  • 保羅•薩繆爾森是經濟學理論的一個拓荒者,著作等身,也是經濟學界最偉大的教師之一。
    Paul Samuelson was both a path-breaking and prolific economic theorist and one of the greatest teachers that economics has ever known.

  • 科幻小說方面,克拉克著作等身,然而他堅稱,他不曾“預測”過未來,隻是“推斷”而已。
    He did not predict the future in his copious science fiction, he insisted. He simply extrapolated.

  • 我無法聲稱自己比得上著作等身的學者,但一名沒有豐富商業經驗的學者能否與我相比肩呢?
    I cannot claim to be the peer of a well-published academic, but could an academic without substantial business experience be my peer?

  • 仍以寫作為例,我想不通,一個人何必要著作等身呢?倘想流芳千古,一首不朽的小詩足矣。
    Using the writing example again, I’ve been wondering why a writer needs to be prolific. If he dreams of being enshrined, an immortal short poem is enough.

  • 對於脫脂乳,他也推崇備至。薩老熱衷“在經驗事實中尋求理論理解”,故而長壽,故而著作等身
    His passion for “looking for theoretical understandings of empirical reality” may help explain his long life, as well as his lengthy list of achievements.

  • 我無言以對,都說“著作等身”是用來形容科研水平高,原來“蘋果等身”是用來形容感情深啊,頓悟。
    I have no speech with rightness, all say “work etc. body” is use to a description research level Gao, originally”apple etc. body” is to use to come to describe affection deep, realize suddenly.

  • 對於脫脂乳,他也推崇備至。薩老熱衷“在經驗事實中尋求理論理解”,故而長壽,故而才能著作等身
    His passion for “looking for theoretical understandings of empirical reality” may help explain his long life, as well as his lengthy list of achievements.

  • 我們的師資都是著作等身,擁有影響力的學者和有創造力的作者,同時也以其優質和投入的教學品質聞名。
    Staffed by well-published, influential scholars and creative writers, the Literature faculty is recognized for its superior and committed teaching.

  • 滿頭銀發的德維爾賓著作等身,同時是詩人,他在五月十一日還說,下一步要做什麼,目前「還沒頭緒」。
    The silver-haired Villepin, a published author and poet, said May 11 that he has “no idea” what he will do next.

  • 然而,就是這樣一位著作等身的作傢,因為他新舊並存的特殊的文學樣態,遭受瞭幾十年文學史的不公正對待。
    However, the writer who has own so much works has suffered unfair treatment in Chinese Modern literature history because his special literature characteristics that the new and the old both existed.

  • 卡爾·馬克思和馬丁·路德,一個是19世紀卓越的思想傢,一個是16世紀最有影響力的神學傢,兩位德國巨子以等身著作影響著世界的格局與進程。
    Two German giants Carl Marx, outstanding thinker in 19~(th) century, and Martin Luther, the most influential theologian, influence the world situation and development with their great works.

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