衣不蔽體  yī bù bì tǐ







  • 許多人如果以他們的謙卑當衣著,那可能衣不蔽體
    Many would be scantily clad if clothed in their humility.

  • 如果你有多馀的衣服,那麼就拿一些給衣不蔽體的人;
    If you have more clothes than you really need, then give some to the person who has few clothes;

  • 一年四季衣不蔽體、食不果腹,在生活的苦海裡掙紮。
    Clothing throughout the year not Biti, the hungry, in the life of Oliver, struggling.

  • 並跑向我們,我想到自己衣不蔽體,便大叫:「別過來。」
    ” and ran to us. I shouted, “Don’t come, ” thinking I was half-naked.

  • 艾曼紐跟在她後面。在客廳裡,還有七八個衣不蔽體的水手。
    Emmanuel followed her, and in the antechamber were visible the rough faces of seven or eight half-naked sailors.

  • 你無緣無故強取兄弟的東西作當頭,剝去衣不蔽體的人的衣服。
    For thou hast taken a pledge from thy brother for nought, and stripped the naked of their clothing.

  • 一根粗如人臂的纜繩,從幾個衣不蔽體的拉纖人一直連系到船頭。
    A tow rope as thick as a man’s arm extended from several scantily clothed tow-men, all the way to the bow.

  • 直到此時此刻,我們仍是忍饑受渴,衣不蔽體,受人拳打,居無定所。
    Until now we hunger and thirst, we are poorly clothed and badly treated, while moving from place to place.

  • 昭和十年(1934年),臺中鬧區柳川橋下飄來一具衣不蔽體的無名女屍。
    In 1934, an unknown naked female body was washed down to the Willow River Bridge in downtown Taichung.

  • 現在這個制度對他們意味著痛苦的勞役,半饑半飽,衣不蔽體的生活,短命和夭折。
    For them, the present system means joyless drudgery, semistarvation, rags and premature death.

  • 親愛的同胞們,當我們在挑選名牌服裝的時候,你是否還記得那些衣不蔽體的父老鄉親?
    My dear fellow citizens, when we selection of brand-name clothing, you still remember those clothes do not Biti of fellow ?

  • 你們會把餅分給饑餓的人,會將衣服送給衣不蔽體的人,你們會盡力去幫助那些不幸的人。
    You will feed those who are hungry and clothe those who need it. You will do everything you can to help those less fortunate than yourselves.

  • 一個月過去瞭,大傢都開始為第三位年輕人的安危擔心,他卻一步一蹭,衣不蔽體地回來瞭。
    A month later, everybody began to worry about the safety of the third young man. However, he finally showed up, hobbling along in rage.

  • 無論是錦衣玉食的王子,還是衣不蔽體的流浪兒,隻要願意,就能為自己的人生確立一個目標。
    Either a prince who lives in luxury or a tramp dressed in rags, can have an aim in life if he will.

  • 雖然金錢可以防止我們饑餓,口渴,無傢可歸或衣不蔽體。但是它不能像智慧那樣延長我們的生命。
    While money can prevent us from starving, thirsting, homelessness, and being without clothing, it cannot prolong our lives like wisdom can.

  • 這些孩子沒有傢,沒有食物,也常常衣不蔽體。她沒有錢,但是基於愛和同情,她致力為孩子設立學校。
    She had no money, but through her love and compassion, she managed to start a school for children who had nothing—no homes, no food, and often no clothes on their backs.

  • 才五年前,中國大陸的圖書雜志還會因為有衣不蔽體的模特兒照片或內容被官方認定冒犯忌諱、敗壞道德,而遭到檢查或禁售。
    But even five years ago, Chinese books and magazines were censored or banned from showing pictures of scantily clad models or publishing content that was deemed offensive or morally corrupt.

  • 以悠閑輕松著稱、崇拜太陽的澳大利亞人正遭受來自保守派的威脅,他們要求女性不得在一些國傢最受歡迎的沙灘上衣不蔽體
    Australia’s reputation as a laid-back, easy-going nation of sunworshippers is under threat from a plan by conservatives to force women to cover up on some of the country’s most popular beaches.

  • 可是,正當馬呂斯以驚奇痛苦的目光註視著她時,那姑娘卻象個幽靈,不管自己衣不蔽體,在他的破屋子裡無所顧忌地來回走動。
    Nevertheless, while Marius bent a pained and astonished gaze on her, the young girl was wandering back and forth in the garret with the audacity of a spectre.

  • 肯尼迪的一位幕僚後來回憶寫道“孩子們有的衣不蔽體,有的衣衫不整,在房間裡奔來撞去,埃塞爾不得不以最大的嗓門四處叫喊申飭。
    One of Kennedy’s staff wrote later that “kids in various states of undress ran amok, Ethel scurried about screaming orders at the top of her lungs.”

  • 耶穌說:我饑腸轆轆――我衣不蔽體――我無傢可歸――我不為人所要,不為人所愛,也不為人所關心――然而,你卻為我做瞭這一切。
    Jesus said: I was hungry, I was naked, I was homeless, I was unwanted, unloved, uncared for, and you did it to me.

  • 耶穌所說的話――我饑腸轆轆――我衣不蔽體――我無傢可歸――我不為人所要,不為人所愛,也不為人所關心――然而,你卻為我做瞭這一切。
    Jesus had said: I was hungry, I was naked, I was homeless, I was unwanted, unloved, uncared for, and you did it to me.

  • 這也是為什麼我們會相信耶穌所說的話:我饑腸轆轆——衣不蔽體——無傢可歸——無人需要、無人疼愛、無人照顧——但你卻為我做瞭這一切。
    And that is why we believe what Jesus had said:I was hungry—I was naked—I was homeless—I was unwanted, unloved, uncared for—and you did it to me.

  • 因此相信耶穌所說的話――我饑腸轆轆――我衣不蔽體――我無傢可歸――我不為人所要,不為人所愛,也不為人所關心――然而,你卻為我做瞭這一切。
    And that is why we believe what Jesus had said: I was hungry, I was naked, I was homeless, I was unwanted, unloved, uncared for, you did it to me.

  • 因為我們相信耶穌所說的話――我饑腸轆轆――我衣不蔽體――我無傢可歸――我不為人所要,不為人所愛,也不為人所關心,――然而,你為我做瞭這一切。
    And that is why we believe what Jesus had said: I was hungry, I was naked, I was homeless, I was unwanted, unloved, uncared for, and you did it to me.

  • 因此咱們相信耶穌所說的話――我饑腸轆轆――我衣不蔽體――我無傢可歸――我不為人所要,不為人所愛,也不為人所關心――然而,你卻為我做瞭這一切。
    And those is reason we believe what Jesus had say: I were hungry, I were naked, I were habitatless, I were unrequireed, unloved, uncared noted for, and you did it to me.

  • 還有一傢悉尼店–在牛津街–將在幾個月後開)再說說這則廣告–一副性感圖片,上面兩個做未到青春期裝扮的女孩身穿衣不蔽體的比基尼,挑逗地彎著身子。
    And a Sydney store – in Oxford Street – is due to open in coming months) But back to the ad – a sexualised image of two pre-pubescent-looking girls bending over provocatively in skimpy bikinis.

  • 八位英國紳士和淑女被籠子圈起來,衣不蔽體地生活在巖石洞穴中。他們如猴子般地取悅興高采烈的公眾。觀眾前方有個牌子,上面寫著:“警告:大自然裡的人類。”
    Caged and barely clothed within a rocky enclosure, eight British men and women monkeyed for an amused, bemused crowd behind a sign reading “Warning: Humans in their Natural Environment.”

  • 在她的獲獎致辭中,她說,“如果我們說:‘我愛上帝,但是我不愛我的鄰居。’這是遠遠不夠的。”通過十字架之死,上帝使自己成為一個饑餓的人,一個衣不蔽體的人,一個無傢可歸的人。”
    “It is not enough for us to say, ‘I love God, but I do not love my neighbor, ‘” she said, since in dying on the Cross, God had “[made] himself the hungry one — the naked one — the homeless one.

  • 像天使一樣——這便是我們的人民的偉大之所在。因此我們相信耶穌所說的話:我饑腸轆轆,我衣不蔽體,我無傢可歸,我不為人所要,不為人所愛,也不為人所關心,然而,你卻為我做瞭這一切。
    Therefor , we believe the words by Juse: I’m hungry, I’m bare, I’m homeless, I’m unwanted by people, I’m unloved by people, I’m uncared by people, however, you did these to me.

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