目空一切  mù kōng yī qiè







  • 當她坐在鋼琴旁邊的時候, 顯出目空一切的樣子。
    While seating herself at the piano, she appeared to be on her high horse.

  • 暴徒的頑皮喊道目空一切的警察。
    The contumacious mob shouted defiantly at the police.

  • 被晉升至高於立場,羅伯目空一切
    Having been promoted to a highter position, Robert viewed with a scornful eye.

  • 醫生是目空一切過於自信的人。
    Dr. A is the man with supercilious overconfidence.

  • 野餐時瑪麗目空一切,指派別人做事。
    Mary was on her high horse at the picnic telling everyone what to do.

  • 人們常常被他目空一切的態度弄得惱火。
    People were often irritated by his cavalier attitude toward them.

  • 目空一切的人無朋友。
    The insolent have no friends.

  • 人必將屈服,人必被抑制,目空一切的人必低首下心。
    Man shall be humbled and the mortal fallen, and the eyes of the haughty cast down.

  • 人必將屈服,人必被抑制,目空一切的人必低首下心。
    And man shall be brought down, and man shall be humbled, and the eyes of the lofty shall be brought low.

  • 他們一不心就走入兩個極端:目空一切或者內向自卑。
    One does not mind them on into the two extremes: to the inferiority or supercilious.

  • 那個男孩需要找個嚴師管教——他變得越來越目空一切瞭。
    That boy needs to have a strict teacher-he’s getting far above himself.

  • 切勿被苦難所束縛,切勿被毫無來歷的財富所蒙蔽,切勿目空一切
    Avoiding the bondage of bitterness, the deceit of wealth without character, and the vanity of pride without gratefulness.

  • 但是,如果你說話的聲音太大,人們就會覺得你傲慢專橫,目空一切
    But, if you speak too loudly , you may be perceived as overbearing , bossy , a bully , a braggart.

  • 男人應該具備的素質,堅強,勇敢,而又不缺乏幽默,還有那種目空一切的霸氣。
    Men should have the quality, strong, brave, but not the lack of humor, the kind of supercilious Baqi.

  • 他有時誇誇其談,象諾曼人那樣目空一切地大講凱爾特人的未開化。(馬可勒)。
    He sometimes . . . in his rants, talked with Norman haughtiness of the Celtic barbarians. (Macaulay).

  • 喬治亞娜好使性子,心腸又毒,而且強詞奪理目空一切,偏偏得到所有人的縱容。
    Georgiana, who had a spoiled temper, a very acrid spite, a captious and insolent carriage, was universally indulged.

  • 他以共產國際自居,目空一切,獨斷專行,頤指氣使,企圖奪取中央最高領導權。
    He with Comintern pose as, supercilious, be a law onto oneself, order people by gesture, the purpose captures central highest hegemony.

  • 紐約一定到處都有這樣的 閨房 ,否則哪來那麼些美麗、傲慢、目空一切的佳人。
    New York must be filled with such bowers, or the beautiful, insolent, supercilious creatures could not be.

  • 另外,也許你們有些人在入學時就已具有非凡的能力,讓你目空一切,懶得註意聽講。
    Then again, maybe some of you have come to Hogwarts in possession of abilities so formidable that you feel confident enough to not pay attention.

  • 這個故事告訴我們不要驕傲!不要自大!目空一切!一山還有一山高!做人做事應該謙虛!
    This story tells us not to be proud! Do not arrogant! Supercilious! There are mountain mountain high! Way of doing things should be modest!

  • 米蘭白讓這一季的廚衛空間隨意邂逅米蘭心境,目空一切並高於常態的廚衛生活冷酷中猶見優雅。
    Milan white so this season is kitchen space at random encounter Milan mood, supercilious and higher than the normal life in cold blood in the kitchen and still see elegant.

  • 他以前也在劍橋大學待過兩年,現在,他是個堂堂的陸軍中尉,穿上瞭軍服,更可以目空一切瞭。
    He had previously spent two years at Cambridge. Now he had become a first lieutenant in a smart regiment, so he could mock at everything more becomingly in uniform.

  • 當吾主對熙雍山和耶路撒冷完成瞭他的一切工作時,必要懲罰亞述王心高氣傲的功績,和他目空一切的驕傲。
    When Yahweh has finished all his work on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, he will punish the king of Assyria for his willful pride and arrogant insolence.

  • 在這個目空一切的女人面前,像他這樣上瞭年紀的老人和一個日暮窮途的演員,最希望得到的不是崇拜,而是尊重。
    Faced with this contemptuous woman, what he desired most, as ageing man and precarious actor, was respect rather than admiration.

  • 奇妙的是,西班牙是個男性占優越地位、目空一切的社會,而鬥牛則是一種主要由男性欣賞、十分女性化的藝術表現。
    It is curious to note that Spanish society is very machismo, where the male is domineering, and the bullfight is a very feminist art representation, appreciated mainly by the male population.

  • 雇主們用不同的叫法稱呼他們——“Y一代”或“千禧一代”——但一致認為,他們是有史以來最驕縱的雇員,目空一切
    Employers call them different names –Generation Y or the Millennials –but agree about one thing: they are the most pampered employees ever, with an overwhelming sense of entitlement.

  • 時而誠心悔過,時而目空一切,29歲的麥迪這一次也被自己糟糕的表現觸動瞭,他相信8個月前的膝傷手術是他表現低迷的最重要原因。
    Sometimes contrite, other times defiant, McGrady, 29, said he has been shaken by poor play he believes to be brought on by his struggles to get over knee surgery eight months ago today.

  • 微軟的自大自傲,微軟的目空一切,微軟的壟斷地位竟一度使瀏覽器的發展陷入停頓,盡管網絡環境在當時已經日益復雜,令人困惑和危機四伏瞭。
    Through arrogance or neglect, Microsoft all but ceased Explorer’s development once it had monopoly status — even as the Web became increasingly cluttered, confusing and dangerous.

  • 哪裡還能找到2007版的比盧普斯呢,一個選秀時的高順位,一個被交易過來交易過去的傢夥,一個被時日損耗的人,然而,他也是一個滿懷天賦,充滿自信,而且能夠目空一切的大傢夥。
    Where was the 2007 version of Billups — a one-time high draft choice who was bouncing around out there, wasting away, yet still possessing the talent, the confidence and the swagger?

  • 這座城市(指紐約)裡有的是最貧窮的百萬富翁,最矮小的偉人,最目空一切的乞丐,最普通的美女,最低矮的摩天大樓,和最令人悲哀的歡樂,和我所見到過的任何城市相比,都有過之而無不及。
    It (New York) has the poorest millionaires. the littlest great men, the haughtiest beggars, the plainest beauties, the lowest skyscrapers, the dolefulest pleasures of any town I ever saw. (O. Henry.

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