磨刀霍霍  mó dāo huò huò







  • 小弟聞姊來,磨刀霍霍向豬羊。
    Her younger brother kills pig and sheep to celebrate.

  • 小弟聞姊來,磨刀霍霍向豬羊。
    Younger sister to smell, like pagans sharpening.

  • 小弟聞姊來磨刀霍霍向豬羊。
    Her younger brother kills pig and sheep to celebrate.

  • 磨刀石上鐮刀的霍霍聲。
    the sound of the scythe against the whetstone.

  • 磨刀霍霍要搞種族暴動?
    tooling up for the race riot, are we?

  • 兩兵就要交戰瞭,雙方都在磨刀霍霍地備戰。
    A battle is coming; the two armies are whetting their swords.

  • 弟弟聽說姐姐回來瞭,忙著霍霍磨刀殺豬宰羊。
    when brother knows sister is coming back, he rubs the knife to kill pigs and sheep.

  • 我聽見霍霍磨刀聲,好砍掉一個求婚者的腦袋。
    I hear the swish of the sword that is being sharpened to cut off a suitor’s head.

  • 聯邦和州政府都磨刀霍霍,睜大眼睛盯著學校的表現。
    Both states and the federal government are sharpening their instruments for measuring schools’ performance.

  • 我聽見霍霍磨刀聲,好砍掉一個 求婚者 的腦袋。
    I hear the swish of the sword that is being sharpened to cut off a suitor’s head.

  • 雙重羞辱的佈朗先生遭遇惡意抨擊,無疑他的背後又將磨刀霍霍
    Humiliation for Mr Brown in both encounters with hostile opinion will surely sharpen the daggers now poised at his back.

  • 兩地產商在各自的疆土上,磨刀霍霍,潛心經營,成為西部地產的擎天兩柱。
    Two developers in their respective territory, Sabre-rattling, and began operating as a property across the western two pillars.

  • 面對預期中的衰退,投行加強瞭各自的危機證券部門,磨刀霍霍之勢顯露無遺。
    Investment banks, readying themselves for the expected downturn, have been strengthening their distressed-securities groups.

  • 後來,我們漸漸感覺到眾廠商磨刀霍霍,預先熱身的動作,我們感嘆信息電器將呼嘯而至。
    Later, we feel numerous manufacturer grinds knife the scrape gradually, beforehand the movement of warm up, we plaint information electric equipment comes howl.

  • 銀行借記卡、存折全部取消免費服務,信用卡收費磨刀霍霍,銀行信用卡短信通知開始收費。
    Bank debit card, cancel all the books free of charge services, credit card charges scrape of a knife sharpening, bank credit SMS charges began to notice.

  • 寒風刮起,如同磨刀一般霍霍直響,伴隨著那山谷深處傳來的陣陣狗叫聲,似乎也就在腳後。
    Cold wind sweep, be just as grind a knife general the scrape rings continuously, accompanying what transmit in that valley blast a dog cry, also be it seems that after the foot.

  • 上帝保佑,在有生之年,我看到瞭環保署對此法案磨刀霍霍,他們致力於在年底通過此法案的修正案。
    Fortunately, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) plans to have amendments to the law passed by the end of the year.

  • 騎士在前進的道路上會有兩頭攔路虎(凱子和魔術)時刻騷擾他們,而且還有湖人磨刀霍霍在最後等著他們。
    The Cavaliers had Boston and Orlando on their tails most of the way, and the Lakers chasing them at the end.

  • 磨刀霍霍向豬羊,經濟學傢們為“經濟犧牲率”的合理尺度而爭論不休,因為這是要以事業來換取物價穩定的。
    Like pagans sharpening their knives, economists debate the size of this “sacrifice ratio”: the number of people who must lose their jobs to appease the gods of price stability.

  • 在自由的名義下,人民暴力(可能類似於文革)獲得瞭追捧,人身保護權無影無蹤瞭,而斷頭臺也開始磨刀霍霍瞭。
    In the name of liberty, mob violence was encouraged, habeas corpus was abolished, and the guillotine was set up!

  • 英格蘭之音,是鄉村鐵匠鋪裡鐵砧上的錘子的叮當聲、是露珠欲滴的清晨秧雞的鳴叫聲、是磨刀石上鐮刀的霍霍聲。
    Then sounds of England, the tinkle of the hammer on the anvil in the country smithy. The corncrake on the dewy morning. The sound of scythe against the whetstone.

  • 我們的王有許多鐮刀,永遠在刈割他的草地,磨刀霍霍之聲,預告著要割去草的數種綠葉,和雛菊等一幹雜在草中的野花。
    Our King has many scythes, and is perpetually mowing His lawns. The musical tinkle of the whetstone on the scythe portends the cutting down of myriads of green blades, daisies and other flowers.

  • 下周,一份關於2006年黎巴嫩戰爭的最終報告預計會引起對他的能力的再一次強烈不滿,而且他的政治對手們正磨刀霍霍
    Next week a final report on the 2006 Lebanon war is expected once more to be highly critical of his performance, and political rivals are sniffing blood.

  • 我們目前在蘋果中心大樓總部的外面,新聞記者們都在為這一盛事磨刀霍霍,每一個人都圍瞭起來,就像是一個歡快的牧場一樣。
    08AM – We’re outside the center, journalists are milling about in preparation for the event! Everyone’s roped in, kind of like a small pasture.

  • 當紅魔們正在為安菲爾德的利物浦之戰磨刀霍霍的時候,剛剛在星期二對雷丁比賽中進球的路易斯-薩哈表達瞭他希望繼續以主力首發的參戰的願望。
    As the Reds preprare to take on Liverpool at Anfield, Louis Saha is hoping to retain his place in the starting line-up for United after his return to the scoresheet against Reading on Tuesday night.

  • 此後,各方對荷銀及其首席執行官胡寧克(RijkmanGroenink)大有磨刀霍霍之勢。胡寧克掌管荷銀七年有餘,其間股東的獲得的回報少之又少。
    After that the knives were out for the Dutch bank and Rijkman Groenink, its chief executive who has presided over seven years of poor returns to shareholders.

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