離群索居  lí qún suǒ jū








  • 那個自信的傢夥總是離群索居
    That confident fellow always keeps himself to himself.

  • 他們變成瞭可怕的離群索居的人。
    They can become fearful and socially withdrawn.

  • 這是我離群索居的方法,一項挑戰。
    It’s my way to isolate from the rest of the world, a challenge.

  • 一個總想離群索居的人在為人方面是不成功的。
    The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being.

  • 可是做人也不能完全地離群索居,不與其他人接觸。
    However, as a human it is impossible to absolutely isolate himself from others.

  • 但是,由於離群索居,它顯然會感到倦怠,情緒沮喪。
    But it is evidently bored and frustrated for lack of company.

  • 紐約把離群索居的禮物和親歷參與的激動混合在一起。
    New York blends the gift of privacy with the excitement of participation;

  • 通常熊貓會離群索居,除非是母熊貓要照顧牠的寶寶。
    Usually pandas live alone unless it is a female taking care of her cub.

  • 有些動物是離群索居的,它們獨來獨往,不與同類相幹。
    Some animals are isolated and lead a separate existence away from their kind.

  • 他們離群索居,好閒靜處的處世態度,絕非是沒有道理的。
    That is way they choose to live in the isolated and peaceful place.

  • 我們難道永遠不能獨自生活、獨自思考、一個人離群索居麼?
    Shall we never live alone , think alone , live in a house by ourselves alone ?

  • 作為一個孩子,她象老虎一般驕傲和隱蔽,同時又離群索居
    As a child, she was as proud and shadowy as a tiger, and as aloof.

  • 時常離群索居、跟大自然生活在一起的人們都體會到這種感覺。
    People who live much alone and close to nature experience the sensation of it.

  • 他也以獨特路徑研究精神病,認為離群索居是致病因素而非其他。
    He also took a unique approach to mental illness, stating that alienation from society leads to illness, not the other way around.

  • 隻有離群索居,過簡單樸素的修行生活才能與神靈共處,一瞥實像。
    Only reclusive, simple and pure practice life can make you stay with gods and know the truth.

  • 雖然索尼埃離群索居多年,但他對藝術上的貢獻卻一直為人所敬重。
    Despite Saunière’s reputation for being reclusive, his recognition for dedication to the arts made him an easy man to revere.

  • 想更離群索居一點的人,隻要乘船就能到許多人跡罕至的小島上偷個清閒。
    And for the ultimate seclusion, there are numerous islands that are waiting to be explored only a boat ride away from the coast.

  • 這正像長期離群索居的人們那樣,一種孤零之感仿佛溢於他們的眉宇之間。
    As with some persons who have long lived apart, solitude seemed to look out of its countenance.

  • 「牠們離群索居,」他說︰「不會出來自找麻煩。」(美聯社?翻譯︰賴美君)
    “They keep to themselves, ‘ he said. “They don’t go out looking for trouble. ‘ (AP.

  • 一個從不四處走動的管理人員,久而久之將形同離群索居的隱士,與員工失去聯系。
    Chairman who never wanders about his agency becomes a hermit, out of touch with his staff.

  • 後來我變得不是那麼特異獨行,非得離群索居不可。我發現入境隨俗,會使修行更容易。
    Later I changed and I was not so independent and isolated. I found that it is much easier to practice when I do as Rome does.

  • 費米子與玻色子不同,它們喜歡離群索居,包立不相容原理禁止它們處於同一個量子狀態。
    Unlike bosons, fermions are misanthropes; the Pauli exclusion principle prohibits them from existing in the same quantum state.

  • 如果一名少年總是離群索居,或時常動怒,這已經不僅僅是正常的青春期反抗心理的表現瞭。
    If a teenager is trying to avoid relationships or constantly becomes seriously angry, more than normal teenage rebellion may be going on.

  • 科學傢們還不能證實在其它星球上有生命存在。她斷言離群索居對於創造性的工作是必不可少的。
    Scientists cannot affirm the existence of life on other planets. She averred that solitude was necessary for creative work.

  • 這個盆地屬於納帕潮溼森林生態系,它的隱密偏遠地區遺世獨立,是許多選擇離群索居原住民的傢。
    Known as the Napo Moist Forest ecosystem, this remote region is home to uncontacted indigenous groups living in voluntary isolation.

  • 有時精神分裂患者會出現幻聽或幻覺。他們或許認為別人想要傷害他們。他們變成瞭可怕的離群索居的人。
    People who are schizophrenic sometimes hear voices or see things that are not real. They might believe other people want to hurt them. They can become fearful and socially withdrawn.

  • 《砂礫》講述瞭一群被社會遺棄、離群索居的人的故事。20世紀90年代末,他們在西威爾士的一個海濱小鎮上相遇瞭。
    Grits is the story of a group of disenfranchised loners who meet in a small coastal village in West Wales at the end of the 1990s.

  • 1533年亨利另立瞭自己的大主教,即坎特伯裡大主教克蘭麥,令他宣佈廢除與凱瑟琳的這樁婚姻。凱瑟琳後來離群索居地度過馀生。
    In 1533 Henry had his own archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, annul the marriage, and Catherine spent her last years isolated from public life.

  • 經過一個半世紀的離群索居之後,一隻老鼠和一隻兔子發現自己正身處一場涉及它們的未來的國際風暴之中,這是被掠奪藝術品的特有命運。
    A rat and a rabbit, emerging from a century and a half of peaceful seclusion, have found themselves in the eye of an international storm about their future, and the proper fate of looted artworks.

  • “爭取民主聯盟”內對巴切萊特持批評態度的人士表示她並沒有讓她的部長們進行統治,相反卻信任一群沒有多大才能、離群索居的私人顧問。
    Her critics in the Concertación say she has not let her ministers govern, trusting instead in a hermetic group of personal advisers of no great ability.

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