精兵強將  jīng bīng qiáng jiàng







  • 首批員工是從中鐵養馬河橋梁廠抽調的“精兵強將”。
    First employee is from which iron raises factory of equestrian river bridge to transfer ” picked troops is strong will ” .

  • 幾個月前,紅星從常州總部派來瞭精兵強將駐守新街口店。
    Before a few months, red star came from Changzhou headquarters clique picked troops is strong will defend inn of new market opening.

  • (此外),小牛和太陽還有一幫經歷過季後賽考驗的精兵強將
    Both the Mavs and the Suns have a great supporting cast who have been through the rigors of the playoffs.

  • 公司下屬的開發部、經營部都配備瞭精兵強將,各司其責,獨擋一面…
    Battalion headquarters of the development department of company subordinate, classics deployed picked troops strong will, each department its duty, block one side alone…

  • 這支“蛙人”部隊是由海軍某部的潛水分隊派出的30多位精兵強將組成的。
    The “frogman” unit consists of 30-odd outstanding officers and men dispatched by a diving detachment of a Navy unit.

  • 新賽季在引入一幫精兵強將之後,毫無疑問皇馬的目標隻有一個,那就是冠軍。
    New Saiji will go without saying afterwards, only when Real Madrid’s target one being a champion by force in leading into a band picked troops.

  • 魯能泰山一行今天上午乘飛機抵達沈陽,主帥圖巴帶來瞭他能帶來的所有精兵強將
    Luneng Taishan line went by plane this morning arrives at Shenyang, commander in chief attempts Pakistan to bring all elite forces who he could bring.

  • 先生(小姐),貴公司在本地相當有名,想必是有像你們這樣一批優秀的精兵強將吧!
    That Sir , your company pretty well-known in local place , is to have with the bar like your such batch of excellent picked troops is strong most probably!

  • 法魁:安靜,我會讓弗爾娜公主成為我的王後,你們最後會有個完美的國王,聚集精兵強將
    Farquar: Silence! I’ll make this Princess Fiona my queen and you all will finally have the perfect king. Assembly your finest men.

  • 自棋盤井工程納入電力集團公司重點工程以來,內蒙古電力勘測設計院就組織精兵強將投入工作。
    Since the project of Qi Panjing was brought into the key projects of the electric power company group , the survey and designing institute in Inner Mongolia has sent crack troops to work there.

  • 這些曾經轉戰南北、身經百戰的精兵強將為發展祖國鋼鐵事業,今天又在這裡精心設計、精心施工。
    Today, in order to develop the country’s iron and steel industry, those veterans, who have ever fought countless battles, are meticulous in design and construction.

  • 這兩位克林頓手下的精兵強將在未來執掌美國經濟的帥印,首先在精神上給予瞭廣大民眾一針安慰劑。
    Both Clinton and his elite troops in the coming forced to charge the helm of the U. S. economy, first of all in the spirit of the broad masses of people to give one dose of placebo.

  • “為什麼隻有羅基一人作為超齡球員?亞平寧那麼多精兵強將都哪去瞭?”這位前切爾西球員表示不理解。
    “Why was Rocchi the only overage player? There were a lot of picket fences, ” the former Chelsea player explained.

  • 我們將集全局之精兵強將,高度重視本工程對我局在上海乃至“長三角”的特殊意義,既快又好地完成本工程。
    We’ll gather the elites of our bureau and highly emphasize the special meaning of this project in Shanghai and even Yangtze Delta Region so as to accomplish the project quickly and wonderfully.

  • 廣東同輝攝影設計公司是有從事十馀年行業經驗的精兵強將組織成立,我們起點就追求非凡品味與獨特的風格!
    Tonghui Photography&Design Co. , Ltd. is established by elites who have more than ten years experience in the industry. We stand on the pursuit of extraordinary taste and unique style!

  • 北京時間9月20日消息,今年夏天火箭得到瞭很多精兵強將,但他們同時也失去瞭管理層當中的一些老臣子,迪恩-庫珀就在此列。
    Beijing on September 20, this summer, a lot of rockets have been forced to crack troops, but they also lost some of the old management administrations, Dean – Cooper is on this list.

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