紅豆相思  hóng dòu xiāng sī







  • 玲瓏骰子安紅豆,入骨相思知不知?
    Simon dice Linglong red beans, Such is Life crassicarpa know?

  • 滴不盡相思血淚拋紅豆
    Like drops of blood fall endless tears of longing.

  • 因為牽掛,紅豆被傾註瞭我們深深的相思
    Because about, red beans were deep into our love.

  • 在民間,相思紅豆是有靈性的開運吉祥神物。
    Among the people, love bean is considered as spiritual lucky fetish.

  • 字字相思語,句句綿綿情,寫進紅豆詩,記下青春語。
    Every word conveys my yearning, every sentence presents my feeling. In the red berry poem are recorded, my passions in youth.

  • 那些紅豆紮下瞭根,然後長成瞭最漂亮的種子:相思豆。
    Day after day, spring to autumn, the fruits slowly changed into the most beautiful seeds:Love beans.

  • 王維紅豆生南國,春來發幾枝?願君多采擷,此物最相思
    Wang formed Tropical Health, a few of the spring? Multi-pickers to-jun, the most of Acacia.

  • 紅豆生南國, 春來發幾枝。願君多采擷, 此物最相思
    Red bean, born to send some spring south.

  • 一份健康的綠豆;一份開心的花生;一份相思紅豆;一份快樂的調料;
    A healthy mungbean, a happy peanut, one of the staff of Acacia, a happy seasoning;

  • 如今我在汕頭,依舊帶著那些紅豆,因為透明的心型瓶裡裝的是我的相思
    Now I am in Shantou, remains with those beans, because a transparent heart-shaped bottle filled with my Acacia.

  • 目前主打產品有:相思紅豆系列,中國節繩線、時尚飾品系列,飾品配件系列。
    At present the main products are: Acacia red beans series, the festival rope line, Fashion Jewelry series, jewelry accessories.

  • 相思豆就是紅豆,詩曰:紅豆生南國,春來發幾枝,願君多采擷,此物最相思
    Xiang Sidou is the red beans, poem reads: Health and southern red beans, spring hair Ji Zhi, Jun more than willing to pick, this material most Acacia.

  • 的惆悵直隱然著夜的黑久久不曾離去,一聲“玲瓏骰子安紅豆,入骨相思知不知?”
    ” Looming straight melancholy of the long dark night did not leave a “security Linglong dice red beans, Such is Life crassicarpa know?

  • 魅力《相思》詩長盛“紅豆”俗——王維《相思》詩與“紅豆”風俗結緣、傳承、演化研究。
    The Attractive Poem Lovesickness and the Prolonged “Love Pea” Custom ——A Research into the Poem Lovesickness by Wang Wei and Love Pea.

  • 這就是相思紅豆,一種充滿靈氣而奇妙的種子,傳說是心有相思之苦難以化解,最終凝結而成。
    This is the love red beans, and the Aura is full of a wonderful seed, is a legendary love of suffering heart has to resolve, by the end of condensation.

  • 紅豆,又稱相思豆,質地堅硬、色艷如血、形似跳動的心臟,紅而發亮,色澤晶瑩、永不褪色。
    Red bean, alias love pea, is characterd by its hard texture and bloody color. Like a beating heart, red and shiny, it will never fade.

  • 目前,時尚女性以佩帶紅豆精美飾品為榮,男女戀人紛紛為對方選擇相思紅豆飾品表達心中的愛意。
    At present, fashionable ladies are proud of wearing fancy love bean ornament, lovers all choose fancy love bean to express their emotions.

  • 紅豆相思的組合深切地契合瞭中華民族的性格特征和審美心理,因而對後世產生瞭深遠的文化影響。
    The connotation between red bean and love sickness reflects the Chinese national characteristics and aesthetical psychology, and brought long-termed influence to the latter Chinese culture.

  • 一份健康的綠豆;一份開心的花生;一份相思紅豆;一份快樂的調料;包成一個開心的粽子送給你。
    A healthy mungbean, a happy peanut, one of the staff of Acacia, a happy seasoning; packets into a happy dumplings given to you.

  • 真正的相思紅豆,學名叫做孔雀豆, 又名海紅豆,因為種子的大小而有小實孔雀豆和大實孔雀豆之分。
    true love red, peacock-scientific name is called, also known as sea beans, seed because of the size of small beans is a peacock and the peacock is divided beans.

  • 滴不盡相思血淚拋紅豆,開不完春柳春花滿畫樓,睡不穩紗窗風雨黃昏後,忘不瞭新愁與舊愁,咽不下玉粒金蓴噎滿喉;
    Like drops of blood fall endless tears of longing. By painted pavillion grow willows and follows. Sleepless at night when wind and rain lash gauze windows. She can’t forget her sorrows new and old.

  • 也許父母子女,也許兄弟姐妹,也許朋友之間,也許商業往來,也許愛人情信(正所謂:“紅豆生南國,此物寄相思”嗎!)
    It is widely used between parents and children, brothers and sisters, friends , lovers and business communication. it has become a symbol for missing.

  • 這種紅豆被人們稱作相思豆,自古就是愛情和友情的信物,千百年來為世人所鐘愛和珍藏。歷來視之為愛情、友誼的象征及信物。
    When those red berries come in springtime, Flushing on your southland branches, Take home an armful, for my sake, As a symbol of our love.

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