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  • 凱恩斯革命是對自由放任的革命。
    Keynesia revolution is the revolution to allowing unrestrained freedom.

  • 在我國歷史上屢見不鮮的自由放任主義原則。
    That doctrine of laissez faire which so often in our history.

  • 佈朗說,自由放任政策大行其道的日子已經過去。
    ‘Laissez-faire has had its day, ‘ Mr. Brown said in the interview.

  • 所有這一切,都是對“自由放任”模式的重要修改。
    All these are vital modifications to the laissez-faire model.

  • 它再也不是裡根經濟政策或者自由放任的資本主義。
    S. history. It is no longer Reaganomics or laissez faire capitalism.

  • 一種著重自由放任自由市場和金本位的經濟理論。
    An economic theory in favor of laissez-faire, the free market, and the gold standard.

  • 自由放任政策導致經濟活動的增加,但也促進瞭進口的增長。
    Laissez-faire policy result in increase economic activity, but contribute to a rise in import.

  • 和巴斯夏一樣,薩伊也是積極為自由放任和工業革命辯護的人。
    He was a defender of laissez-faire and the industrial revolution, as was Bastiat.

  • 你不必要達到許多標準也能建立一個學校,這似乎成瞭一個自由放任的政策。
    You don’t have to meet a lot of standards to be aid to set up as a school.

  • 這一新的自由放任的環境,已經成為一個重要的驅動,在國際化的中國當代藝術。
    This new laissez-faire environment has been a major driver in the internationalization of Chinese contemporary art.

  • 在進步主義運動之初,政府采取自由放任政策,未能及時地對社會治理需求作出回應。
    At the beginning of the Progressive Movement, the government adopted a Laissez-faire policy and failed to timely make the responsiveness to the needs of treatment of the society.

  • 最起碼從最自由放任的現代金融入手,如55萬億美元的信用衍生市場將被納入管理軌道。
    At a minimum, the most freewheeling areas of modern finance, such as the $55 trillion market for credit derivatives, will be brought into the regulatory orbit.

  • 該鎮最出名的人物是亞當•斯密,就是倡導自由放任主義的經濟學傢暨《國富論》的作者。
    Its most famous son is Adam Smith, the laissez-faire economist and author of The Wealth of Nations.

  • 自由主義關註個人自由和個性,在發展早期,“自由放任”或國傢較少幹預經濟是其特征。
    Liberalism was concerned with freedom and individuality and early on was identified with “laissez faire”, or a lack of state intervention in the economy.

  • 因此,他們反對自由放任主義的經濟理論,也就是以最低價買進貨品,以最高價賣出的理論。
    Thus, they opposed laissez-faire economic theory, which calls for selling at the highest possible price and buying at the lowest possible price.

  • 仆人領導被看作為創造一個自由放任的真空環境,僅僅要求職員或囤積“您認為什麼需要做?
    Servant leadership is seen as creating a laissez-faire vacuum that merely asks the staff or hoard “What do you think needs to be done?”

  • 亞當·斯密在繼承前人經濟自由思想的基礎上,系統地闡述瞭他的自由放任經濟思想的原則。
    Adam · Si Mi is on the foundation with successive forefathers freethinking economy, elaborated the principle of thought of his economy of allowing unrestrained freedom systematically.

  • 自由放任主義政策的時代終結瞭”,他在土倫說道:“關於市場是全能正確的觀點可以停止瞭。”
    “Laissez-faire is finished, ” he declared in Toulon. “The all-powerful market that is always right is finished.

  • 與體制轉軌的路徑選擇相適應,俄羅斯的傳媒發展也經歷瞭一個“從自由放任到逐漸有序”的過程。
    To match the choice of the transformation of its political system, the media development in Russia also went through a developing process from “laisser faire to gradual ordering”.

  • 作為美國財長,他一直是美國式資本主義的首席佈道者,為自由放任主義的“粗暴之愛”提供咨詢服務。
    As treasury secretary, he has served as chief proselytizer for American-style capitalism, counseling the tough love of laissez-faire.

  • 奧巴馬和希拉裡都沒有公開對大公司宣戰,但是他們都說在過去8年中,對大公司的自由放任將會結束。
    Neither Obama nor Clinton have declared open war on corporations in this country, but each has said that the free ride corporations have had in the last eight years is over.

  • 這些批評者將全球金融危機歸因於自由放任理念的失敗,也註意到瞭西方政府對知名金融機構的國有化。
    These critics attribute the global financial crisis mainly to the failure of laissez-faire philosophies, and note Western governments’ nationalization of well-known financial institutions.

  • 從一個理想的市場與理想的政府出發來確定市場與政府的有效邊界,是自由放任學說和政府幹預學說共通的弱點。
    It is a common failing of laissez faire and theory of government intervention that they confirm efficient frontier from a perfect market and a perfect government.

  • 對於英國的自由放任政策怎樣應對跨國界能源政治中的明顯非自由現狀,是見仁見智的問題,但初期跡象並不樂觀。
    It is an open question how well Britain’s laissez-faire approach will cope with the distinctly illiberal world of cross-border energy politics, but early signs are not encouraging.

  • 德國財政部長施泰因佈呂克也強調,美國在次貸危機期間采取的自由放任主義政策“很愚蠢,造成的影響很惡劣”。
    America’s laissez-faire ideology, as practised during the subprime crisis, “was as simplistic as it was dangerous, ” chipped in Peer Steinbrück, the German finance minister.

  • 經濟人的理論 ,功利主義思想 ,自由、平等、效率和自由放任的思想 ,是近代西方經濟倫理思想的主要遺產。
    The theory of economic person, utilitarian thought, the thought of free, equal, efficiency and allowing unrestrained freedom, it is the main legacy of thought of ethics of latter-day west economy.

  • 綜觀世界各國企業登記註冊制度的歷史演變過程,經歷瞭四個階段:特許主義、自由放任主義、許可主義、準則主義階段。
    The evolution history of enterprise registration system of countries all over the world has undergone four phases: namely, Entry with Franchise, Free Entry, Entry with License and Entry with Rule.

  • 大致是這樣的:我們一直都知道自由放任市場是個錯誤,然而我們對其視而不見,現在我們所有人都在為這種寬容付出代價。
    It goes like this. We always knew that unbridled free markets were a mistake, yet we were derided for saying this; and now we are all paying the price for your excesses.

  • 還有,你薩科齊提議“加強監管資本主義,以取代自由放任主義”的想法在被默克爾等人異議時,怎麼說也是很重要的一根稻草。
    Also, you Sarkozy proposed “strengthening the supervision of capitalism, to replace the laissez-faire, ” the idea of Merkel and others in the dissent, also said how important straw.

  • 這已經引發瞭對中國自由放任的互聯網文化是否應存在合理界限的一些反思,近期的幾起訴訟也顯示出加強網民行為監管的趨勢。
    This has led to some soul-searching about the appropriate limits of China’s free-wheeling Internet culture, with a couple of recent lawsuits pointing the way to greater regulation of netizen behavior.

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