鳳毛麟角  fèng máo lín jiǎo








  • 倘有,亦實在是屈指可數、鳳毛麟角瞭。
    If there is, but also it is very few, rare.

  • 專傢指出女性的諾貝爾獎獲得者是鳳毛麟角
    Experts say women are often underrepresented as Nobel laureates.

  • 但是,這方面成功的范例可以說是鳳毛麟角
    However, successful examples in this regard can be said to be rare.

  • 對於眾多的開發商而言,能夠上市的畢竟是鳳毛麟角
    For many developers, after all, is hardly able to be listed.

  • 就是中學語文教師,真正懂得並講好魯迅的,也鳳毛麟角
    What”s more, the Chinese teachers in the middle school who can understand and analyze Lu Xun”s works well are few.

  • 在市場唱和之聲外,從高執行基準利率的銀行變得鳳毛麟角
    Voices in the market responsory, from the implementation of high bank interest rates become rare.

  • 如今很少有流行的舞者能用他的步法吸引你的註意力:他就是這鳳毛麟角
    There are few popular dancers today who keep drawing your attention to footwork: He was always one of them.

  • 相反,能熱愛並且理解自然科學和工程技術的文學藝術傢真可謂鳳毛麟角
    On the contrary, a literary artist who loves natural science and has some idea about engineering technology can be well regarded as a rarity of rarities.

  • 在一個現代化城市裡,能聽得出畫眉和山烏鴉叫聲不同的人,恐怕是鳳毛麟角
    Probably in a modern city the man who can distinguish between a thrush’s and a blackbird’s song is the exception.

  • 世界上可與觀看頂尖選手在最佳狀態下競技時的興奮相比擬的事真是鳳毛麟角
    or two things▼ in this world▼ beat the thrill of watching top athletes▼ at the peak of their form.

  • 運用語言學理論和方法研究體育語言的論著鳳毛麟角,體育語言的研究有待深入。
    Linguistic theory, and methods of using the language of sports on a rare depth research to be the language of sport.

  • 同居那年,他已經超過瞭25歲瞭,帶這年齡還沒有成親的牧人已經是鳳毛麟角瞭。
    Cohabitation, he has more than 25 years of age, with this age have not been married the pastor is a very few.

  • 以需要“整理內存”,將片刻的過去的易丟失的鳳毛麟角流於文字,防止腦袋短路使其再也。
    I’m so forgetful that I have to coordinate my memory and writing down something that have gone away, so that it can’t be missing.

  • 他在科學界頗有清譽,卻不隸屬於任何正規的研究機構,在揮金如土的科學界裡有如鳳毛麟角
    He maintained a spotless scientific reputation, yet he had no formal institutional affiliation, a rarity in the heavily funded world of science.

  • 在簡約傢居風格盛行的今天,如何在簡單中獨樹一幟,成為鳳毛麟角的精品,是極其不輕易的。
    Reside style be current in contracted home today, if where simple in develop a school of one’s own, make rare high-quality goods, it is to not allow extremely easy.

  • 像佛陀、耶穌或莊子那樣的人鳳毛麟角,他們是自在的,他們的生活是一種喜樂,而不是受苦受難。
    Rarely is there a man like Buddha, Jesus, or Chuang Tzu — one who is at home, whose life is an ecstasy and not a suffering and an anxiety.

  • 首先能講一口漂亮英語的人已相當少見,而既能講一口漂亮英語又唱歌唱得好的人就更是鳳毛麟角瞭。
    Those who can speak good English are quite rare while those who both speak good English and sing good songs are the rarity of rarity.

  • 學術界對塗爾幹的這一思想關註得較少,從這一思想角度探討中國構建和諧社會的文獻更是鳳毛麟角
    But the academic circles pay little attention to this thought, and the literatures are extremely rare to discuss the construction of the Chinese harmonious society from this angle.

  • 據統計,北京房地產開發商有4000多傢,而真正具有資金實力和開發經驗的開發商卻如鳳毛麟角
    According to statistics, there are over 4000 in Beijing real estate developers, and truly financial strength and development experience as developers are rare.

  • 這並不是鳳毛麟角的個案,據北京市總體規劃,以上兩個廠均屬北京市政府2000年污染擾民搬遷企業。
    This is not rare cases, according to Beijing overall planning, these two plants are Beijing government in 2000 pollution nuisance removal enterprises.

  • 然而該國得到的援助相比印度尼西亞等國在遭受海嘯襲擊後得到的援助隻是鳳毛麟角,並且將來也無可期待。
    If Yet the demands amounts of the aid been being requested it are just a fraction of a/ what was spent on countries like Indonesia after the tsunami – and not much is forced coming forthcoming yet.

  • 在理論界,眾多學者較多的關註企業人力資本價值測評,而對於企業人力資本價值提升的研究卻是鳳毛麟角
    There are so much result in human capital valuation. In the contrary, there is a little achievement about human capital value promotion.

  • 在美國最大的500傢企業中沒有一位黑人擔任首席執行官和總裁,華爾街的大投資公司中黑人高級職員也鳳毛麟角
    None of the CEOs and presidents of the top 500 companies in the Unites States are blacks. Blacks holding senior posts at Wall Street investment companies are rare, if any.

  • 八層以上的板式高層很少見,高層塔樓更是鳳毛麟角,優美的自然條件和整潔的城市環境吸引瞭大量外來的投資客戶。
    Eight more senior type is rare, high-level tower is rare, beautiful natural conditions and clean urban environment to attract a lot of foreign investment clients.

  • 寧采臣則需要那種特別會演戲的兼有書生氣和傲骨的男演員,這樣的人選在當今男演員中則更是鳳毛麟角,至今沒有人選。
    Ningcai Chen is the kind of special needs will be acting both Shusheng Qi characters and the actor, such a candidate in today’s actor is in even more rare, so far no one will vote for.

  • 一直以來,國內學界對循環經濟從經濟和技術的角度介紹頗多,而對與循環經濟有關的環境法治建設發面的研究鳳毛麟角
    For a long time, the native academic field has been staying on the introduction of cycling economy from the angles of economy and technology. The study on the nomocracy construction is very rare.

  • 同時主教練貝尼特斯說道:“我知道我們購買他是因為他是一名非常出色的球員,但是像他這樣類型的球員卻是鳳毛麟角。”
    While boss Benitez said: “We knew when we bought him that he was a very good player, but players of his type are normally less consistent than others.”

  • 開發的項目主要以三人傢庭為主,兩室一廳,三室一廳或四室一廳,主要面對已婚傢庭,而開發適合單身住的房簡直是鳳毛麟角,屈指可數。
    Three major projects to develop family-oriented, Liangshiyiting, pager or burned, the main face of a married family, and the development of suitable living room is a rare single, unique.

  • 確實存在這樣的情況,一個聰明而有天分的貨幣政策管理者,可以隨時調整政策。這比一個固定的增長率要好得多。但是,這樣的人鳳毛麟角
    There are certainly occasions in which discretionary changes in policy guided by a wise and talented manager of monetary policy would do better than the fixed rate, but they would be rare.

  • 對於藝術傢而言,他們大多隻在一個領域做得比較優秀,但是我相信,很少有人能在一個以上的領域同時做到傑出,至於說在很多領域都能表現出色那就更是鳳毛麟角瞭。
    Some are good or excellent in a single area but I believe there are few that can excel at more than one, and there are even less that can excel in more.

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