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  • 我們國傢的未來與我們每個人都利害相關
    Each of us has a stake in the future of our country.

  • 利害相關者參與管理。
    The stakeholders participate in the management.

  • 利害相關人包括其管理層、職工、提供商和客戶。
    Stakeholders include a company’s management, employees, suppliers and customers.

  • 股東方法與利害相關人方法對公司目標的各自的觀點?
    What are the arguments for shareholder versus stakeholder approaches to the goals of the firm?

  • 我們都和建設和平與繁榮、疾病和環境退化利害相關
    We all have a stake in building peace and prosperity, disease and environmental destruction.

  • 獲取者:自供應者獲取或采購產品或服務的利害相關者。
    Acquirer: The stakeholder that acquires or procures a product or service from a supplier. (See also “stakeholder. “”

  • 學習太空事業的歷史,利害相關者,和政府的政策法規。
    Students will learn about the history of the space enterprise, its history, stakeholders, and governing laws.

  • 前者以廣義公司治理概念為基礎,以利害相關者及其聯系為核心。
    Japan –style model is based on the broad definition of Corporate Governance with stakeholders as its core consideration.

  • 適時就環保議題對客戶、供應商、社區及其他外部利害相關者溝通;
    Communicate with customers, suppliers, community and other relevant parties for environmental topics when necessary.

  • 但要做到這點,就必須使本國人民懂得利害相關所在,贏得們的堅定支持。
    And they can do so only if their peoples understand what is at stake, and firmly support it.

  • 但要做到這點,就必須使本國人民懂得利害相關所在,贏得他們的堅定支持。
    And they can do so only if their peoples understand what is at stake, and firmly support it.

  • 在佛羅裡達州警方說,一名男子是他被殺害妻子和5名孩子/兒童的利害相關者。
    Police in Florida say this man is a person of interest in the killings of his wife and five young children.

  • 組織應傳達相關法令及其他要求事項予組織控制下之工作人員,及相關利害團體。
    The organization shall communicate relevant information on legal and other requirements to persons working under the control of the organization, and other relevant interested parties.

  • 公司重整作為一個精巧的利益糾紛解決機制,是眾多利害相關者的利益平衡協調器。
    Act as an ingenious law system, company reorganization will balance all kinds of contradictory interest well.

  • 除瞭由公司設立方式決定的設立風險外,一傢新設立的公司還需要將其利害相關人考慮在內。
    In addition to establishment risks which are determined by the way in which a company is structured, a new company must consider how it will deal with its stakeholders.

  • 前者保證各個股東之間和各種利害相關者之間權力利益的平衡和所有者對經營者的有效監督;
    The former can guarantee the balance of each stock holder and the manager”s operation under the supervision of the owners.”

  • 肯尼迪由於個人的命運同阿爾及利亞革命的結局利害相關,就特別註意阿爾及利亞局勢的發展。
    With his personal stake in the outcome or the Algerian revolution, Kennedy followed Algerian developments with special care.

  • 公司制度所產生的代理問題,需藉由會計師提供簽證,以消弭經理人與相關利害人間資訊不對稱。
    The agency problems in the corporation can be mitigate by attestation information provided by CPAs.

  • 審定機構應將PDD文件公開30天,邀請締約方、利害相關方、UNFCCC認可的非政府組織發表評論。
    The validator shall make the PDD under consideration publicly available and invite Parties, stakeholders and UNFCCC accredited NGOs to comment on the validation requirements within 30 days.

  • 本研究將環境保護的驅動力之構念分成環境法規的要求、成本和競爭的需求、外部利害相關人的影響等三個構面;
    In this study, environmental protective drivers have three dimensions: regulatory demands, cost and competition requirements, and external stakeholder influences.

  • 公司治理是利害相關者通過一系列內部、外部機制來實施共同治理,從而保證公司各方面的利害相關者的利益最大化。
    Corporate governance comes into being with its target at optimizing the benefits of stakeholders of a certain company by governing the entity via interior and exterior mechanisms.

  • 一個組織如果能夠展現出其成功地實施本標準,將可取信於各利害相關者,證明該組織的確具有適當的環境管理系統。
    Demonstration of successful implementation of the standard can be used by an organization to assure interested parties that an appropriate environmental management system is in place.

  • 分別從民營企業傢、人才招聘和人才管理三方面論述瞭如何規范化的問題,剖析瞭其中對企業利害相關的一系列因素。
    I dissertate how to standardize from private entrepreneurs, recruitment and human management respectively, taking apart some of relevant elements to enterprises interests.

  • 他們可以提供機會為管理者和員工進行一對一的交流並且找到相關利害關系,以及識別並發現培訓的需求點和職業生涯的意向。
    They provide the opportunity for the manager to have one-to-one discussions with an employee and find out about any concerns, as well as identifying training needs and discovering career aspirations.

  • 為瞭使我國人民意識到維護美國民主生活同他們的個人利害休戚相關,已做瞭很多工作,國傢對此十分滿意並從中汲取巨大的力量。
    The nation takes great satisfaction and much strength from the things which have been done to make its people conscious of their individuals take in the preservation of democratic life in America.

  • 十月三日,他在寫給衛報的文章中表示,由於像中國這樣的巨型利害相關者並沒有完全融入經濟秩序,因此目前的協調體系早已“過時”。
    “Internationally, the problem is even more acute…” he says, since coordinating systems are “outdated, ” with huge stakeholders like China not tied firmly enough into the economic order.

  • 在記者招待會上,馬表示他希望臺灣在國際社會中成為一個“負責任的利害相關者”,並且希望與臺灣的親密盟友——美國,恢復“相互之間的信任”。
    In his press conference, Ma said that he wanted Taiwan to be a “responsible stakeholder” in international circles and to restore “mutual trust” with the US, Taiwan’s closest ally.

  • 這也與“有效維護存款人、投資者和其他相關利害關系人的合法權益,並以此促進銀行的安全、穩健、高效運行”的我國商業銀行信息披露目標是一致的。
    Furthermore, better transparency is consistent with the aim of protecting the interests of depositors and other customers, as well as promoting a safe and sound banking industry in China.

  • 有關核動力安全問題辯論中所表達的觀點,主要來自與此問題利害相關的兩個方面:一方是聯合王國原子能管理局和英國核燃料有限公司,另一方是各種環境保護團體。
    The views expressed in the debate on the safety of nuclear power have come mainly from the interested parties … and the various environmental groups on the other.

  • 後者(科技股)上個月跌後復升, 但隨後又像美光科技(美國的一傢內存芯片生產廠傢)那樣出現徘徊不前的局面,這使那些與現代(韓國債臺高築的內存芯片制造商)利害相關或與之結盟的投資者拿不定主意。
    The latter rallied last month, but then hesitated as Micron, an American memory-chip maker, blew hot and cold on taking a stake in or allying with Hynix, Korea’s debt-laden maker of memory chips.

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