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  • 十年後的我將會博學多才,財運滾滾。
    Ten years later, I would be a knowledgeable and weathy man.

  • 活著,為瞭學習:生活好者,博學多才
    Learn and live: He that lives well is learned enough.

  • 他多方面的成就給人深刻印象;他博學多才
    his various achievements are impressive; his vast and versatile erudition .

  • 博學多才,一表人才,開朗樂觀,風趣幽默。
    Learned before, a table personnel, optimistic, cheerful, witty humor.

  • 博學多才的關於或組成所有或許多學科知識的;
    Knowledgeable about or constituting all or many subjects; comprehensively broad.

  • 有的是博學多才的,什麼都懂而且都可以來一套的;
    Some are learned many only then, anything understands moreover all may come a set;

  • 十七歲時為僧,博學多才,天文、地理、律歷皆精通。
    Seventeen-year-old monk at, and learned, astronomy, geography, history are proficient in law.

  • 博學多才的浮士德博士,睥睨生死,窮宇宙知識之極限;
    his learned Doctor Faustus looking life and death sideways, pursues to the endless universal knowledge;

  • 據說他是老子的弟子,博學多才,無所不通,尤長計算。
    He is said to be disciples of Lao Tzu, and learned, no sense, especially long calculation.

  • 什麼?你有看過天方夜譚麼?你真是一個博學多才之士呀!
    What?You you have read the Arabian Nights?You are a learned people in it!

  • 尤為重要的是:我心目中的老師還是一個博學多才、見多識廣的人。
    Of particular importance are: the eyes of my teacher or a learned, experienced and knowledgeable.

  • 尤為重要的是:我心目中的老師還是一個博學多才、見多識廣的人。
    What to is an importance BE:I the teacher in the heart still a widely read many just, see much know wide of person.

  • 博學多才,好古文奇字,曾註釋《爾雅》、《山海經》、《楚辭》等。
    Learned before, and good word Ancient Qi, had Notes “Yi” and “Book of Mountains and Seas, ” “Songs of the South”.

  • 然而,若能把孩子培養得既博學多才又純良仁善,結果便是錦上添花。
    If, however, the child be trained to be both learned and good, the result is light upon light.

  • 他聰明、博學多才而且富有同情心。由於受到春日的監督而被他人取笑。
    Personality-wise, he’s a knowledgable and compassionate person on whom the role of Haruhi’s overseer is thrusted by others.

  • 他們需要競爭意識強,博學多才,懂多種語言,更重要的是要精通數學的人。
    They wanted competitive, well-read, multilingual individuals who, above all else, had a proficiency in math.

  • 二女兒則是希望她博學多才,被人知曉,為人晶瑩剔透,做一個品德高尚的人。
    yonger daughter is hoping she will be brilliant, have a wide knowledge, be well know, and as transparent as the crystal, also excel in virtue.

  • 我最大的心願不是博學多才,富有,聲名顯赫,有權利,或是好,隻求容光煥發。
    The supreme prayer of my heart is not to be learned, rich, famous, powerful, or “good, ” but simply to be radiant.

  • 斯塔爾先生博學多才卻又生動活潑的敘事風格使得這本鴻篇巨著讀起來不至於味同嚼蠟。
    All this Mr Starr relates in an erudite but lively style that happily stops this long book from becoming indigestible.

  • 9看笑話: 威廉·F·巴克利是美國保守政界很有影響的人物,也是博學多才的編輯、作傢。
    9 see joke: Barkley of · of Williams · F is the figure with American conservative very influential political circles, also be erudite the editor of much ability, writer.

  • 他自幼開始博學多才,通曉天文地理、文學、歷史以及農學,尤其在醫療保健術達到爐火純青的地步。
    When he was young, he studied and mastered various classics, especially those related to medical and health measures, but also astronomy, geography, literature, history, and agriculture.

  • 隱居會稽(今浙江紹興),性好山水,博學多才,有隱逸之志,遊放十餘年,作《遂初賦》以表達自己的情趣。
    Huiji live (now in Shaoxing, Zhejiang), a good landscape, learned, Hermit ambition, You put more than 10 years, “was given at the beginning” to express their own taste.

  • 一隻青蛙從窪地裡潮濕的傢蹦瞭出來,大聲對所有的野獸宣稱:“我是一個醫術高明、能治百病、博學多才的醫生!”
    Once upon a time a Frog came forth from his home in the marshes and proclaimed to all the world that he was a learned physician, skilled in drugs and able to cure all diseases.

  • 對文學真正的喜愛不同於博學多才,正是因為阿卡什先生身上那種鐘愛文學的狂熱勁,才喚起瞭我自己對文學的欣賞。
    A genuine delight in literature is much rarer than erudition, and it was this enthusiastic enjoyment in Akshay Babu which used to awaken my own literary appreciation.

  • 博學多才,既是東漢末年有名的儒傢學者,又是多才多藝的文士,於辭章、數術、天文、音樂、史學、文學無一不通。
    He was not only a famous Confucian scholar, but also a versatile classic in Cizhang, Shushu, astronomy, music, history and literature.

  • 我喜歡浪漫高雅睿智,內心世界豐富,生活閱歷廣,博學多才,重情義,懂女人,能常給女人驚喜,有男人味道的感性的陽光男人…
    I like romantic and elegant and knowledgeable, full of life experiences, can know what the woman need in soul and body…

  • 三個世紀前,博學多才的ChristopherWren爵士預言道:“當人類極目遠望,發現類地系外行星的那刻必將到來。”
    THREE centuries have passed since the polymath Sir Christopher Wren predicted that “a time will come when men will stretch out their eyes—they should see planets like our Earth.”

  • 他說,不可能存在這種情況,因為《物種起源》一書從開始動筆到最終完成經歷瞭漫長歲月,許多博學多才之士都對覺得該書很有說服力。
    This, he thought, could not be true, because the “Origin of Species” is one long argument from the beginning to the end, and has convinced many able men.

  • 你可以稱呼阿契博得.麥克列許是一個博學多才的人,亦即他不但多才多藝,而且興趣廣泛。或許你也是一個博學多才的人呢。你的興趣跟天分是什麼呢?
    You could call Archibald MacLeish a Renaissance man, meaning he had many interests and talents. Perhaps you are a Renaissance person too. What are your interests and talents?

  • 博學多才的保守派編輯兼作傢,影響美國保守派政界至鉅的〕巴克利曾有一句名言,說他寧可被波士頓電話簿前兩千名用戶統治,也比哈佛那些教職員要強。
    William F. Buckley famously said he’d rather be governed by the first 2, 000 names in the Boston phone book than by the faculty of Harvard. But he didn’t be-lieve those were the only two options.

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