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  • 虛心求藝,不拘門派,博采眾長,不恥下問。
    With an open mind for the Arts, informal door-to-door, absorbing, bu chi xia wen .

  • 產品集中國陶瓷工藝之精華,博采眾長,獨領風騷。
    Product Sets the essence of Chinese ceramics, absorbing, to play the leading role.

  • 博采眾長,不斷創新,優質服務是我們永遠的目標!
    Bocaizhongchang and constant innovation, quality service is always our goal!

  • 創新:善於學習,博采眾長,創造一流管理,一流技術,一流產品。
    Innovation: good at learning, Takes the best, and first-rate management, first-class technology, first-class products.

  • 拓寬視野,博采眾長,把握世界發達國傢中小學音樂教師教育的狀況;
    The stuff of the primary and high schools’ teachers will directly influence the realization of the aim of musical educational.

  • 於是,史玉柱開始思考博采眾長,以第三方的力量來減少這種不確定性。
    Then, shi Yuzhu begins to ponder over rich to collect numerous long, will reduce this kind of uncertainty with the force of tripartite.

  • 博采眾長,研制更適用、更實用的儀表,正是康拓人永遠的理想和追求。
    Bocaizhongchang developed more applicable and more useful instruments, Kang extension is never ideal and pursuit.

  • 我們心悅誠服地贊賞其他國傢、民族的先進文化,並以博大的胸懷博采眾長
    We admire the advanced cultures of other nations and would like to learn from them openheartedly.

  • 冀派創始人王習三19歲投詩京派名詩並博采眾長終成中國當代內畫藝術之泰鬥。
    JI faction founder Wang Xisan Doushi 19-year-old Beijing School teacher and Bocaiyinchang finally a contemporary Chinese painting in the Art Master.

  • 所以,企業要思想開放,通過博采眾長吸收外界先進經驗,促進無序向有序的轉化。
    Therefore, the enterprise open-minded absorption by learning from others, outside-the-art experience to promote the of order to the transformation of the order.

  • 第三,“明察物倫”“虛靜居敬”“反躬內求”“博采眾長”的為官之道德修養方法;
    third, the means about official moral cultivation of “seeing through the matters clearly”, “detaching from worldly things”, “self-examination”, “doing everything by himself”;

  • 我集思廣益、博采眾長,從而形成自己的思想和行為方式;我不會坐等別人為我做這些。
    I draw on collective wisdom and Bocaizhongzhang to form their own thinking and behaviour, I will not wait for me to do these other people.

  • 磊花燒酒是客傢人在繼承和發展小曲米香型白酒生產過程中博采眾長、自主創新的成果。
    Leihua distilled liquor was developed by Hakkas through the inheritance and innovation of traditional Xiaoqu rice-flavor liquor.

  • 以精心創造自己的產品特色,同時本廠在產品理念上始終堅持自主研發為主,博采眾長為輔。
    Innovated our own characters carefully, meanwhile we always stick to research products relying on us, assisted by absorbing widely.

  • 你是一隻聰明、辛勤的小蜜蜂,嗡嗡、嗡嗡……不息地繞著百花,博采眾長,辛勤地釀著甜蜜。
    You takes each people’s merits, just like a little bright and hard-working bee, hums over the flowers to gather honey diligently without rest.

  • 不斷吸引國內外先進的管理方法和技術,博采眾長,積極與國際接軌,開發更多的環保新產品。
    continue to attract domestic and foreign advanced management methods and techniques, absorbing, and actively with the international development of more and more environmentally-friendly new products.

  • 從現在起直至6月,人們通過“鄔達克年”的系列活動,將能夠領略到鄔達克建築博采眾長之處。
    From now till June people will be able to enjoy the eclecticism of Hudec’s buildings through the events of “Year of Hudec. “”

  • 他多次擔任國傢史館直官,又屢任外職,擔任地方官員,這使樂史的創作能夠博采眾長,自成一傢。
    Through reading, Leshi draw as many useful lesson from others. On the other hand, he held the post of the place official in many places.

  • 而中國現代園林設計水平的提高迫切需要一批勇於創新、融貫中西、博采眾長的園林設計師來引導。
    The improvement of the design level of Chinese modern gardens demands the guidance of a group of innovative, well-versed in both Chinese and western learning, and ready-to-learn landscape architects.

  • 人性勁悍、習於戎馬的人文特點;兼容並蓄、博采眾長的開放意識;審時度勢、順時應變的革新精神。
    Such factors as its geographical environment, the character of humanism, the opening sense and its innovation spirit result in the phenomenon.

  • 通過這些論述,筆者力圖說明,曹禺在其劇創作中博采眾長,為我作用,最終形成瞭自己的藝術風格。
    Through what the author states, I try to illustrate how caoyu assimilate many successful experience in his work to eventually form his own artistic style.

  • 未來研究,期待兼收並蓄,博采眾長,殊途同歸,共同促進中國邏輯的發展,推動中外邏輯的對話與交流。
    The research in the future will pick and swallow the merits of different kinds of logic, promote Chinese logic, and push the communication between Chinese logic and foreign logic.

  • 未來給我們以召喚:一個走向世界的民族,必須胸懷寬廣,博采眾長,才能以昂然身姿挺立於世界民族之林。
    The future calls for us: a nation facing the world must be broad-minded and absorb the merits of others, then could stand on the world with angran posture.

  • 還仔細琢磨著名京劇演員譚富英、相聲藝人萬人迷、京韻大鼓演員劉寶全的表演藝術,博采眾長以充實自己。
    Sato also carefully well-known Peking Opera actors and British Tan, comic artist David, the actor Liu Jingyundagu the whole of the performing arts, Bocaizhongchang to enrich themselves.

  • 以寬廣的胸懷去分析對待“異音樂文化”,自覺地與其他的音樂文化交流對話,博采眾長,提高自身發展的潛能;
    It is necessary to analyze and treat “foreign music culture” with broad mind, to exchange and communicate with other music cultures and to take in other’s advantages.

  • 徽標則用兩個色彩斑斕的流旋變換動態圓來表現聚精髓、博采眾長的含義,整個標志的感覺是動態的、立體的、飽滿的。
    Logo was presented with two types of change flow dynamics Yuan to gather performance quintessence, the meaning of others, the feeling is that the whole dynamic, three-dimensional, overflowing.

  • 希望通過本文的寫作,能夠使城市中低收入居民的住房問題得到政府和社會各界的關註,在解決方式上博采眾長、群策群力。
    By this dissertation, I hope the housing of middle-low income families could be regarded by the government and all circles of the society.

  • 世界、國內著名的規劃、園林景觀、房地產商、代理商都已經進入貴陽,從而走出一條有貴陽政策背景的、博采眾長的特色之路!
    World, renowned planning, landscaping, real estate dealers, agents have access to Guiyang, thus embark on a policy of a background Guiyang, others feature road!

  • 我們堅持以質量求生存,以科技求發展,博采眾長,融合國內外機械科研之精華,保證為用戶配套生產質量穩定、價格合理、新型高效的包裝機械設備。
    We are stick to the high quality products as live, technologies as development. We can guarantee products quality steady, price reasonable and new model high effect packaging machine.

  • 工廠重視競爭實力的有效加強,具有實力雄厚的科研中心和優秀的人材隊伍,堅以“市場為導向,科技為依托”,博采眾長,嚴格把控好每個環節,以求為客戶提供更優的產品和服務。
    Our factory attaches much importance to strengthen the competitive ability. with abundant research center and outstanding team, we stick to the belief that”market oriented, technology reliant”.

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