變化莫測  biàn huà mò cè







  • 不必再嘆息於人生無常,變化莫測
    no longer need to sigh in the Life is unpredictable.

  • 他說,奢侈品行業絕對是變化莫測的。
    The luxury-goods business is’absolutely flying blind, ‘ he says.

  • 我們未來的計劃未定,一切都變化莫測
    Our future plans are unsettled; everything is in a state of flux.

  • 這是一門變化莫測,收益極其豐厚的生意。
    It is a quicksilver business and wildly lucrative.

  • 而他都忘瞭這些人類是多麼殘暴而變化莫測
    He had forgotten how iolent and unpredictable these human mortals could be.

  • 總想外邊的世界,可是外面的世界是變化莫測的!
    Outsidealways thinks the world, but the outside world is unpredictable!

  • 無需太多的顏色,隻用變化莫測的筆墨去表現而景物燦然。
    Don’t need too much colour, just use the changing ink to painting and every thing comes out.

  • 信號衰減在輸電線環境經常是偉大和變化莫測的。
    Signal attenuation in the power line environment is often great, and unpredictable.

  • 正是在這個時候,港商一腳踏入瞭變化莫測的房地產市場。
    It is in this time of uncertain businessmen kick into the real estate market.

  • 這些畢業生尚未找到工作,所以對他們來說,一切都變化莫測
    These graduates haven´t found jobs yet; to them everything is in a state of flux.

  • 愛默生力量的另一源泉來自於他非常緊湊的風格和他的變化莫測
    Another source of Emerson, s strength is his extraordinary compactness of style and his range and unexpectedness of illustration.

  • 人類本來有一些奇怪而變化莫測的心弦,隻在一種無意的撥動下發育。
    There are chords in the human heart-strange, varying strings-which are only struck by accident.

  • 政策的變化在對經濟產生影響前會有一段比較長且變化莫測的後滯期。
    And there are long, variable lags before policy changes have any effect on the economy.

  • 這就意味著眼下的利物浦能夠更加變化莫測,踢出讓我們更加欣賞的足球。
    That will allow us to play more of the style of football we want to at Liverpool.

  • 本文首先對無線信道的特性進行瞭分析,為變化莫測的信道建立瞭數學模型;
    In this thesis, the channels of the wireless communication system are firstly introduced and then the mathematical models of them are discussed.

  • 奧巴馬在這個變化莫測的世界中確立瞭自己的身份,許多美國人對此深有同感。
    He has built his identity in a shifting world; that resonates with a lot of Americans.

  • 無論這給美國人民和世界其他地區人民帶來什麼,給中國帶來的卻是變化莫測
    Regardless of what this does for Americans and people from other places around the world, however, what it can do for the Chinese people remains unpredictable.

  • 計算機通配符、炸彈, 和閃電塊保持柵格變化莫測和迅速增加您的機會對清楚的塊。
    Wildcards, bombs, and lightning blocks keep the grid unpredictable and increase your chances to clear blocks quickly.

  • 可是這世界是這樣地變化莫測,我們怎樣才能知道哪一條路是使我們走向目標的坦途呢?
    However, changing this world is so unpredictable, how can we know which road is to enable us to do the easy target?

  • 生命是變化莫測的,萬物實體是極不易掌握的,道運籌的準則是無窮無盡、深奧而不明的。
    It is difficult to master the frequently-changing life and entity of all things; the operational rule of Tao is limitless, profound and obscure.

  • 這三種激情像變化莫測的狂風任意地把我刮來刮去,把我刮入痛苦的深海,到瞭絕望的邊緣。
    These passions , like great winds, have blown me hitter and thither , in a wayward course over a deep ocean of anguish, reaching to the very verge of despair.

  • 這九律均為組織原則,在如生物進化,模擬城市這樣變化莫測的運作系統中都存在著這樣的原則。
    These nine laws are the organizing principles that can be found operating in systems as diverse as biological evolution and SimCity.

  • 演練時持槍穩活,氣勢奔放,上下翻飛,神出鬼沒,變化莫測,充分體現瞭”槍似遊龍“的特點。
    When demonstrating, we should hold the spear steady unexpectedly, which shows the characteristic that the spear moving like an undulating dragon.

  • 因此在你起行前,很自然會想瀏覽這個網站,瞭解旅遊目的地變化莫測的天氣,以便作出相應的準備。
    So you may want to check this website before you leave in order to be prepared for that sudden change in weather of your travel destination.

  • 其拍電影、做主持、走臺做秀等招法變化莫測,常常令人大跌眼鏡–這“土鱉”開始穿“馬甲”瞭。
    The film, so chaired, to Taiwan, Dr. Law uncertain place, often a reaction — the “Tubie” started wearing “vests.

  • 人生變化莫測,它如同無邊無際大海,時而風平浪靜,時而巨浪拍岸,然而在我的生活遇到過種種的荊棘坎坷。
    Life changing, it is boundless as the sea, sometimes calm, sometimes the shore waves, however, encountered in my life through all the valley of tears.

  • 實際上,變化莫測的市場意味著交易員可能眼看著的他的利潤在數秒之內消失,有力位置迅速陷入沒有利益的地帶。
    In reality, a fast-changing market means a trader can see his profits wiped out in seconds and his position quickly plunge into the loss-making zone.

  • 在大環境變化莫測下,企業必須持續保持競爭力,提升組織績效,才能永續經營,而「人」才是未來企業的致勝關鍵。
    Under this circumstance, to continuously improve their performance to become more productive and competitive is very crucial for the firms to be sustainable. People is the key factor for success.

  • 這不單單是企業品牌的創新,更要放在經濟全球化當中體現你的不可替代性,才能在變化莫測的市場競爭中得以生存和發展。
    This is not just corporate brand innovation, but also on economic globalization which reflects your irreplaceability, to unpredictable changes in the competitive market to survive and develop.

  • 始創於1997年的泡泡系列,其表演所用的泡泡都是特別設計的塑料制品。這些作品探討瞭生命的變化莫測和生死無常。這些主題也在其近期作品中有所體現。
    The bubble series, a performance series that was initiated in 1997 and makes use of specially designed plastic bubbles, discusses the transience of life and the endless cycle of life and death.

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