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  • 叫苦連天的往往不是最吃虧的人。
    Those who cry loudest are not always the most hurt.

  • 修路工程使當地居民叫苦連天
    The road-works caused much complaint among local neighbours.

  • 修路工程使當地居民叫苦連天
    The road-works caused much complaint among local neighbors.

  • 文法課真令人叫苦連天
    Grammar lessons are a red fag.

  • 再看看我們,平時遇到一點小困難,我們都叫苦連天
    Again has a look us, usually meets slightly is difficult, we all complain incessantly.

  • 再看看我們,平時遇到一點小困難,我們都叫苦連天
    Again has a look us, usually meets one slightly is difficult, we all complain incessantly.

  • 我們不應該因為窮而叫苦連天—許多人的傢境更糟。
    We shouldn’t complain about being poor —many families are much worse off.

  • 而市場的變化會令那些貨幣升值的國傢的出口商們叫苦連天
    And market movements can send exporters in countries with rising currencies screaming for help.

  • 必須承認,雖然登山讓我叫苦連天,但真的很慶幸有到黃山去。
    I must admit, although climbing the mountains was hell, I am really glad I came here.

  • 不要叫苦連天啦,你還是把車鑰匙給他們,等天一亮你再去掛失。
    Character 2: “Don’t be bitter, just give them your car keys and report it stolen the next day. “”

  • 準備,必定,叫苦連天,就是:全球范圍,所有國傢,所有地區。
    prepare, necessarily, cry to heavens, be: world scope, all nations, all region.

  • 個位數的通脹率已讓人人叫苦連天,但是,相比津巴佈韋可謂小巫見大巫。
    Single-digit inflation rate had people who suffer, however, is nothing compared to Zimbabwe.

  • 但有人即使偶爾失眠,也是叫苦連天,情緒一落千丈,嚴重影響工作與學習。
    But somebody although now and then insomnia, also be reaching the sky of complain of suffering, mood suffer a disastrous decline, affect the job and study badly.

  • 我們不應該因為窮而叫苦連天–許多人的傢境(比起我們來)還要糟得多呢。
    We shouldn’t complain about being poor many families are much worse off (than we are).

  • 我們不應該因為窮而叫苦連天————許多人的傢境比起我們來還要糟得多呢。
    We shouldn’t complain about being poor ————many families are much worse off than we are.

  • 受世界金融風暴影響,廣州出租行業面臨巨大的生存考驗,近段時間出租車司機叫苦連天
    Affected by the global financial crisis, the taxi industry in Guangzhou is going through a survival crisis.

  • 有些人對任何事情,都叫苦連天,不可救藥地訴不完的苦,因為據他們說,他們是盡瞭他們的職責的。
    There are some who complain most energetically and inconsolably of any, because they are, as they say, doing their duty.

  • 母親不見則已見瞭叫苦連天,她說自己寧可不要孩子也不願有頭驢,並且還想把他扔進河裡讓魚吃掉。
    When the mother saw it she wept and wailed. She would sooner have no child at all than a donkey, and she said that they should throw it into the water and let the fish eat it.

  • 知情人士透露,現在眾多的中小開發企業都在為資金叫苦連天,對銷售回款已經到瞭十分饑渴的程度。
    The insider disclosed that now the numerous small development enterprise in complains incessantly for the fund, to sold the funds already to arrive at hungry the very thirsty degree.

  • 我從來沒想過爺爺過的那種日子如果換成是我該如何面對,哪怕隻是一點點小事我也肯定要叫苦連天
    I’ve never had the kind of life my grandfather, if I replace the how to deal with, even if only a little bit small and I am sure to suffer badly.

  • 遊戲玩樂的且不說,我身邊的最清醒最悶蛋最勤勞的朋友、同事也一樣叫苦連天,而且不斷嘗試登上MSN。
    No to mention cutting off from internet game, even my most hardworking and boring friends, they were complaining and had been trying to log in their MSN.

  • 這,還很有可能因此而傷害瞭同志之間的情感、彼此的信任度,所以說同志之間總是在叫苦連天完全是你們這些人造成的。
    This also is likely to be hurt feelings between comrades, trust each other, so that is always between comrades in suffering is caused by these people.

  • 雖然以高鐵以三百公裡的時速呼嘯而過,迅速拉短臺灣南北距離,不過位於桃園蘆竹的這一棟社區大樓,住戶可是叫苦連天
    But what’s viewed as progress for the island was experienced as a big, screaming headache by these residents of Taoyuan’s Lujhu Township.

  • 這對有學過語言學的同學可能比較容易上手,許多沒有語言學背景知識也沒有文法概念的母語者,這門課可是上的叫苦連天
    It is easier for students who have studied linguistic before, and most of my classmates find it very stressful because of lack of knowledge in linguistics.

  • 就在開發商叫苦連天的時候,讓他們意想不到的銷售熱潮來瞭,不但新推的項目搶手,連一些空置的老項目都被市場重新認識。
    As the developers suffer, let them unexpected upsurge in sales, the project sought after not only the new push, and even some old projects were vacant market to understand.

  • 此前,上海曾推出瞭對差價部分征收營業稅的做法,引得投資者叫苦連天,而這條最新的“國字頭”新政顯然又要比上海嚴厲得多。
    Earlier, Shanghai has launched to spread the practice of levying business taxes attract investors to suffer, and this latest “State prefix” group is also much more severe than Shanghai.

  • 對那些正在面對苦難重擔,在生命的無奈下叫苦連天的人,我有大好消息告訴你們,主耶穌復活後應許常與我們同在,直到世界的末瞭。
    After the resurrection, Jesus promised, “I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. ” This is encouragement for the discouraged, hope for the hopeless, help for the helpless.

  • 雖然有時他可能會對英國的天氣叫苦連天,但既使他可以轉換話題,既使別國的天氣不那麼多變,但他也不會把話題轉到談論別國的天氣上。
    And though he sometimes complains bitterly of it, he would not, even if he could, exchange it for the more predictable climate of other lands.

  • 從市場表現來看,從建築商轉做開發商的,比較成功的隻有中海一傢,其他的表現平平,甚至有的生產出滯銷的房地產,叫苦連天的不在少數。
    market performance, from the developers to make developers more successful only in a sea of other mediocre performance, and even some produce unsalable real estate, suffer a far from a minority.

  • 無論生活意味著什麼,你都要去面對和生存下去,不他要選擇回避和叫苦連天,他不是你所想的那麼壞當你變得最富有的時候,生活看上去是最貧乏的。
    However mean your life is, meet it and live it ; do not shun it and call it hard names. It is not so bad as you are. It looks poorest when you are richest.

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