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  • 這一修訂本不可與先前的版本同日而語
    This revised edition is incomparable with the earlier ones.

  • 這一修訂本不可與先前的版本同日而語
    The revised edition is to all intents and purposes a new book.

  • 幾乎科技成就能與人類登陸月球同日而語
    Few scientific and technological achievements equal the success of landing men on the moon .

  • 我當然知道,我們身受的苦難不可同日而語
    I certainly know that there is no comparison between our sufferings.

  • 電影──及所有媒體──將不再可同日而語
    Movies—all kinds of media really—will never be the same.

  • 我知道論兩人的戰術造詣,那是不可同日而語的。
    I know that their tactics don’t compare.

  • 此種見解自然與實證主義史學的取向已不可同日而語
    Such views of nature and history of the orientation of positivism has been a huge difference.

  • 地球上幾乎沒有什麼建築能與泰姬陵的傳奇之美同日而語
    Few buildings on earth can compete with the legendary beauty of the Taj Mahal.

  • 我是唯一一個可以和他同日而語的人,因此他決定教導我戰爭法則。
    I was the only one able to withstand him and he decided to instruct me in the arts of war.

  • 當然,這栽環境早已成為汗青,此刻的不暗白激打與之前不可同日而語
    Of course, and it’s already become history, today’s color-excited and stopover before.

  • 不過,歌迷們倒是比較能接受這種變化,畢竟17歲的小旋風已不可同日而語
    However, the singer fans compare but can actually accept this kind of change, 17 year-old small tornado has been no comparison between them after all.

  • 可以說,如今註冊會計師所處的審計環境、所面臨的審計對象較之以前已不可同日而語
    That is to say, that nowadays the auditing environments and auditing objects have hardly been the same as those before.

  • 雖然以太網服務在目前的經濟衰退中仍保持持續增長,但以太網設備市場卻不可同日而語
    Although the Ethernet services market has continued to grow during the current recession, the market for Ethernet equipment is not expected to fare nearly as well.

  • 可以說,如今獨立審計行為主體所處的經濟環境、所面臨的利益沖突較之以前不可同日而語
    That is to say, nowadays the auditing environments and interest conflict of individuals of the have hardly been the same as those before.

  • 就算是他們的失誤,火箭隊在控制球上的也和他們對陣步行者時粗糙而糟糕的表現不可同日而語瞭。
    Even with their turnovers, the Rockets’ spacing and ball movement was much better than in their ragged performance against the Pacers.

  • 然而現在他的實力當量已經不可同日而語瞭,他改變瞭整個產業,他的很多初衷已經倒退不止一倍瞭。
    However, now that his level of power has actually shifted and changed the industry, a lot of his original goals have doubled back on themselves.

  • 這與1998年的大災難仍然不可同日而語。當時印尼盾的幣值暴跌而印尼經濟萎縮高達13。1%。
    That is still a far cry from the cataclysm of 1998, when the rupiah collapsed and the economy shrank by 13. 1%.

  • 《建國大業》在華人電影史上都是史無前例的,與其它同類型的獻禮片相比,其影響力更是不可同日而語
    It is unprecedented in the Chinese movie history both on the cast and the box office. Its impact is indescribable compared with other greeting movies of the same kind.

  • 故此,我們不可與西方民主中政府與人民之間的契約同日而語,而該契約是由普通的一票確認和定期更新。
    Hence we cannot speak in customary Western democratic terms of a contract between government and citizens that is confirmed and renewed regularly by a popular vote.

  • 承包商將不再逍遙伊拉克法律之外,與打響戰爭的頭一年不可同日而語,但是爭取合理賠償的途徑依舊曲折。
    Contractors are no longer immune from Iraqi law, as they were in the first years of the war, but avenues of legal redress remain winding.

  • 人類社會不是現在才遭遇危機,自古以來危機給人類造成的傷亡與損失幾乎可以與文明的進步程度同日而語
    It is not now that human society encounters crises, the death and damage caused by crises was almost at the same time with the progress of human civilization.

  • 餘華作品的多面性雖然與福克納作品的琳瑯滿目不可同日而語,但餘華的激情和幽默卻比福克納有過之而無不及。
    Yu Hua has not yet written as multidimensionally as Faulkner did, but his sense of humor and emotions have already surpassed those of his American peers.

  • “風景線”現房即住,真實品質一目瞭然,與那些“說得好、誇得妙,就是看不見、摸不著”的概念樓不可同日而語
    ” scenic routes ” Xianfang the living, true quality too, and those” that well, Kwajalein may result is not, anything “concept, mentioned in the same breath.

  • 如果說“紅色官窯”是醴陵作為“中國瓷城”輝煌一時並揚名中外的象征的話,那麼,現在的醴陵,則已不可同日而語
    If we say ” Troubleshooting Ip Routing Protocols ” is Liling as the “porcelain city of Chinese” shining moment and a symbol of Chinese and foreign famous, now, Liling has been a huge difference.

  • 該負責人指出,“在數量減少的同時,新澳現在剩下的門店質量都有提高,經營面積、人才儲備、單店營業額都不可同日而語。”
    “The responsible person noted that the” reduction in the number of new Australia now has improved the quality of the remaining shops, business size, talent reserve, Shan shop turnover terms.

  • 可是盡管如此,雖然農民分遣隊的實力和紅軍不可同日而語,但當他們勝利進軍到遊擊隊控制區的時候還是經常與紅軍發生沖突。
    Notwithstanding all this, the peasant detachments, incomparably weaker than the Red Army, often came into conflict with it after it victoriously moved into peasant guerrilla sectors.

  • 古天樂身價不可同日而語,最初住在旺角平價區,2002年花2千萬元港幣買獨立別墅住,2005年又在同區以6600萬元港幣換瞭更大豪宅。
    In contradistinction to the initial value, will live in mongkok parity, 2002 2 thousand yuan to buy individual villa, hk and in the same area in 2005 to $660 million for a bigger curtilage.

  • 這的確是一個寓意深長的故事,凸顯全球資本集團的先鋒們有多麼老到高超的反民主的手段。不過,這跟刑求審訊以及高壓電擊還是相距甚遠,不可同日而語
    That’s a revealing anecdote of the anti-democratic sophistication of the vanguard of global capital, but it’s a long way from torture chambers and electric volts.

  • 畢竟佈萊尼真的已經老瞭,很多九品網絡電視的網迷都紛紛留言,覺得現在的佈萊尼和之前的佈萊尼之間的差距實在是太大瞭,完全不可同日而語,甚至連性感都沒有。
    After all, blaine has really old, a lot of television networks do it all, feel now blaine before and the gap between the blaine is too big, in contradistinction to completely, even sexy.

  • 喬治?佈什在以色列發表瞭關於同伊朗對話是“綏靖行為”的評論,對此表示抗議的奧巴馬受到冷遇。而奧巴馬仍然堅持認為伊朗的威脅同當年蘇聯的威脅不可同日而語
    After taking umbrage at remarks George Bush made in Israel about appeasement, Mr Obama went on to argue that the threat from Iran was not of the same magnitude as that posed by the Soviet Union.

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