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  • 我們應當因勢利導, 奪取鬥爭勝利。
    We should make the best use of the situation and guide the struggle to victory.

  • 教養孩子講究方法,因勢利導註意個別差異;
    teach the child skillfully with the individual differences in mind;

  • 每個孩子都有各自的長處,要因勢利導,發揮他們的才能。
    Every child has his individual strong points, AND we must guide him by circumstances to let him develop his talents.

  • 因勢利導,促進滬寧杭城市密集區各城市市場化的協調發展。
    to improve the evvironments for the harmonious development of the general adoption of market economy principles in each city of the CUDH area.

  • 山谷的東西兩面地形較陡,兩面大的看臺因勢利導依山形升起。
    The stadium is squeezed into a small valley with steeply rising ground to the east and west.

  • 由於普通老百姓對於通俗文學的愛好,我們就應該“因勢利導”。
    since the majority have a special fondness for popular literature, it is important to conduct their interests;

  • 高校圖書館要研究讀者特點,分析讀者類型,因勢利導做好導讀工作。
    The library in the college should study the feature of reader, analyze the type of reader to work which guides reading well.

  • 抓住有利時機因勢利導,發揮外出返鄉入黨積極分子的帶頭示范作用。
    Seize the favorable opportunity to make the best use out returning to play the leading party activists example.

  • 人們隻有正確熟悉它,才能因勢利導,興利除弊,妥善因應,造福人類。
    People knows it correctly only, ability make the best use of the circumstances, promote the beneficial and abolish the harmful, because appropriate answers, benefit mankind.

  • 《呂氏春秋》還包含有正視自然災害、因勢利導、從容應對災害的思想。
    LvShiChunQiu also covers the thought of envisaging natural disasters and tackling them calmly.

  • 政府應發揮戶籍政策、稅收政策的杠桿作用,對外地購房人進行因勢利導
    Governments should play a domicile policy, taxation policy lever, the field house people use.

  • 教師應瞭解學生的認知方式及其特點並因勢利導,以提高學生英語閱讀能力。
    Only by complying with the learners’ cognitive styles and directing them properly can the students develop their reading abilities.

  • 二戰的爆發推動瞭美國經濟的復蘇。丹佛抓住機遇,因勢利導,推動瞭自身經濟的繁榮。
    Denver seizes opportunity, make the best use of the circumstances, promoted the prosperity of oneself economy.

  • 這種灌輸不是一種空洞的說教行為,而是根據大學生的思想特點,因勢利導,循循善誘。
    It’s not a process of hollow moralisation but a process of giving the students systematic guidance and leading them into good practice according to their ideological characteristics.

  • 在農村產業結構調整過程中,根據本地實際,鄉政府因勢利導,引導農民發展水產養殖業。
    In process of rural industry structural adjustment, according to this locality actual, country government make the best use of the circumstances, guide a farmer to expand aquiculture line of business.

  • 對我國來說,目前存在許多有利的機遇,若能因勢利導,必將促進我國高科技纖維的發展。
    To our country, put in a lot of favorable opportunity at present, if can make the best use of the circumstances, be sure to promote development of fibrous of our country high-tech.

  • 聽覺型-視覺型-動覺型-觸覺型學習者,訓練策略應是充分發揮各自的認知優勢,因勢利導
    For the auditory, visual, kinesthetic and tactile, we should take full advantage of different cognitive styles.

  • “十一五”時期國傢應因勢利導,加快建立白酒產業技術經濟政策體系,促進白酒行業健康發展。
    In “The Eleventh Five-year Planning” period, we should quicken the establishment of the economic system of industrial techniques to advance healthy development of liquor-making industry.

  • 我們將因勢利導,進一步把握網絡文學的流行趨勢,使之成為文學健康發展的一個重要組成部分。
    Which are worth studying. So we will guide the actions, further grasp the popular trend of network literature, and make it become an important part of literature healthy development.

  • 小空間最難做到的就是功能分區,擺脫困境和單調空間生活的不二法門,就是善於利用空間,因勢利導
    The small space is the most difficult to achieve functional area, the plight of living space and monotonous way, is good at using space, use.

  • 為瞭應對生活的困窘,大多數塾師被迫另謀生路,或進學堂做教員,或因勢利導去經商,或遠涉重洋去留學。
    In order to answer this embarrassing life, most of them were forced to fine out other ways for living, such as working as teachers in the schools, becoming merchants or going abroad to study.

  • 因此,買房者因勢利導,在買房時註意規避風險,對於個人在房產投資的效益和房產價值都是極為重要的事情。
    Therefore, those who make purchases in the program, attention to avoid risks, the benefits for individuals in the real estate investment and property values are very important things.

  • 第三,根據地下水動態變化規律在地下水的開發、利用上因勢利導,提出合理利用綠洲地下水資源的建議及意見。
    Third, according to the law of groundwater dynamic change, find the best way for groundwater exploit and use, and put forward the suggestions and ideas to use groundwater reasonably.

  • 趨勢如此,做為一個有出息的公司又豈能不順應潮流趨勢,因勢利導,放棄沒有前途的上遊,而揚長避短,專心於做好項目蓋好房。
    The trend, the company also can serve as a promise not to the trends according to abandon no future upstream, and exceed, on a project covered in the Housing.

  • 作者以盱眙舊城更新改造規劃為例,從不同的角度對城市更新地段進行類型分析與定位,以便因地制宜、因勢利導地進行城市更新決策。
    This paper makes a brief analysis on renewal types from different perspectives of urban geography, urban planning etc, in order that urban renewal is properly carried out.

  • 我們應樹立“因勢利導,趨利避害”的政策取向,堅持擴大開放與合作,優化投資環境,改進引資方式,積極推動更多跨國公司來川投資;
    We should follow the policy of “Channel one”s actions according to circumstances; utilize the advantages and avoid the disadvantages” to encourage more multinational companies to invest in Sichuan.

  • 增強地方大學對地方經濟社會服務的功能,使其成為地方經濟社會發展的重要組成部分,這是當代大學發展的一個態勢,我們應該因勢利導
    One trend of modern university’s development is to enhance its services for the local social economic development so as to turn the university into an important player in local development.

  • 因此,我們既要充分利用電子政府所帶來的機遇,又要積極有效地避免它的負面影響,做到因勢利導,選擇適當的政府決策體制創新戰略和對策。
    So, we should fully utilize the E-government’s opportunity as well as avoid its negative impact positively, and choose proper government’s decision system innovation strategies and measures.

  • 治療疾病時,應針對不同的病機,選擇相應得藥物,利用或升、或降、或浮、或沉得作用,因勢利導,祛除病邪,或調整臟腑功能,使之恢復正常。
    Hence in dealing with diseases, doctors should select proper herbs to eliminate pathogenic factors or regulate visceral functions in light of pathogenesis of diseases.

  • 結果表明,漲潮溝的形成與衰亡與主槽漲潮動力主軸的擺動和漲潮動力的變化密切相關,漲潮溝的利用與整治必須因勢利導,順應其形成機制和演變規律。
    The results show that the formation and development of flood tide channels are closely related to the variations of values and directions of flood tidal forces in main channels, and .

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