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  • 黃繼光的英勇事跡值得大書特書
    The heroic deeds of Huang Jiguang deserve to be recorded in letters of gold.

  • 他的腦部特質更是值得大書特書
    His cerebral profile is worth a lot of attention.

  • 這件事似乎不值得大書特書
    This event never seemed to deserve such a description.

  • 我的世界博覽會之行不值得大書特書
    My trip to the World’s Fair was nothing to write home about.

  • 這件事在中國的發展史上是值得大書特書的。
    This job is deserving particularize on Chinese phylogeny.

  • 怎知今日若能保持當初熱心的一小部分,就算值得大書特書瞭。
    yet it is now considered noteworthy if a man can retain even a part of his first fervor.

  • 他不願與媒體多接觸,不願介入熱鬧,更不希望大書特書自己。
    he does not wish to be contacted more with media, do not wish to intervene lively, do not hope more him particularize.

  • 維生素C–究竟在免疫系統中扮演什麼角色更值得大書特書
    Vitamin C – whether in the role of the immune system even more worthy of a book on special.

  • 無論你取得多大的成就都不應該驕傲。沒有什麼可以大書特書的。
    No matter what success you get, you should not be proud of it. it’s nothing to write home about.

  • 它也不是個最值得大書特書的功能之一,因此一些管理員未能加以利用。
    It’s also not one of the best documented features, so some administrators fail to take advantage of it.

  • 回顧剛剛過去的“十五”計劃的起始之年,值得大書特書的大事、喜事很多。
    Review what just go ” 15 ” of the plan initiative year, the important matter that is worth particularize, happy event is very much.

  • 現在佈什先生也加入瞭這一行列,自傳《決策者》將對他幾項最重大的決策大書特書
    Now Mr Bush is telling his side of the story: the self-described “Decider” is writing about his most important decisions.

  • 總之,“神七目標遠大,超越愛國主義”的遠景,才更加值得中國人大書特書和驕傲自豪。
    In short, “God seven ambitious, beyond patriotism, ” the long-term, it is worth more Chinese National People’s Congress write pride and pride.

  • 在艱困的環境中,蓋出目前全球最高的建築物,在工程技術、管理上展現的能力,值得大書特書
    In the difficult environment, with the current one of the highest buildings in engineering, management capacity show deserves written.

  • 在即將過去的1997年裡,世界經濟發展史需要大書特書一筆的莫過於席卷整個亞洲的金融風暴。
    Shortly will go in 1997, world economy phylogeny needs the nothing is more… than of particularize brushstroke to sweep across the financial storm of whole Asia.

  • 波斯納有這樣的理解,並且,如此強烈而無畏地表達出來,這真是一個值得大書特書的知識界大事。
    It is a noteworthy intellectual event that Posner has come to this understanding and expressed it forcefully and fearlessly.

  • 一個小“村官”,有什麼大事跡大書特書?大事跡沒有,他所做的無非一件事——帶領鄉親們走上富裕之路。
    Important matter mark is done not have, the no more than that he does a thing — guide villagers to be on rich road.

  • 這些原本不足以讓眾多媒體記者大書特書,但佩林和黨內派去指導她的顧問之間的裂痕本月19日徹底浮出水面。
    They had enough for many of the media, reporters write, but Perrin sent to the guidance of the party and her advisers rift between the total surface on the 19th of this month.

  • 關於上帝的爭論既然都已經持續瞭數千年,那麼再對1859年出版的達爾文《物種的起源》大書特書就有點不尋常瞭。
    SINCE arguments about God have run for thousands of years, it is a little peculiar to ascribe overwhelming importance to the publication of Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” in 1859.

  • 無論它是美還是不美,一場倫敦大霧總是有值得大書特書的地方。它能給我們帶來我們每時每刻都需要的那種“變化”。
    Beauty or none, there is much to be said for a London fog. It gives us all that “change” which we are always needing.

  • 裡維拉這位個頭稍小的拳手,直到比賽前4天才被臨時征召的,打敗他並不值得大書特書,但安古洛的表現還是令人生畏。
    He looked fearsome, although one shouldn’t read too much into a fearsome performance against a smaller fighter who takes a fight on four days notice.

  • 東渡國際集團總裁李海林在此次論壇上大書特書東渡的經驗,“東渡國際的戰略目標是打造國內最成功的不良房地產處置商。”
    Dongdu International Group CEO Lihailin forums in the written Dongdu experience, “Dongdu international strategic goal is building the most successful domestic disposal of bad real estate business.”

  • 一些通常被認為比較重要的史實,如1980年船塢襲擊事件,隻是一筆帶過,而作者喜歡的話題如英國大學衰退,卻是大書特書
    Episodes that normally count as rather important, such as the Polish shipyard strikes in 1980, pass in a blur, whereas hobby-horses such as the decline of British universities get an energetic ride.

  • 這解釋瞭為什麼這個城市充斥瞭更多的記者而不是運動員。她們也在競賽,不為瞭獎牌,而為瞭最好的照片和最值得大書特書的新聞。
    This explains why the city was packed with more journalists than sportsmen, all of them competing, not for medals, but for the best pictures and the most news worthy stories.

  • 2007年對於紮維來說無疑是值得大書特書的一年,在參加美網的時候,名不見經傳的她,甚至在美網官網上都查不到她的詳細資料。
    Zaouia for 2007 is undoubtedly worth of books a year, the United States to participate in the network, she was unknown, even in the official U. S. line that she can not find all the details.

  • 其中最值得大書特書的成就之一就是在印尼總統尤多約諾剛執政期間所達成的《2005年協議》,由此結束瞭在亞齊省漫長的分裂主義。
    One of the proudest achievements of the first Yudhoyono administration was the 2005 accord that ended the long-running secessionist war in Aceh.

  • 自2009年4月起,各方記者大書特書經濟回暖的跡象,經濟學傢持續公佈產出增長以及投資者從他們的各類股票組合中賺得缽盈盆滿。
    Since April 2009 journalists have been writing of green shoots, economists have been reporting rising output and investors have gleefully pocketed big gains on their equity portfolios.

  • 自2009年4月起,各方記者大書特書經濟回暖的跡象,經濟學傢連續公佈產出增長以及投資者從他們的各類股票組合中賺得缽盈盆滿。
    Since April 2009 journalists have been writing of green shoots, economists have been reporting rising output and investors have gleefully pocketed big gains on their equity portfolios.

  • 9月15日,佈萊德利將軍的助手切斯特·漢森中校在日記中寫道,“佈萊德和巴頓都認為,即使我們一周內抵達萊因河,也不值得大書特書
    On September 15, Bradley’s aide Maj. Chester Hanson wrote in his diary, “Brad and Patton agree neither will be too surprised if we are on the Rhine in a week.”

  • 從那以後,生意場就成瞭《紐約客》寫手們的主要題材之一,他們中有勃拉克、辛格、斯圖亞特、凱?奧來塔以及約翰?卡什迪等人,他們從各自不同的視角對那一領域大書特書
    Ever since, business has been a staple of New Yorker writing with Bruck, Singer, James Stewart, Ken Auletta, and John Cassidy reporting on that world from their various angles of vision.

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