如臨大敵  rú lín dà dí








  • 如臨大敵般的,又加瞭兩道安全防護。
    Just as if the enemy was approaching, he added two safety precautions.

  • 不過,工作人員也是如臨大敵,煞是緊張。
    However, the staff is showing that Shashi tension.

  • 歐洲的金融系統首當其沖,歐盟國傢如臨大敵
    Bear the brunt of the financial system in Europe, the European Union country on its guard.

  • 在準備上海“市政廳會議”時,官方亦如臨大敵
    Officials displayed similar nervousness in their preparations for the “town hall” meeting in Shanghai.

  • 現場幾位負責的工作人員更是忙得滿頭大汗,如臨大敵
    The staff member that the spot is in charge of a few times is more busy sweating, if face archenemy.

  • 相比起申花的如臨大敵,深圳隊卻輕松自在得有點反常。
    Shenhua Rulintaidi compared to the Shenzhen team is easily in an unexpected way.

  • 天天如臨大敵,常常搞一些突然襲擊,到居民傢裡去搜查。
    Driven mad by the extreme danger haunting them everyday, they resorted to the frequent surprise search of the Chinese households.

  • 據香港文匯報報道,禽流感成為季節性疫癥,經常讓人如臨大敵
    According to the Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reported that as a seasonal epidemic of avian influenza, often showing people.

  • 銀行僅僅嚴格一點,房地產就如臨大敵,四面楚歌,中國經濟就會感冒!
    Bank is only the strict property on Congress, besieged on all sides, the Chinese economy will be cold!

  • 南方人對我們的舉措密切註視,如臨大敵,這也說明瞭請願是卓見成效的。
    The fact that the South looks jealously upon our measures shows that they are effectual.

  • 隨著這一裡程碑時刻的即將到來,各支車隊在準備方面都是“如臨大敵”。
    With this milestone in the coming time, the teams are preparing for “a formidable enemy.”

  • 警方發現後大驚,如臨大敵,立既把拉伯雷抓起來,當成重大的涉嫌犯送至巴黎。
    After the police finds big Jing, if face archenemy, catch Labailei immediately, regard as major suspect sends Paris.

  • 不過,相對於保安的如臨大敵,來聽講座的人倒是很輕松,不少人還在說說笑笑。
    However, relative to the security guard, lectures to people who are very easy, many people still Shuiyuexiaoxiao.

  • 在“生活” ,夏希扮演偵探達尼裡斯,一個回收酒精誰是搭配一副如臨大敵之勢。
    In “Life, ” Shahi plays detective Dani Reese, a recovering alcoholic who is paired with Det.

  • 奶奶卻如臨大敵,兩手在我身下接著,生怕娘的瘋勁一上來,將我像扔垃圾一樣丟掉。
    But grandmother seemed to face the approaching enemy, put her hand below me in fear that mother would throw me away like garbage in case that mother’s psychosis attack.

  • 承擔該規劃方案模型、圖紙制作的單位更是“如臨大敵”,小心謹慎地秘密進行工作。
    Bear the plan models, drawings produced by the unit is the “People” careful secret.

  • 進行傢庭裝修之前,很多人感覺如臨大敵,要準備和考慮的事情千頭萬緒,不知從何處入手…
    Before carrying on the family repair, many people feel are critical situation, must prepare the matter which and consider to be complicated, did not know that obtains from where…

  • 海外記者繼續面臨網絡封鎖和如臨大敵般官員的幹涉,盡管政府承諾不會限制新聞報導自由。
    And foreign journalists continue to encounter blocks to Internet access and interference from nervous officials despite government promises of unfettered reporting.

  • 近日美國一個中學老師以刺殺總統奧巴馬為例講解幾何,這番言論一出,警察們頓時如臨大敵
    Jefferson County teacher picked the wrong example when he used assassinating President Barack Obama as a way to teach angles to his geometry students.

  • 同樣,對待銀行的破產人們如臨大敵,卻幾乎看不到對個人在私人信貸緊縮中受到打擊處於困境的關註。
    Similarly, the crash of the banks is treated a seismic shock, while the plight of individuals caught in their personal credit crunch is almost invisible.

  • 雖陳冠希與寰亞老板林建嶽均認為子彈恐嚇是一場笑話,但昨日現場的安保還是嚴陣以待,個個如臨大敵
    Although Edison Chen and Lin Yue Media bosses are threatening think bullets are a joke, but yesterday at the scene or to prepare security, all guard.

  • 一位有經驗的教師曾經說,上課之前他覺得如臨大敵,上課時他是如履薄冰,隻有上完課後他才會如釋重負。
    An experienced teacher once said that before class he felt as if faced with a formidable enemy, in class he felt like walking on eggs, and only after class would he feel relieved.

  • 在警、保、鐵三方如臨大敵、銅墻鐵壁的包圍中,在圍觀人群不明就裡的註視中,我猶如汪洋中的一條獨木舟。
    I felt life a canoe in the ocean with so many people looking at me and had the police, guards and staff surrounding me.

  • 朝鮮進行核試驗以後,佈什總統稱這種交易可謂使美國“如臨大敵”,但是這並不是說核試驗本身是一個威脅。
    After the nuclear test, Mr Bush said that such a transfer would be considered a “grave threat” to America, but did not say the test itself was a threat.

  • 還有許多人面對他們前進道路上的每一個障礙時都帶著畏懼和疑惑,如臨大敵,實際上,這些障礙都是朋友和助手。
    Many others face each obstacle in their path with fear and doubt and consider them as enemies when, in truth, these obstructions are friends and helpers.

  • 有些學生傾向以語音學習語文,因此他們能夠很好地掌握以音節為主的語文如英文和德文,而面對華文時卻如臨大敵
    Some students learn Best phonetically, and would be excellent at phonetic languages like English and German But miserable with Chinese.

  • 第二天,當筆者再去展會現場時發現,門口保安林立,如臨大敵,展館內的一些項目也嚴陣以待,看展人群也少瞭許多。
    The next day, when I go exposition scene found that the door security numbers, the Congress, a number of projects within the exhibition hall is ready to see the exhibition also fewer crowds.

  • 所以你最好放棄對她生理周期的戒備,不要總在“特殊的日子”裡如臨大敵。反正麻煩每個月都會準時到來,而且會持續幾十年。
    And now that the trouble comes monthly on time and it will last for decades, it is better for you to give up your alert on her physiological cycle instead of being miserable in her “special days”.

  • 總有些企業難以適應,呈現惶惶不可終日之態,他們總希望各種各樣的變化和影響不要侵蝕到自身,把一些經濟發展中客觀存在的危機看得如臨大敵
    Some enterprises will render in a constant state of the State, they always want all kinds of changes and impact do not eroded to itself, economic development objective crisis was so very much see?the.

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