學以致用  xué yǐ zhì yòng







  • 我們必須堅持學以致用的原則。
    We must adhere to the principle of making study serve the practical purpose.

  • 就四就四,學以致用是最重要的。
    All I want is everything. Am I asking too much?

  • 第一點,課程設置註重學以致用
    The first one is that we learn to meet practical needs.

  • 當然,並非學生都學以致用
    Of course, not all students keep up their foreign language abilities.

  • 我的才能是在計算機方面,並希望能學以致用
    My talent is in computers. I wish I could put what I’ve learned into practice.

  • 利用所學句型,練習單詞發音,使學生學以致用
    Make some phrases and sentences with milkman.

  • 計算機是一門實踐性很強的學科,學以致用是關鍵。
    Computer science is a practical subject and the key to the learning is to use.

  • 希望可以成為公司的一名人力資源部成員,學以致用
    The hope becomes a human resource department of company employee, learning with a view to its application.

  • 校本課程:以「校本課程」教導「學以致用」的實踐智慧。
    Use “School-based curriculum” to teach the practicing intelligence of “Use What You Learn”.

  • 具有較強的學習能力與適應能力,知識紮實過硬,學以致用
    Possess strong learning ability and adaptability, able to apply theories to work.

  • 如果他們明智,他們就能學以致用,使自己變得更遊刃有馀。
    If they’re wise, they can put this to use, and appear smarter.

  • 重視留學歸國人員培養,使他們在國外學到的知識能學以致用
    Thirdly, we must attach importance to the oversea talents and learning for use.

  • 結論以培養學以致用的人才為目標,教學效果得到瞭有效提高。
    Conclusion To culture qualified students of studying the knowledge to apply it, the effect of the teaching in anesthesionanatomy can be promoted efficiently.

  • 希望能夠進入目標與自己相符的公司,並盡力發揮所長,學以致用
    Hope to be able to enter the target in line with their company and make every effort to play to our strengths, to apply their knowledge.

  • “時尚、實用”是我們的方針,“學以致用”是我們的口號和目標。
    “Fashion and practical” approach is the school operators, “apply what they have learned” is the slogan of school operators and objectives.

  • 希望能夠進入目標與自己相符的公司,並盡力發揮所長,學以致用
    Hope I could have the opportunity to enter the company which has the same goal as me in order to put what I have learned and my talents in good use.

  • 她正因為這種價值觀而選讀會計,並打算畢業後學以致用,回饋社會。
    Those values led her to study accounting, and will later allow her to make a contribution back to society.

  • 著力培養和豐富學生的空間想象力,達到學以致用、解決問題的目的。
    So that we can achieve the aims of putting whatever we learn into usage, and in the meanwhile, solving the problem over.

  • 學以致用﹔讓您在遠距學習的成果在您的工作、學習與日常生活中開花結果。
    APPLY what you learn to your work, your studies elsewhere and, most importantly, to your life.

  • 此外,我比較著重學生能學以致用,增強他們的計算、中英文會話及寫作能力。
    Also, I relatively emphasize on improving their calculating, writing and oral skills as i hope they could study for the purpose of application.

  • 由於培養目標的特殊性,我國中等職業技術教育突出“強化能力”“學以致用”的特點。
    Due to the special target of training, the purpose of Professional and TechnicalEducation in China focuses on practical competence and employability.

  • 學校制定瞭“人人主動講英語,人人自覺用英語”的學習目標,做到學以致用,勤學活用。
    The school has developed “Everyone has the initiative to speak English, conscious of everyone in English, ” the objective of the study, apply what they have learned to do, hard to use.

  • 高職師范專業數學課程的改革,應關註人的發展,面向全體學生,聯系現實生活,學以致用
    The reform of mathematic course in higher vocational college should pay more attention to person’s development, facing all students, relating real life and putting the knowledge into practice.

  • 化學的學習過程本身就是一項挑戰,而且它的部份報酬乃在於學生能在其它領域上學以致用
    Learning about chemistry is challenging and part of reward is being able to use it in other areas of endeavor.

  • 論文期望通過對古代中西庭院空間的比較研究,找出其差異之根源,最終達到學以致用的目的。
    I expect that I can find out the roots of the differences by comparing the court space of China and the West, and then apply it on reality.

  • 我們特設訓練後的「增值」活動,為學員提供「學以致用」諮詢服務,以解決他們在工作上難題。
    We are value-added to trainees for offering them the post-training consulting services and the “After Training Follow up” Workshop.

  • 教學管理:理論教學、實踐教學、實驗輔導教學,新型雙元教學模式使學生學有所成,學以致用
    Teaching Management: Theory teaching, practice teaching, remedial teaching experiment, the new dual-mode teaching so that students have achieved, to apply their knowledge.

  • 在學校學到的營養學課程,實用性不太強,反而在安利可以一邊學習一邊實踐,真正做到學以致用
    The nutrition knowledge you get in the classroom is really not that practical, yet I can really make use of the knowledge I have gained from Amway.

  • 廣大市民也應盡一分力,為青年人提供適當的環境,使他們珍惜學校的教導,並鼓勵他們學以致用
    Together the community at large must complement each others efforts by providing the right environment for young people to appreciate, and the incentive to apply, what they have learned in school.

  • 我知道我有自己的比賽風格,而這也是利物浦買下我的原因,但我也會吸取他們的優秀之處,並學以致用
    I know I play in my own way and that’s why Liverpool bought me, but I try to pick up pieces from their games and mix it all together.

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