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  • 消息來源是新聞媒體賴以安身立命的根本。
    Information sources are the essence of what the news media depends upon to get the job done.

  • 這不僅是中國創業板安身立命的基礎,也是未來發展成敗的關鍵。
    This is not only a place to settle down in China the basis of the GEM, but also the key to the success or failure of future development.

  • 誠信是市場經濟的基石,也是會計執業機構和會計人員安身立命之本。
    The sincere message is the market economy foundation stone , is also that the accountant holds a basis for job organization and the accountant to settle down and get on with self’s life.

  • 自醫學院年代起,港大已經是世界各地不少學者和學生安身立命的地方。
    Since the College of Medicine era, this university has become home to scholars and students from every corner of the globe.

  • 更重要的是絕大多數人僅僅購買瞭一套住房,而這是他的安身立命之地。
    What is more important is the purchase of a majority only housing, and this is his traps.

  • 房子是臨時的,工作也無法固定,震後一無所有的人們渴望重新安身立命
    In this transient environment, people who have lost everything yearn for a new anchor.

  • 成仙得道的信仰使人們明確瞭人生的努力方向,找到瞭自己的安身立命之處。
    Attained immortality beliefs make it a clear direction in life, to find its own place to settle down.

  • 科學理性與人文價值的融匯是青年大學生安身立命之根本和應有的精神品格。
    The combination of scientific reason and humanistic values are young university students’ life base and spiritual personality.

  • 兒子,聽到這些我們感覺很難過。或許,我們可以幫他找到別的安身立命之所。
    I’m sorry to hear that, son. Maybe we can help him find somewhere to live.

  • 你的靈魂是你最深沉、完整的本體,是上蒼之所居,也是你真實的安身立命之處。
    Your soul is your deepest, complete essence. It’s where God dwells and where you are really you.

  • 我們必須牢記口語文字不隻是工具,而且也是我們安身立命(深層文化認同)的助緣。
    We must bear in mind that language, spoken and written, is more than a useful tool.

  • 身為一位以色列猶太女性,我欣賞客傢人漂洋過海,直到發現她們安身立命之處的過去。
    As an Israeli-Jewish women, I appreciate that the Hakka people have traveled great distances before finding their home places.

  • 中國是一個農業大國,土地是農民最基本的生產資料和安身立命之本,被喻為農民的命根子。
    China is a big agriculture country, the land is the most essential productive resource and fundamental way of living for farmers.

  • 因為所有奔波,所有求索,無非就是找到自己安身立命的場所,無論精神上的還是肉體上的。
    Because all day, all explorations, but they want to settle down is to find the place, whether mental or physical.

  • 房屋是人類安身立命之本,是一個國傢中人們最重要的私有財產之一,是行使其它公民權利的物質基礎。
    Houses as one of the most important private possessions in a state are the basic conditions to the people, which is the material basis to perform other civil rights.

  • 這些傢庭信條是我和妻子努力用以持傢和養兒育女的原則,也是我父親深信並以此安身立命的生活原則。
    They are the principles on which my wife and I have tried to bring up our family. They are the principles in which my father believed and by which he governed his life.

  • 對自由的思考、對自由的追求,是一個人作為“人”的安身立命之本,是人能夠得以不斷活下去的最終理由。
    The thinking and pursuit for freedom are the foundation of setting and working for a human as a”human”and the terminal excuse for people to live on unceasingly.

  • 一位87歲的老人傢,就很習慣透過其他人的善意、安身立命,今天,吳先生發現他的付出得到無價的回饋。
    One 87 year old man boldly confronted this situation through a commitment to others’ well being. Today Mr. Wu finds his giving has brought him invaluable returns.

  • 在一個全球貿易頻繁的大環境中,任何一種產業若要獲得它安身立命的基礎,則必然要擁有它在國際競爭大局的優勢。
    In a big environment where has the most frequent and busiest global transaction, any type of industry needs to find its competitive advantage in the international arena in order to survive.

  • 一半的國民認為美國正在朝著人間天堂大步邁進,而另一半則寧願傾其所有隻求在“美好”未來能有一個安身立命之所。
    Half the nation thinks it is making straight for earthly paradise and that half will pay anything in the mere present for a lieu upon the wonderful future.

  • 其中,作為農民安身立命之本的宅基地,自農地承包經營權允許流轉以後,也越來越成為解決“三農”問題的一個突破口。
    Especially, as the anchor of farmers’ life and spirit, the homestead land increasingly become a key solution to “San Nong”problems after allowing the contractual right of land to transfer.

  • 每個人一來到這個世界,他就擁有安身立命所必須的住房用地,這是生存權的必然體現,這種生存權是他對國傢的要求權。
    I went to every person in this world, he must settle down and get on with the housing site, which is the inevitable expression rights, such rights is his right to national requirements.

  • 這則標語好就好在它體現瞭黨的群眾觀點,切中瞭一些黨政幹部兩眼向上不向下的積弊。人民群眾是我們黨安身立命之本。
    This catchphrase is good with respect to the masses point of view that fortunately it reflected a faction, hit the point cadre of a few party card two long-standing abuse that are not down up.

  • 明乎此,我們才會理解“自繇”思想為何在中國社會難以安身立命,而不輕易地對中國自由主義的佈道者們進行情緒化批判。
    Knowing this, can we understand why “freedom” thought is so difficult to take roots in China and not criticize the freedom preachers emotionally.

  • 第二章通過分析信任對註冊會計師行業和資本市場的重要性以及信任危機的消極影響,說明信任是註冊會計師安身立命的基礎。
    The second chapter proves the idea that trust is the basis for the development of CPA by discussing the importance of trust for CPA trade and capital market and the negative effect of trust crisis.

  • 圈子一說,在百姓而言隻是個生活范圍的概念,但在政治系統中,卻是一個官員安身立命的本錢。一個官員置身於這個系統中,或。
    For common people, circle is just a concept of life. However, in the political system, it is the most important thing for an official.

  • 日本在經濟上的成功意味著日本十幾歲的青年對此越來越少關心,而同時他們又默默掌握瞭在現代世界安身立命所需要的創造性技能。
    Its continued economic success suggests that Japan’s teenagers are paying less heed to all this, as they quietly master the creative skills needed to prosper in a modern world.

  • 在留學生文學傢園情結的物質層面上,作傢們以“生存”作為他們安身立命的第一要義,他們對生存意義的理解,也使精神世界有瞭一種歸屬感。
    On the physical stratum of the literary sentiment knot of them, the writers make ? living ? their first element to consider their understanding of existence, also makes them have a spiritual homing.

  • 現年39歲的西甘憑借自己超級敏銳的“皇帝舌”為咖喱調味,每年倫敦有數百萬就餐者享受到他烹制的美味咖喱菜。因此味覺可謂他安身立命的無價之寶。
    The 39-year-old uses his palate to offer flavor to his dishes, consumed by millions of pub-goers in London every year.

  • “有一個有實力的大個子是在這個聯盟的安身立命之本,而馬爾辛(哥塔特)非常的努力去成為那一類大個子。”魔術隊總經理奧提斯-史密斯在一份聲明中說。
    “Having quality big men is an absolute must in our league, and Marcin has worked very hard to fit into that category, ” Magic general manager Otis Smith said in a statement.

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